How and why you must romanticize your life

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The term romanticize your life has been all over the internet for a while, and I love everything about it. But often, we get wrong on what it means to romanticize your life and essentially why we must!

How and why you must romanticize your life

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If you are wondering why you must romanticize your life, then this is exactly why you must

I am in the era of romanticizing my current life, and I am happy to report, it’s been making me happy and grateful.

To tell you the truth, for the past few months to almost a year, I have been going through things.

Trying to escape my current life because I think happiness is somewhere else, Seeing people on social media sharing so many crazy things they get to do

A point comes when you look at your life and compare that you are not able to live like that and maybe they are living a better life,

So exciting and full of new things whereas yours seems mundane and repetitive

I had these sorts of thoughts running around for a while, I found myself being too focused on what I do not get to experience, the crazy big things.

Not going to lie, I had days where I felt anxious, worried, or too attached to those experiences that started to affect my mental health.

After some time, I realized that I needed to find happiness in my now, stop looking at other people’s experiences, and romanticize my life because

The truth is my life is exciting and beautiful too, I am just too focused on the experiences others have that I am taking my own for granted.

That is when I made the switch and decided to romanticize my life as it is

romanticize your life
Here are the few things in my life when I started to romanticize, I started feeling more grateful, content, and happy.
1. Dancing

I want to start with dancing because it is truly been one of the biggest blessings for me, in the past year.

I have loved dance since I was 3-4 years old, it is the only thing I would ever take part in school as an introvert, and It is my first passion, my first love.

However, I was never trained or got any dance classes growing up, and as I was growing and entering my 20s, I was not dancing as such either

I would look at dance videos all the time, see other people dancing in a dance studio, and wanted to do the same for so long, in fact, I signed up for classes years ago, but something or the other would not let me.

I remember in my 2023 goals, I wrote – ” I wish to dance again”

Fast forward to July 2023, I joined a dance class that I had been eyeing for months.

Each class I spend in the dance studio, I feel euphoric, I absolutely love being there, and the more time I spend, the more I realize how much I love to dance to the core.

As I got distracted a few months back, by looking at other people’s lives, I stopped looking at dance as an experience that I get to have

Not until I started romanticizing my life, did it come back to me in the form of these thoughts

The fact that I get to dwell in an art form every week for hours, outside of work, something I do purely for passion and joy, learn and grow my skills in it

This experience is so pure and magical, to be passionate about something and getting to pursue it when it is not your job/career.

Not everyone gets to make time and save enough money for this, and the fact I am getting this makes me super grateful it cannot be compared to all the things I see others doing.

Being in the studio, challenging myself and learning an art form, a new choreography, and feeling other dancers’ energy in the same room, is also a unique experience, that I am creating. 

I have started to value, and romanticize my dance classes even more now!

Here are a few things I do to make it more exciting for me
  • Buying clothes for dance that would look good on me, dressing in colors as per the theme of the dance routine
  • Making extra effort to dress up in each class because I know it changes my mood instantly!
  • Connecting with other dancers, filming videos of dance on camera, and seeing my growth
  • Writing down in my journal how grateful I am to be dancing, expressing gratitude even when I am in class
  • And just be in the moment because I know, I will have a blast!
  • Signing up for dance classes in different dance forms!

2. Go to a new cafe every week with or without friends

I do not go out a lot, I am mostly working from home or office alone. And that sometimes would make me feel like my life is so monotonous and boring. I am not exploring and going out enough like many people.

Before, even weeks would pass by, and I had not stepped out for months, but recently, I started to make this pact of going out, to a new cafe once every week.

Whether it is with a friend or just alone.

I love cafe hopping, trying new coffee or drinks, and of course food. When you are with a friend you obviously have a good time.

To romanticize it even more now, I put extra effort into dressing up cute with a proper new outfit, clicking pictures ( mini photoshoot), and of course, having a good time!

