50 Summer self-care ideas + essentials you must try in 2024

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Self-care is So important! If you are looking for ideas to make your self-care super fun and worth it. Here are 50 Summer self-care ideas & essentials you need to make the best summer!

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Summer is my favorite season of all! It just brings so much positivity and you can try so many outside activities

Yes, the heat gets to me at times, but regardless. It is one season that makes me happy

The sun has so much effect on your mood, positively. This is why after experiencing the winters blues or depression

Summer is my happy place!

Self-care is really important in summer too just as much in other seasons. In this post, I will not only share some fun self-care ideas but essentials you need to beat the heat!

But first!

What Is Self-care?

The word self-care has indeed changed millions of people’s life after learning about it

Self-care means making time to do things that help in improving and boosting your mental health and physical health

Our life is mostly equipped with working and hustling or working on different relationships in life

Self-care gives an opportunity to relax and connect with your inner self and boost health

It helps you avoid burnout and find a moment to pleasure in your day!

Summer self-care ideas essentials

Why Practice Self-care In summer?

Well, honestly self-care should be practiced every day, in all seasons. So it is important to practice self-care in summer too

Some reasons to practice self-care in summer would be-

– We tend to work more in summer, which is why the chances of getting burned out are higher. Practicing Self-care in summer can help prevent and find relief from all stress

– The heat can make you feel exhausted too. Making time for Self-care can help in taking rest and recharging yourself

– In summer we can go outside more and try more new things which means more fun ways to enjoy self-care differently!

Let’s now look at some amazing Summer self-care ideas & essentials!

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

If you find it difficult to prioritize self-care in your daily. You’ve got to check out my Daily self-care planner journal

it’s jam-packed with 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care needs!

A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

Summer self-care ideas

1. Create a summer List

First thing first! A fin self-care activity to begin your summer is to choose a day and make your SUMMER LIST

You can also do this with your BFFs and have fun writing your summer goals and things you want to do in summer!

Where do you want to travel

Writing your Summer fashion inspo

Summer goals and everything else!

2. Go Outside

Okay, I don’t about you, but I, and many people I know, tend to spend more time at home during winter. It is just hard to go outside with all the wind and cold!

However, Summer is totally the opposite!

The sun is out for a long time and you can easily go outside and explore many places!

Even if it means, going out to a park or nearby cafe to get a coffee. Make time to go out as a way to relax and enjoy time

3. Socialize in real life more

Summer self-care ideas essentials

With all the social media apps, we now spend more time talking to people on screen than in real life

Use this beautiful season to connect and meet people in real life and build connections!

Socializing can be fun!

4. Make a summer feel-good Playlist

Music can be a great way to indulge in self-care. Don’t all like to listen to music and imagine ourselves in a different world?

It is just so therapeutic and a great way to feel peaceful and comforted

Make a summer feel-good playlist you can listen to that remind you of slow summer and beachy feels

5. Get Summer Clothes

One thing I love about summer is the clothes, I like wearing tank tops and simply putting more effort into dressing up in summers

Get some new summer clothes and of course, reuse your old summer clothes!

6. Get Sunshine

Summer self-care ideas essentials

Sun is so important for our health and mood, I cannot stress it enough!

Make use of this season and get as much sunshine as possible (But don’t forget to put your sunscreen)

7. Make time for Rest

While there are longer days and more work in summer. Make sure you don’t get caught up in working and make to rest for your mental and physical health.

8. Indulge in Cool Drinks

Summer drinks hit differently! Lately, I have been enjoying all different types of cool drinks and so you should!

Here are some of my favorites-

  • Cold Coffee
  •  Lemon Water
  •  seasonal fruits mixed with a smoothie
  •  Juice
  •  Banana peanut butter smoothie
  •  Iced tea
  •  Iced Matcha Latte

9. Start a Summer Journal

Journaling is one of my favorite ways to practice self-care. As the new summer season has started already!

Starting a summer journal is a perfect way to practice self-care and have fun

In your summer journal, you can-

  • Make summer bullet journal; spreads
  •  Write about your favorite moments and days of summer (current year)
  •  Paste pictures of summer vacations or happy times as a memory
  •  Practice summer Journal prompts

10. Watch a Summer feel-good show or movie

Take downtime and watch some feel-good summer movies and shows! They can help you give more ideas and inspiration for your perfect summer moments

I most watch Kdrama and K-movies, Here are some shows and movies you can watch (including Hollywood movies too)

  • 500 days of summer
  •  Clueless, 1995
  •  The Last Summer
  •  The Notebook
  •  A walk to remember
  •  Our beloved Summer
  •  “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”
  •  “Reply 1988”
  •  Summer Strike 

11. Create a Summer Productive Schedule

Summer self-care ideas essentials

The new Season gives a perfect opportunity for a new Routine!

