12 days of Christmas self-care ideas (+ Printable)

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12 days of Christmas self-care ideas

Ahh! It can be overwhelming and stressful as much fun and exciting the Christmas time! Give yourself grace by practicing self-care! Follow these simple 12 days of Christmas self-care ideas to fully enjoy the festive season as well as not feel overwhelmed!

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12 days of Christmas self-care ideas

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How can I slow down on holidays?

First things first, It is important to make use of the holiday season to slow down and enjoy as it comes only once a year! Due to too much work and responsibilities it can go by in a blink of an eye!

Hence, Make sure to spend more time being in the present moment rather than thinking about the future or what’s next?

Another way to slow down is to do things slowly instead of rushing. whether it is shopping, sitting by the fireplace spend more time and do it slow, soak in every moment!

How do you take care of yourself for Christmas?

Honestly, the best way to take care of yourself around Christmas is giving topmost priority to your yourself and your happiness!

Do things that make you happy and enjoy the end of the year on a good note!

What are some good self-care ideas?

Apart from the 12 days of Christmas self-care ideas, there are many ways you can implement self-care into your life whether during the festive season or not!

I have many posts sharing Self-care routines and activities for everyone! Have a look at them for more self-care ideas!

Self-care Gift box ideas

Like yourself, Christmas is a great time to gift your friends and family members some self-care and wellness items that can help them focus on their mental health too!

If your looking for gifts for someone who is into self-care or health as well then. these gifts will make their day!


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12 Days of Christmas Self-Care Ideas :

Day 1: Enjoy Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace

Enjoy the start of winter and Christmas with hot cocoa or a favorite drink of your choice and sit by the fireplace for some warmth!

You can enjoy some me-time by reading holiday books, journaling, or making lists of all the things you would like to do this season!!

Day 2: Decorate Your home for Christmas

The best part about Christmas would probably be the decoration and the Christmas tree!!

Take some time and add beautiful decorative pieces to your home that feels like Christmas!

Day 3: Wear Christmas Pjs All day

Christmas is incomplete without a PJ set! Get some cute Christmas Pjs or shop a set with your family/friends making it super comfy and cozy day!

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Day 4: Go shopping

If you haven’t made your Christmas shopping list or essential yet, It’s time to make one now and go shopping

Shopping for the festive season can honestly feel so stressful! We want to get the best items and gifts for everyone but, don’t forget the whole motive is to enjoy the festival!

Day 5: Journal

After a long shopping day, it’s essential to spend some time resting and journaling! you could write your wish for the Christmas or plans for the next year and how you want to feel through moving on!

Day 6: Bake Christmas Cookies

I am all for cookies and hot cake! Can finish them in one go! if you don’t like cookies, there are so many other baking recipes for Christmas you try!

Day 7: Have a Holiday movie/show marathon

Take a day with your besties and binge-watch holiday movie or episode from your favorite show!

My Favorite movies have to be Home alone and serendipity and watching Christmas-episodes of friends!

Day 8: Wrap your Christmas Presents

Wrapping Christmas presents can be a nice fin-crafty self-care activity to do!

Day 9: Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spending time with your loved ones is the second-most favorite part of Christmas time! Filled with love and laughter and sweets of course!

Day 10: Attend Holiday Festive Event

Go for holiday drive, play with snow or to flea markets with friends! It so much Fun!

Day 11: Go Slow and Take naps

If you feel like you have been doing lots of work, it is time to take naps and rest for one full day!

Day 12: Reflect on Past Year

Make sure you use the 12 days of Christmas self-care to reflect on your past year and see how much life has evolved! Being grateful for many things and goals for next year!

These were The 12 Holiday Self-care Checklists!

Hope you have a Fun and Beautiful Christmas! HoHo!Ho!

Get The Free PDF Printable Version of the 12-Day Self-care Checklist Below!

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12 days of Christmas self-care ideas

12 days of Christmas self-care ideas

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