When none of my friends are available, I have hardly 1-3 friends in the city, so before, if they were not available.

I would not step out to go alone at all about now, I have started enjoying solo dates and romanticizing them.

I go to a cafe, order a nice meal, sit there journal, and read a book, and trust me, It’s so peaceful. And I literally write in my journal, how happy I feel that I get to try new food every week.

It can seem like such a normal and small thing when you keep comparing it to other people’s lives, but if you look at it from a different perspective.

It is really such a new luxury experience that you can treat yourself every week to something nice and have a full day to enjoy.

At the end of the day romanticizing your life is about appreciating small things 

3. Getting my nails done, and other pamper session

As a girl, we love to pamper ourselves, getting nails, hair, makeup, doing skin care, and getting massages.

This is so therapeutic for me, and every month getting something small like this done is exciting if you look at it that way.

Personally, for me, it is new, as I never used to spend on myself like that and treat myself with these things.

But lately, I have been treating myself with these pamper sessions and makeovers that have made me joyful and grateful that I get to spend on myself and take care of myself.

4. Working and learning something i am passionate about

A lot of times, we end up taking our job for granted when it gets stressful, stagnant, or even monotonous, just sitting and working most time, can make you feel low and wish for an escape.

I have some days when I get like this, but then I remind myself that it is a privilege that I get to do what I am passionate about

This is the lifestyle I had dreamed of a few years back, and I am living it, working from home, making money online, working on social media, and talking about something I am passionate about

Studying integrative health and becoming a health coach, which I have been dreaming about for a few years, is now turning into reality, and most days are just spent on my laptop studying and working.

It is a privilege and I enjoy what I do when I am doing

I have now started to romanticize my work even more by looking at it from the perspective that I get to do something I love, and I am exactly where I used to dream about

Now I dress up and go to a cafe/library and work from there, take exciting projects, and connect with people doing the same 

5. Slow stress- free mornings

I have started to romanticize my mornings so that I don’t have to rush in the morning to run to the office.

I get to wake up slowly and do my morning routine like

  • slowly oil pulling
  • yoga
  • take slow bath
  • dress up
  • make breakfast,

and then start my day with ease. This is such a blessing for me, and I try to go as slow as possible taking in each

What does it mean to romanticize your life

I am sure from my points above you must have gotten any idea of what romaticizing your life is actually

Romanticizing life means to believe that something is more interesting, exciting, or better than it really is.

it means to embrace and enjoy the every day moments, to make the mundane special, to make the ordinary extraordinary,

romanticize your life

( Writing this post as i sit alone in a cafe while sipping coffee)

How to romanticize your life – 11 ways

1. Appreciate little moments of life

We are always looking at big achievements and moments to experience, only then do we think our life is worth living

But we have to realize that those big moments are momentary and happens once in a while

Whether it is once a month or a year. If that thing happened everyday we would start taking them,for granted too as we take our everyday life now

because if you observe, I am 100% sure that in your daily routine, there is something that you once used to dream of doing everyday

and now you get to but, it feels mundane.

So we must appreciate the fact those big moments come once in a while, and we should aim to embrace the rarity of so we can embrace them more

While we do that, we must also understand that those little joys that we get in our lives are much more important and valuable.


Not only do we get to experience them often again and again, but we also get to experience lots of little joys and have much more control over them, they are easier to experience and equally precious.

If you look at those deeper, joys altogether they make life so much more meaningful and worth it.

2. See yourself as a main character

I want to start looking at yourself as a main character in a movie

Imagine that your life is a movie and you are the main character, what would the main character do every day to make the movie interesting?

Sit every day and use the phone? Be a victim in the whole film and not take accountability

Not take the risk to do what it wants? 

When you watch a movie and see the main character struggling, you do feel bad, but the movie or plot gets interesting when the main character starts taking risks and going after their dream

that when you start enjoying the movie and loving the character more

now imagine, being the main character in the movie, and decide how you want your story to be like, what you would expect from the main character to do? Do that!

