50 Powerful & tiny ways to level up in life today

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We all are looking for a change, wanting to make our life better in some way or the other. No one in this world wants to stay where they are for the rest of their life. What are some tiny ways to level up in life ?

While there are many ways to level up in life , we often find it challenging to take big steps.

The good news is there are small things you can do that can help you better your life drastically in long term!

Today, I will share with you, 50 tiny ways to level up in life from today!

level up in your life

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Do Small steps matter to level up in life?

Before I share with you the small steps you can take, I know you must be wondering, if small steps even matter to level up in life.

Generally, we are always aiming for big things and even think we need to take big leaps of action all the time to better our life

While it is true that we do have to take big steps to change our life, it is not always a must

If you feel not ready, to take those big actions, or don’t know how to take them. Taking small steps every day can eventually help you level up in life

These small ways will help you build confidence, discipline, and form a habit of doing.

So when in the future, if you do take big steps, you won’t feel that scared or oblivious.

The other reason is, realistically, taking small actions every day can level up your life

For example, In the book “THE ATOMIC HABITS” by James Clear, he explains

if you can get 1 percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done.

Conversely, if you get 1 percent worse each day for one year, you’ll decline nearly down to zero. What starts as a small win or a minor setback accumulates into something much



1% worse every day for one year. 0.99

365 = 00.03

1% better every day for one year. 1.01

365 = 37.78

As You can see, taking just 1 percent progress each day can compound to 37 times better, but if you take no progress, it will boil down to 0!

Read the Book here 

If you struggle to read books or become a reader. Then start with reading only 1 page a day.

Yes, it is a small number

but by the end of the year, you would have read 365 pages, which depending on the pages in an average book, you would have 1-2 books.

Since one page of the book, approximately contains 300 words, you have read 1,09,500 words, by the end of the year.

Not only that, you now have built a habit of reading daily and become a reader without taking any big steps!

hence, do not underestimate the power of tiny everyday steps because they can make a huge difference in the long run!

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level up in your life

50 tiny ways to level up in life from today

1. Making your bed every day 

making your bed ensures a tidy and clear space. If you make your bed every day, not only, you will feel great every time you come home

but you will also feel the urge to always put your things in place after you use them, creating a clean space everywhere

2. Learning a new skill

Last year, I decided to learn a new skill, which is blogging/digital marketing on my own.

After learning and practicing it every day, now this new skill helps me make a full-time income!

Learning a new skill never gets wasted, in fact, you can use it to your advantage and welcome abundance in your life!

3. Reading books

Reading is a great way to expand your knowledge and creativity. Here is a list of fiction and nonfiction books you can read

4. Listening to one podcast episode a day

Listening to podcasts is another great way to learn about almost anything you are interested in! There is a podcast series for everything

this is great if you feel reading is not your thing! You can listen to one episode while walking, during your commute, or doing your everyday chores!

Here are my favorite podcasts that I listen to the most

5. Writing 3 gratitude affirmations every day

Writing just 3 genuine gratitude affirmations, every day can help you feel optimistic throughout the day and welcome thankfulness in your life.

6. Walking 6000 steps a day

Moving your body daily is very important. A simple daily walk can keep your body active and fit in the long run! Aim to walk a minimum of 6000 steps a day.

That’s all!

7. Eating fruits every day

Fruits contain most of the minerals and vitamins we need in our bodies. We tend to skip or not give fruits much attention in our diet.

Build a habit to eat fruits every day as a snack or before any meal you eat. It can work as a great prebiotic in helping your digest food

8. Doing a 15 min beginner workout every day

Most of us want to get fit, however, we either don’t feel like working out at all because it seems hard or try to do extremely, challenging workouts that make us give up altogether.

Instead of rushing, be patient and start with a simple 15-minute beginner workout!

After I had stopped working out for more than a year, I found it challenging to exercise again.

Now Instead of rushing and trying to do intermediate workouts, I simply, spend every day doing 15-20 minute beginner workouts.

And it will soon help me build strength, stamina, and little results!

Very soon, I will be able to do Chloe ting and other intermediate workouts in the future with ease.