It is hard to be productive in winter, which is why Summer is a perfect time to get productivity going and thriving!

Create a new schedule that helps you fulfill your summer or yearly goals more effectively

How you can manage your time well and create a schedule that sticks!

12. Go for walks in nature

There is a famous phrase called, ” Nothing a walk in nature can’t fix”

Truly, it is the best and most instant way to feel good, calm, and at peace!

Go out more and walk as much as possible. Walking is one of the best ways to get daily movements

13. Redecorate your room

Open your windows more and let the sunshine travel inside ma

king your room look brighter!

Add light or bright colors to your room that helps you lift your mood and keep your summer spirit going!

14. Enjoy Seasonal Fruits

Summer self-care ideas essentials

Another reason I love summer, Is because all my favorite fruits come literally in this season!

– Mango (LOVE)

– Watermelon (LOVE LOVE)

– Muskmelon

-Lychee Fruit

These are my favorites but I enjoy almost all fruits. They are extremely healthy for you and Take every chance to have them every day

15. Travel

One thing That people do the most in summer, Is Travel. Going to beaches and enjoying the time being outside

If you can, I would 100% recommend you travel. It is so fun and life-changing!

16. Go to beaches

With travel, obviously, beaches are a must! Are you a mountain person or a beach?

17. Enjoy Summer Holiday

If you are in college or school, You will probably get the Summer holidays. It is just a happy and nostalgic feeling for me to rest and enjoy the holidays not worrying about anything

18. Take up a Fitness Challenge

Make a new workout routine and challenge yourself!

  • Maybe walking 10000 steps a day
  •  Doing Chloe ting summer shred
  •  Pilates
  •  Swimming
  •  Tennis

Anything, that you like! Make sure you do that this summer

19. Start a body movement hobby

While taking the fitness challenge more seriously. I think starting a new hobby that may push you for daily body movements is great

  • Walk in the park while listening to podcasts
  •  Taking up a dance class
  •  Yoda
  •  Zumba

20. Get Summer Nails

Are you enjoying the Summer self-care ideas & essentials so far?

Next on my list for a self-care pampering session is getting new nails that are summer inspired!

If you are looking for nail inspiration check out here

21. Get a New Haircut

I recently got a new haircut, not much, small bangs in front and I am enjoying this small change!

Treat yourself to new Hair

22. Hydrate and Hydrate

Summer self-care ideas essentials

Self-care is more about health than anything! And In summer, feeling dehydrated is very common!

Make sure to drink water and hydrate yourself as much as possible!

23. Explore your town or city

You don’t have to go to a different city to have your summer travel!

Explore the town or city you will live in, there are always some places that we have never explored and it is great to come across new places or areas in your city

24. Go on a Picnic

An Early morning picnic before the sun gets HOT! is a fun way to enjoy time with friends and family members

25. Start a summer hobby

Indulging in Hobbies is one of the best self-care activities out there. In summer you can make time and try a lot more hobbies and make time for your self-care!

If you are looking for ideas, Here are 67 Insanely Great Hobbies you must try

26. Summer Clean your home

A new season is a great opportunity to do a deep cleaning at home if you have not done in a while

Cleaning may feel stressful but afterward, you feel so calm and light seeing your home look neat and clean!

27. Read a Summer Book/Novel

Start a new book in the summer and aim to complete at least one by the end of the season

You can read a self-help book to dive more into self-care and learn how to take care of your mind, body, and soul

Here are some of my recommendations

You can also enjoy reading novels that feel new and gives summer vibes!

Here are some recommendations for you to read

28. Meditate in Nature

Summer self-care ideas essentials

Meditation is a really powerful form of self-care or self-growth practice. You can feel calm and at peace after meditating for a few minutes every day

In Summer early mornings, it is easy and relaxing to meditate in a quiet space with a little bit of sun out

Make use of this summertime by meditating early morning!

29. Watch sunrise/sunset

The sky looks breathtaking during sunrise or sunset. It is just beautiful sight and feeling to watch the sunset/sunrise

30. Update your Skincare routine

Summer self-care ideas & essentials are incomplete without taking care of and nourishing your skin! For those with skin types other than normal, like oily and dry skin

We require updated skincare that is suitable for our skin in summer.

Make sure you update your skincare routine accordingly!

31. Reflect on your mid-year goals

^We have almost reached a mid-year in summer. The goals you created at the beginning of the year

Take this to reflect on your goals and see your progress. How are these goals coming to life?

Do they need changes or do you need to change your strategy? By reflecting you can find all your answers so make sure to reflect.

