70 Warm winter self care ideas to make you happy in 2023

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Looking for Ideas to feel warm and pamper yourself this winter? Here are 70 Warm Winter self-care ideas to make you happy!

winter self care ideas

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Winter is here! I don’t know about you, but I am more of a summer person in winter, and in summers, I wish for winters to come (lol)

However, this year even though the cold is getting to me, I do not like it. I thought instead of feeling low, I want to appreciate this winter

Practicing self-care in winter is an awesome way to enjoy the season even if you are not a fan of it!

How do I take care of myself in the winter?

To take care of yourself in this cold winter season

  • Make sure to keep yourself warm and layer up as much as possible
  • Wear scarfs and gloves
  • Avoid cold beverages at all costs!
  • Keep a winter self-care kit
  • Practice self-care to fight winter blues

Winter self-care kit

A winter self-care kit is a kit that includes everything you need to take care of yourself in winter. Feel warm cozy, and hydrated!

Here are some must-have to put in your winter self-care kit!

A Book to read during winter getting cozy in bed or near the fireplace!

A scarf to keep you warm during winters

Socks to keep you warm and avoid chilblains!

A Scented Candle to create a cozy vibe and enjoy me-time!

A self-care journal when feeling low

Winter Self Care Challenge

As This Post contains over 70 winter self-care ideas, I thought it could also be great if you are looking for a winter self-care challenge.

You can pick 1-2 self-care ideas for each day and do it every day during winter because why the heck not?

This is such a beautiful and fun way to add self-care to your daily routine during winter! So if you were thinking about a winter self-care challenge, Go ahead! This is your chance!

Now Let’s explore winter self-care ideas!

70 Self care ideas for Winter

1. Enjoy warm drinks

A warm drink is a must during winter! What kind of drinks do you like to sip?

For me, it’s coffee! I have been enjoying hot Vanilla caramel coffee every day during winter and loving it!

If you love tea or hot chocolate, or any other drink. Take this winter to sip and enjoy as much as possible. This is the most favorite thing about winter!

2. Sit in front of fireplace

If you have a fireplace at home, then spending some time near the place while reading, working, or watching a show is super warm and relaxing!

3. Layer up warm Clothes

Layering up with warm clothes is a key to taking care of yourself this winter! Make sure you do that to avoid getting cold and feeling warm! Especially when outdoors.

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

If you find it difficult to prioritize self-care in your daily. You’ve got to check out my Daily self-care planner journal

it’s jam-packed with 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care need to help you have daily, weekly check-in! A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

4. Moisturize your skin a little extra

Skin can get dry in winter, so take that extra step to moisturize your skin. Either you double moisturizer or invest in a thick one!

5. Enjoy sunlight

Not every day is full of sunshine in winter, However in those rare days when you get sun. Use this moment to soak in the sun as much as you can! Get your vitamin d and feel warm!

6. Enjoy Snow

winter self care ideas

It doesn’t snow where I live however for some of you, who get to experience snow! Enjoy the time making a snowman or having snowball fights! It’s super fun!

7. Light a scented Candle

Light your room with a beautiful-smelling candle and create a cozy self-care atmosphere!

8. Bake

Baking in winter hits differently! I love making hot cookies and brownies! Enjoy your sweets this season! So good!

9. Have warm soups and noodles

I have been enjoying soups almost every day this winter and it feels so good for my throat honestly! And I love having noodles like ramen as well.

What are your favorite soups and noodles?

10. Winter Cleaning

A winter cleaning is a must. Getting rid of old items and packing up any summer clothes that are still lying around is not good. Take a day to do the cleaning. It will feel good!

11. Enjoy Hot and stem bubble bath

Ahhh! This is a must and so therapeutic! Enjoy taking hot baths in winter! It feels so relaxing and refreshing!

12. Get cozy in bed

winter self care ideas

Most days, I don’t feel like getting up from bed. It just feels so cozy!
Get yourself cozy in bed and enjoy your time reading, journaling, or watching a show!

13. Exercise

Getting a little physical activity in winter can help you feel warm up and get your body moving! I know we all want to stay in the best during winter, but a few minutes of exercise can make you feel good!

14. Journal

Journaling is one of the amazing self-care activities, You can lighten your candle and get cozy in bed with journaling and it will be a whole mood!

Or take up a 21-day journaling challenge to start making journaling your daily habit!