This is the workout I have been doing daily-

9. Spending at least 30 mins in doing something you enjoy

Spending at least 30 mins in a day by yourself doing something you enjoy can make your day wholesome and fulfilled!

Whether you like dancing, singing, painting, or playing a game. DO IT!

10. Practicing acts of self-love every day

Self-love is so important. To build and keep your relationship with yourself strong and loved.

Practice small acts of self-love everyday like-

  • giving yourself a compliment
  •  hug yourself
  •  Practice affirmation
  •  treat yourself to something
11. Go outside every day

Going outside for some fresh air and a random walk can destress you easily. It helps you clear your mind, and you get to observe and explore things around you.

12. Switching up your junk food with a homemade meal

As junk food keeps becoming more and more part of our daily life, it is certainly not great for our health.

try to switch your junk food by making the same meal at home with fresh and healthy ingredients,

This way, you can not only enjoy your tasty meals but also keep your body healthy

13. Make a morning and evening routine

Routines are great to stay consistent and find some sort of fulfillment in your day.

A morning routine that pushes you to stay productive throughout the day and an evening routine that, perfectly helps your wind down and prepares you for sleep

14. Meet up with friends every other week

Friends are really important in life. They make life more fun and helps you cope with a stressful situation when you are with them

Meeting your friends, whom you deeply connect with every other week can help you feel, so much better!

15. Explore different passions

I truly believe we all have more than one passion for things in life, and there is certainly, nothing wrong with exploring those different areas.

If anything, it can help you grow more and find more drive to live your life enthusiastically!

16. Spend 2-3 times a week in nature

Nature is healing and is what helps in our overall well-being. The more you will spend time in nature, the more calm and connected you will feel to live.

Spend at least 203 times a week, in nature, and you will experience so much peace in your life.

17. Create a monthly budget

Creating a monthly budget is a tiny way you can progress in your financial life and overall improve your living standard.

It will help you handle money well and invest in the right place that yields growth.

18. Build different sources of income

if you want to improve your financial life, Creating a different source of income is great. While it may look like a big step

You can take tiny steps from today that help you build a side income in the future, like

  • Spending 1 hour writing a blog
  •  Filming just one youtube video in a week
  •  Giving 1 hour of tuition to other kids

These are just tiny steps you need to take every day, and after a certain amount of time, you will start to see progress!

I used to aim to post one blog post every day for 6 months until I started making money from my blog! Just take a small step every day!

Check out 23 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Make Money

19. Try screen-free activities more

If you find yourself glued to the screen most of the time, Try out new activities that are screen free and help you detach from technology for a while!

Simple activities like-

  • Journaling
  •  Dancing
  •  reading
20. Enjoy an upbeat music

Progress does not always mean you need to do better in your career or finances, mental health is also equally important

Listening to upbeat music can truly help you feel good and boost your mood!

21. Travel to New Places

I have always seen people sharing how travel has helped them grow so much in life. I have not traveled much in my life yet.

And it is something I am also curious about, I want to see how traveling to new places can help me progress in life and in what ways.

If you are curious too, then start traveling and find it for yourself!

22. Try new cuisines

Trying new cuisines can help you discover new foods that you may love! It can help you develop an interest in a new culture and enjoy the experience.

It is small but a slight touch of happiness in life, I can personally say, ever since, I have tried dim sums.

I am in love with how it tastes, and has become my go-to dish!

23. Spend a Few minutes alone 

Spend a few moments alone by yourself every day, it can help you clear your mind and understand what you truly want.

It is important to better your life as you get to deepen your connection with yourself and do things that are right for you

24. Learn about your history and mythology

Learning about our roots is definitely important, we can learn so much or even feel grateful about how far the world has come!

25. Pray and Talk to god

Build and strengthen your spiritual connection by spending a few minutes praying or talking to god.

Every now and then, I open my notes app and write a small prayer or journal out feeling to god.

It helps me feel comforted and gives me hope whenever I am going through a tough time

26. Take one day off social media every week

Choose a day for yourself, which could be Monday or Tuesday where you take complete 24 hours off from social media.

it is a great way to challenge yourself and find ways to spend time without using your phone all day.

27. Save for emergency fund

Don’t spend all your money, keep some amount every month to add to your emergency fund in case you may need it one day!