32. Reconnect with friends

Self-care is naturally so much more fun and therapeutic just by being with friends. You don’t realize how much time has passed by and you love each moment you spend

As life goes on, We all get caught up in work, however, make sure to reconnect with your friends and enjoy the time

There is no more beautiful feeling and self-care activity than connecting with friends

33. Make use of Longer Hours

Summer self-care ideas essentials

I don’t know if it is real but in summer. Days feel longer. You can do more and which is why its great to make use of this long daytime by prioritizing our wellbeing

Whether it using that time to read books, sit on your balcony, stroll around your neighborhood, and so on

34. Do a digital Detox

Take up a digital detox challenge in the summer. Delete your social media apps and challenge yourself to spend more time doing things outside of your screen

It may seem hard at the start but as time goes by, You will “its the best thing I did for myself”

35. Start gardening

Do you have plants at home? Or have been planning to one day own lots of plants in your home ? or do you have an empty garden that isn’t done well?

Gardening can be really fun and relaxing in summer! Start small with one plant and learn to take care of it, give it a name, and nourish it

36. Create a Summer Vision Board

If you did not create a vision board at the start of the new year, Summer is probably the second best time to set your goals, and creating a board may be specifically dedicated to summer.

Paste all the things you want to do in summer and your goals, and the places you want to go!

37. Shop at your Local Farmers Market

Is it just me who thinks there are more options for fruits and vegetables in summer than in winter?

Hop around your local farmer’s market nearby and get fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables to nourish your body

The ultimate form of self-care in summer!

38. Eat Well

Summer self-care ideas essentials

As we all now know, Self-care is so much more about health than anything else. Health is one of the most important things in life and yet taking the most granted 

eating well is extremely important! Nutrition plays an 80% role in our life when it comes to staying healthy and fit.

Start small but prioritize eating healthy and including all protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins in your meal through natural source

39. Don’t stress about your looks or body

While Summer body gets all the hype on social media. Make sure you don’t spend your summer getting caught up in this circle of looking a certain way

Enjoy living to your fullest than worrying about your looks

I know it’s easy to compare and worry about our looks, but it only affects us, no one else!

I have started a new series in my blog “body love series” that talks in-depth about my experience and tips on building self-love and overcoming body image issues.

You can read the first episode or post – How can I love myself when I don’t like the way I look? [Here is how I did!]

40. Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are so much fun in summer and mostly filled because literally, everybody goes!

If you love rides and water parks. You will enjoy going to amusement parks too!

41. Go to Festivals

Many festivals like Coachella and carnival happen in summer! Take the chance to go with your friends and have a great time!

42. Make a summer Pinterest Board

I love Pinterest and the whole aesthetic. Pinterest is a whole different world. I remember making summer boards every year and saving all the aesthetics and goals I wanted to do

This is your sign to make a summer Pinterest board! Go!

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

If you find it difficult to prioritize self-care in your daily. You’ve got to check out my Daily self-care planner journal

it’s jam-packed with 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care needs!

A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

43. Do Face mask and bubble bath

Face masks and bubble bath is a must in summer! Taking an extra step to caring for your skin is essential and you will be left feeling so relaxed

44. Be kinder to yourself and others

Lastly! Even while doing all the above summer self-care activities, make sure you stay kind to yourself. this is the most important part of self-love and self-care

Be kind

Summer Self-care ideas Essentials

Summertime definitely requires some essentials to protect ourselves from the heat!

Here are my Five most important Summer self-care ideas essentials, I cannot live without!

45. SPF

Sunscreen is really important in summer because we the sun is not only out for long hours but it is so strong

The UV rays really has a huge affect on your skin overtime, causing pigmentation and again as you start to grow older

My personal favorite is The beauty of joseon Sunscreen lately

46. Water

Carrying a water bottle with me at all times has become a must have in summer for me!

It is really important to hydrate yourself in summer to keep your energy and body going!

47. Sunglasses

When the sun is too strong, it really uncomfortable for the eyes. Carrying a stylish sunglasses in your bag is a must

48. Blotting paper

Blotting paper is an absorbent material that absorbs any excess liquid on your face.

In summer, we tend to sweat a lot and it really helps by soaking in all your sweat when you are out!

Here is a blotting paper by Fenty beauty…

49. A Journal

Self-care essential is incomplete without a journal! (atleast for me) I always recommend The five minute journal to my readers because it is so simple and effective at the same time

You will be able to finish it in five minutes and will be left feeling gratitude and more intentional about your life

50. A Mini Fan

If you are someone like you who sweats A LOT in summer and in no time! Then you need a mini portable fan on the go to help you beat the heat and avoid sweating too much

This is honestly such a cute fan I found on walmart! You need to check this one out!


So these were by Best 50 Summer self-care ideas & essentials!

I hope you found them helpful and can use some ideas to make your summer full of light!

At the end of the day, what matters is making time for self-care in any way you prefer.

That’s all! If you want to check out more posts on Self-care, I share them below.

This Post was all about Summer self-care ideas & essentials

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Summer self-care ideas essentials

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