3. Love yourself and life

Fall in love with life, embrace the fact that you get to experience life, and being in this world is a blessing and exciting adventure.

At the same time, fall in love with yourself because why wouldn’t you? It’s you after all 

Only when you start loving yourself more, do you start loving things in your life.

Only then, you will be kinder to yourself, embrace the things life gives you, and welcome abundance with open hands!

4. Be in the moment

The best way to romanticize your life is to come back to the present moment, you can romanticize your current life while constantly worrying about dreaming about the present.

You have to experience and be present in the moment, to romanticize your life!

Whatever and wherever you are, embrace it and fully stay present in it

That is when you truly get to experience and enjoy life

5. Trust and enjoy the process

Bring your focus to the baby steps.

Everything you do right now, working towards a better life, career whatever it is

These are baby steps that will take you to your destination

Don’t hate these moments, be patient and trust, and enjoy the process of getting there

Dont rush to the destination because once you get there, instantly you will dream of another destination

But the process is where you get to experience and stay longer with your desire, it’s not the final step but the journey towards it!

6. Live slowly

You cant romanticize your life while being in a hurry

You have got to take life slow and experience each moment.

Slow down and embrace life

Take a moment to breath and stay where you are

Don’t run but stop, stand wherever you are, soak in the moment

7. Dress up

I can 100 % guarantee that, as girls, our outfits can change our mood and make the day 1005 better!

The same goes vice-versa, I could go to a fancy place, but if I don’t look or don’t feel my outfit, I don’t feel much good about it

that can also be applied to our daily, when we go to work, we just dress up in casual fits not putting much effort, and it seems to make our life feel more boring maybe?

But the moment I dress up and go to work, I feel so much better, confident

  1. Dressing up in a cute outfit and actually making an effort to create the whole look
  2. Doing makeup and trying a new makeup look
  3. Accessorizing it

It makes me feel more confident, and more myself! That way I can romanticize the most basic activity of going to work too.

8. Go extra on small things

Something as small as going for a picnic can be made more exciting by adding activities, a picnic theme, carrying games, painting in the park, 

just by going a little extra on those little things, you can truly romanticize it and make it much more joyful!

I love doing this!

9. Embrace mundane life

Mundane life is not as bad as we might think, often wanting to escape, only so we can do something exciting like going on a vacation and have different and crazy things to do every day.

I don’t about you, but when you go on vacation for a long period, as the vacation starts coming to an end, even though you enjoy it, a part of you just wants to relax by going home?

Go back to the routine because it is comfortable and easy

How exciting and fun vacations are, but the uncertainty also gets draining, and despite all that travel is still such a fun thing to do

Similarly, while your daily routine might seem boring to you, it is always a comfort and relaxation space for you physically and mentally because your body is used to it

Start embracing it, and you will love life more then! 

10. Look at the deeper meaning and perspective

In the beginning, I shared with you things once I started romanticizing my life, I started feeling more happy and grateful

for me, it happened because I started to look at my daily life from a different perspective and find more meaning in these things that we often overlook

Change your perspective about your life and look at it from a positive meaning, and you will be more happy and appreciative of it then

Everything has a meaning, the good and the bad, the bad experience can help you learn, challenge yourself to grow and be strong, that’s when life will become more interesting

11. Try new little things every week

Lastly, something I have been doing lately, to make my life more interesting and romanticize it intentionally is doing a tiny new thing every week.

It could be going on a solo date and doing a new activity that I have never done.

It can be taking a new project

but every week I decide to do something new and write in my journal, and I can see how many new things I tried in a year in the long run 

When I look back, I can see there are so many exciting little things I experienced!


Lastly, i want to share that romanticizing your life is not about being delusional, it is not about not aiming for big things it is simple about finding the the spark in the normal day-to-day life because truly they matter the most

Live life with a positive mindset, mindfulness, and gratitude.

romanticize your life

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