28. Have a no-spend day

Challenge yourself to not spend money on anything for just one day! It will help you find more ways to save and make better use of money

29. Start using a Planner

If you struggle to remember all your tasks and need something to help you guide in improving your life, Then you must start using a planner.

Here is a guide on how to use planners for beginners

30. Buy yourself something nice

It’s okay to spend money and treat yourself to something nice every once in a while!

31. Declutter and organize your phone

Decluttering your phone can be awesome, in organizing your life and staying organized.

Here is a complete guide on how to declutter and organize your phone

32. Journal everyday

Journaling has so many benefits, and it is a great self-care activity to not only discover yourself but find clarity to make decisions when confused!

33. Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness in everyday life is one of the best and tiny ways to level up in life

You start to pay attention to what is important and meaningful in your life and what is not

34. Build a skincare routine as per your skin type and concerns

As you grow older, your skin also starts getting brown spots, and you get wrinkles!

To have healthy skin, build up a skincare routine as per your skin type and its concerns

35. Wear sunscreen every day

Sunscreen is so important, I cannot stress it enough! It is the only best way to prevent your skin, from aging and getting brown spots. Wear your sunscreen every day!

36. Build healthy lifestyle habits 

Building a healthy lifestyle is the perfect way to level up in life  

Here are 30 habits to help you, build a healthy lifestyle today

37. Do yoga. for a connection of mind, body, and soul!

Yoga is great to connect, your mind, body, and soul together and also relaxing your whole body

38. Focus on Improving by 1% every day. 

Whatever you wish to do, give your focus on becoming just 1% better every day, and by the end of the year, you will be 365% better than your first day!

This is one of the perfect and tiny ways to level up, in your life from today itself.

39. Set 3 daily goals

Another tiny way to progress is to set daily goals for yourself. Set only 3 daily goals you need to accomplish and better yourself in.

For example, the Daily goals I usually set for myself are

  • Writing blog post
  •  Exercising for 20 mins at least
  •  Having dinner by 7pm

These are just simple things I aim to achieve every day that helps improve certain areas in my life every day.

40. Learn something new every day

Learning something new every day is also a beautiful way to level up, in your life and build up skills.

It could be anything you like, as long as you are learning, you are growing!

41. Stretch

If you sit on a laptop all day, then, I found these really great daily stretches to help your body!

42. Drink lots of water 

keep yourself healthy and hydrated by drinking lots of water

43. Avoid watching/reading the news

News can be very misleading and mentally draining if you consume it every day. Avoid watching and reading the news, as much as possible.

It only makes you more worried about what happens without having any control over those situations

44. Practice positive self-talk

Start talking to yourself positively today, and you will see how much better mental health and confidence you get after a while!

45. Surround yourself with positive people.

Having the right people around you who encourage you to do better, and support you is really important

46. Face your fears.

At the end of the day, real progress begins with change and overcoming your fears.

You want to be an artist, but you have a fear of the stage. Then the only way for you to progress is by facing it again and again until the fear leaves you.

You may not necessarily need to go on stage in the first step, instead start with performing in front of a few people and slowly challenge your fears

47. Sleep Better

Make small changes to help your sleep better every day so you can wake up feeling fresh and energetic

  • Sleep early
  •  Sleep in pitch dark room
  •  Avoid drinking water before you go to sleep
  •  Keep devices away or in airplane mode
  •  get full 7-8 hours of sleep
48. Eat brain-foods

Add more nuts, fruits, and greens to your diet that help in boosting your brain and improve your memory!

49. Make time for things that make you happy

Real progress is when you are happy more and focus on enjoying life more. While you are always trying to work hard in the hope to create, a better life

Do not forget your present moment and happiness. Make time for things that make you happy and build more joy in life

50. Stop comparing yourself to others

Often comparing ourselves is the reason, we tend to feel unaccomplished and low about our life.

It is truly the comparison that makes us feel that we are going nowhere or have so much to do

Put an end to this feeling by stopping yourself from comparing yourself to others and instead focusing on your life.


So these were 50 tiny ways to level up in life from today! I hope you can find 1-2 that you can do consistently and better.

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level up in your life

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