15. Appreciate winter

Take a moment to appreciate winter as most of us usually sulk when winter comes. Regardless of how cold it gets, It is beautiful!

16. Enjoy Quiet time

One of the self-care activities to must do in winter is to get as much quiet quality time with yourself! Spend a few moments in silence and just be yourself at the moment. It will feel so peaceful.

17. Drink warm water

Drinking water in winter can be hard. Remind yourself to sip warm water throughout the day to stay hydrated! I like to keep a thermally insulated bottle with me to drink warm water all day.

18. Plan goals for next year

Take a day to plan and set intentions for the year ahead! If you have already started with the new year. There is still time to plan your goals and vision for the year!

Read: 25 goals for the new year

19. Read books

winter self care ideas

Reading books is therapeutic, relaxing, fun, and nurturing. You can read self-help books to improve yourself or dive into a fiction novel to enjoy your self-care time!

20. Get good sleep

I sometimes wish I could hibernate like an animal in winter…( I love sleeping!). Do not be hard on yourself working all day. Make sure to get enough sleep!

21. Create a winter routine

Since winters are here. It is a great time to switch up your routine and start a new routine for yourself.

Reflect on your current routine and see what changes you can make to your daily routine to make it fun and effective!

22. Cuddle with your pets

If you have pets at home, spend time with them and cuddle as much as possible. You both are gonna love it!

23. Watch movies or a show

Put up a holiday or winter feels movie of your choice and enjoy!

24. Travel to a summer place in weekends

If winter is getting too much, take a few days of vacation and travel to a summer place! There is nothing wrong with it. So many people do this!

25. Implement slow living

The idea behind self-cate during winter is to go slow and enjoy the present. Do not rush at anything! Here are  17 ways to slow down

26. Organize your winter clothes

winter self care ideas

Winter clothes are usually heavy and take up most of the space! Try to organize them by your needs and shop if you need anything more.

27. Practice Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness this season. Be intentional in your choices, what you consume and what you think throughout the day.

Becoming mindful can help you enjoy the season and stay present.

28. Fill up your empty notebook

Do you empty notebooks lying around? This is your chance to get creative and fill them up as a part of your winter self-care routine! Here are 43 Creative Things to do with a Notebook!

29. Learn a new skill or winter inspired

The new season is a great chance to learn a mew skill or does winter-inspired activities like knitting!

30. Use heater inside the house

I do not have a fireplace at home, so I use a heater and sit beside it while watching a show. It feels so warm and nice! Keep yourself warm 🙂

31. Make your home winter inspired

winter self care ideas

If you like home decor, then redecorate your home with winter-inspired colors and fabrics. Make it super cozy and beautiful.

32. Enjoy seasonal Foods

Enjoy healthy and delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables! I love having strawberries and blueberries.

33. Take a hobby

Winter depression is real. Investing in a hobby can help you get through and feel joy. Trust me! Here are 67 Insanely Great Hobbies for 20 somethings adults

34. Practice hygge

Hygge is called a quality of coziness and comfort that gives feelings of contentment and well-being. Practice feeling cozy and comfortable all season!

35. Take a digital detox

Feeling overwhelmed with so much social media, It is very easy to get distracted, and compare yourself when using social media. Taking a day off or more can help you feel better.

36. Clean up your room

Cleaning your room always feels better! Look around and find if your room has gotten messy or cluttered. It’s time to clean it up!

37. Buy yourself flowers


Buy yourself flowers and give the love you deserve! If you are feeling low, I am sure this help you feel better and lift your mood!

38. Enjoy small things

Find happiness in small pleasures. Do not long for big moments to make you feel great. Enjoy small things that will make you feel content!

39. All yourself to feel

It is important to allow yourself to feel emotions. Whatever you are feeling, sad or happy- do not suppress it. It is a beautiful thing to feel emotions and let yourself be.

40. Take a step back to avoid burnout

If you have been working every day nonstop, It is time to take a step back and rest. If you continue to work, you will get sick and burned out.

Hence, It is better to take a break and enjoy!

41. Enjoy a good playlist

Listening to good music can help a lot. Winters can make you feel lonely which is why music can help you feel comforted and less lonely.

42. Go outside

winter self care ideas

I know, we all want to stay at home to avoid cold winters. But going out for fun will be a change and you will feel good!

