How to Create a Self-care Vision Board (+31 ideas)

Want to prioritize self-care in your life by making a self-care vision board? Here are simple steps + 31 self-care vision board ideas

self care vision board ideas

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What is a selfcare vision board?

A Vision board is a visual representation of our goals and dreams. It helps us see and visualize what our dreams looks like, which helps us in reminding and motivate us to work on it

Hence, Just like any other vision board that is filled with our goals and dreams we want to accomplish

A self-care vision board is catered towards fulfilling self-care goals and experiences

Having self-care goals are very important because we all need to prioritize self-care in our life

Self-care vision board has images, letters and affirmations, and fun crafts that are filled with self-care ideas or goals you to fulfill

Why make a self-care vision board?

If you are thinking if you should make a self-care vision board or not, here some great benefits and reasons to!

A self-care vision board is perfect for those who want to prioritize self-care in their life.

This board can act as a reminder and motivate you to stay focused on your self-care journey

-For those who struggle to make self-care a daily practice or have completely lost touch of self-care in their life

The self-care vision board will help you start your self-care journey and help you fulfill your self-care goals through manifestation

-Apart from all the reasons above, self-care vision board is a fun and creative activity that one can enjoy while doing something meaningful

It is self-care activity on its own!

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

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How to make a self care vision board

Making a self-care vision board is very easy, here are 5 simple steps you can take to make your dream self-care vision board!

1. Write down your self-care goals

Step one is to take a paper or an empty notebook and write your self-care goals

When you are aiming to prioritize self-care in your life, you must set a few self-care goals for yourself!

For example: Getting alone time by yourself if you have never done it before, exercise if you have been neglecting your health for a while.

Likewise, write down some needed self-care goals for yourself and some fun goals that you will enjoy doing.

I will also share some self-care goal ideas at the end of the post!

2. Decide how you want to make your self-care vision board

Once you have written down your self-care goals who wish to put on your vision board

Decide on how you wish to make you vision board!

There are two ways one can make their vision Board

  • Traditional/ physical vision board that is made on canvas, bulletin board, cardboard
  • Digital vision board: That is made on Canva, PowerPoint by simply pasting all the pics in a plane white space

Making a physical board will require little money and items to gather but they feel more raw and real!

Whereas digital vision board can be made with no money as you just need a phone or laptop with internet (which you already have)

In case you want to make a digital vision board, here is a step-by-step guide

3. Gather the material and start pasting

If you are making a traditional vision board, you may need to gather some materials

Note: You don’t have to gather all the material given below. Just use what you feel is needed!

Once you have explored photos and downloaded them by searching on the Internet, google, Pinterest, and websites like – pexel.com. You need to gather other materials-

  • Poster board, cardboard, or large paper
  • Scissors
  • Magazines, newspapers, and books you don’t mind cutting from (Thrift stores are great for this)
  • Photographs ( you can print them by finding pictures online as well
  • Glue/adhesive
  • Paints, markers, crayons, and pencils
  • Stickers, glitter, and decorations
  • Quotes and pictures printed from the computer, or handwritten
  • Artwork
  • Bulletin board (if you are opting you make a cork-style vision board instead of a poster or digital)
  • Laptop, canva.com , Pinterest (if making a digital vision board)

Once you have gathered the material, you just need to assemble/ paste them together

4. Give it a place

After you are done pasting and making you vision board, You need to give a place to keep it forever

For example, if you made a physical vision board, you can keep it at your bedside, desk table or put it somewhere only you are likely to see often

And if you made a digital vision board, you can save it as a phone wallpaper, laptop desktop screen where you can see often for a reminder

5. Reflect and visualize your vision board everyday

Now your job is to look at the vision board every day and reflect on your goal, taking action is the most important step to fulfilling your goals

Hence, make sure to visualize as well as take action on your self-care goals

Self care vision board ideas- Ideas to Add to Your Self Care Vision Board

  1. Reading
  2. Favourite Hobbies
  3. Body movement activity
  4. Nutrition
  5. One favorite food (for example broniw)
  6. Alone – me-time
  7. Journaling
  8. Making art
  9. Going on a solo date
  10. Burning a candle and relaxing
  11. Resting
  12. Face masks
  13. Hair makeover
  14. Shoppng
  15. Cafe hopping
  16. Something you love to do
  17. Picnic day
  18. Meditaion
  19. Vacation
  20. Pictures you like from magazine
  21. Old photos
  22. An affirmation/mantra you need for yourself
  23. inspiring Quotes
  24. Meeting your friends
  25. Laughing
  26. Spending time with loved ones
  27. Trying something new
  28. Someone you look upto
  29. Dream life
  30. Lost of Nature
  31. Self-love reminders


So that is how you can make a self-care vision board easily and start your self-care journey with this fun activity!

So go make on for yourself now!

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self care vision board ideas
self care vision board ideas

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