43. Stuffed toy

Some people like to have a stuffed toy beside them. It is relaxing and comforting for them.

44. Enjoy Herbal tea

In winter, hot herbal teas can be enjoyed well as well as keep your body healthy!

45. Fill your room with aroma

Apart from Candles, you can fill up your room with soothing essential oils defused they help in relieving anxiety, and headaches and feel relaxed.

46. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is optimum for self-care to feel optimistic about life every day. You take nothing for granted and live your life meaningfully!

47. Spend time with loved ones

Self-care is not only about spending time alone, Spending time with family or friends can make you feel relaxed and happy!

48. Reflect on last year

Sit down this winter, to reflect on your past year/season. How did it go? How much have you changed since then? What are your goals now?

49. Arrange a cozy night your friends

winter self care ideas

Have a cozy night in with your friends in the winter season making hot chocolate with marshmallows and playing board games, watching movies, or just having a deep conversation!

50. Enjoy Seasonal activities

For every season there are so many seasonal activities, In winter you can experience fall and the holiday season! Enjoy each of them and make the most out of them!

51. Be Creative

You can get a little creative and start a new passion! Maybe you like filming, Dancing or computer programing. Whatever it is you enjoy, Let your creativity flow in!

52. Sooth your senses

Take steam, or have a hot drink, or you can also use essential oil to feel calm and soothe your senses. Winters can often cause headaches and breathing difficulty due to smog.

53. Rest Rest and Rest

Winter makes everyone lazy, doesn’t it? For me, It is definitely a time when I do not prefer doing much except sitting on my bed.

It is normal to feel like this, and if you feel the need to rest, Then please get as much rest as possible!

54. Plan Pamper day

A fun winter self-care idea would be to plan a pamper day for yourself, where you pamper yourself with anything you want.

Get your nails done, and eat whatever you want. get a haircut and so on!

55. Change your Habits

New Season calls for change, As you are planning your goals and thinking of ways to change your life, Changing your habits is one of the key ways to do that!

Read: List of 100 Good Habits To Transform Your Life for Better!

56. Order in

Order a favorite dish at home and enjoy it while staying cozy and warm inside! It feels awesome!

57. Virtual Games

Ever since the pandemic, so many virtual meet-up platforms and ideas have opened up! You can host a google meet or zoom game session with your friends!

58. Play with your pets

winter self care ideas

If you have a pet at home, play with them as much as possible! It can be hard for them to play outside too.

59. Listen to an audiobook or podcasts

Have a mindful me-time listening to either an audiobook or a podcast episode. It is super enriching!

60. Spend time in Nature

I know we do not want to go outside much, but nature is calming and healing. Once in a while go out and spend time there!

61. Have a Reset day

A reset day is a great way to feel new in this season, following the old routines and patterns can be exhausting or may even cause burn out. Here is an Ultimate Reset Day Routine: 7 Best Tips

62. Take up an Online course

Take up an online course in winter, this way by the time summer starts you will have a new skill to add and open new opportunities!

63. Stretch or do Yoga

Sitting all day can make your body stiff, Stretching can be an easy exercise as well as loosen up your body and is also relaxing!

64. Nap

Take naps between your work to rest and feel refreshed. Naps in winter truly hit differently! So relaxing!

65. Walk to a coffee shop

Take a day to walk to a coffee shop near your home and enjoy it alone. It can be so peaceful and nice

66. Go to a Museum

I love going to art museums, there is just something so calming and healing about it! If you have never been to it, this is your sign to go now!

67. Make Hot chocolate Fudge

I have been seeing so many reels filled with a

hot brownie or hot chocolate fudge recipes and they all look delicious!

68. Hug yourself

Self-care is all about loving yourself. Why wait for others to hug and appreciate you? you hug yourself and give yourself the love you deserve.

69. Soak your feet in warm water

Soaking your feet in winter is also a great way to feel warm and soothing, especially if you struggle with chilblains like me!

70. Give yourself a massage

There are so many tools to help you do massages like a foot massage, back massage, and so on. It is such a nice way to add self-care to your daily life!

These were 70 winter self care ideas

I hope you try out these winter self care ideas! Self-care is a must everyday, but especially in winters! Winters can often feel lonely and cause feeling of depression.

Self-care is one of the essential things to help you get through this season!

Let me know in the comments what are your favorite winter self care ideas.

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winter self care ideas

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