110+ things to write about when bored you’ll love in 2024

things to wrote about when bored

If you are bored and looking for a great way to spend time, then writing can be a beautiful way to pass the time, Here are 110+ things to write about when bored!

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While many people tend to use social media as a way to pass time, it can be harmful for eyes and brain.

There are so many great ways to spend time when you are bored!

And one such beautiful way is to explore writing! Writing or journaling can be a great way to enjoy your time when you are bored and even connect with your inner self

Just like talking to a friend, writing is like to yourself and learning more about your, thoughts and feeling!

I 100% recommend you to take a notebook and start writing about different topics when you have free time,

You will love it afterwards!

Here are 110+ things to write about when bored-

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things to wrote about when bored

What things should you write about when you’re bored?

  1. Write about how you have been feeling lately in your life, open up and journal out.
  2. Write about some things that have been making you feel grateful about life
  3. Think about one of the best memory you’ve had in the last year in detail.
  4. Think about somewhere you’d like to travel to and write a story about all the things you would love to do
  5. If you have a pet, Describe your pet, its name, personality and why you love it. 
  6. If you every had an idea for a business, write about that business idea you would create
  7. Apart from business, if you ever wanted to create something, what was it ? Describe in detail
  8. Write about the first thing you see when you look out your window.
  9. Write about a hobby or interest you have that people might not expect
  10. What is your favorite food? Describe it and why you love it.
  11. Imagine If you could go to high school or college over again, would you wish to? if yes, would you do something differently?
  12. Write about the people around you that you are connected with ( family, friends). Describe them and what you love about them
  13. Remember a time you felt embarrassed? Write about what happened and how it made you feel.
  14. Describe your an ideal day in detail
  15. Write about your life goals, what are the things you have been dreaming to do in the coming 5 years
  16. think of a childhood memory that changed the way you are now, if you could go back, how would you do it differently?
  17. Do you have a dream home, Imagine and write about it. Where would it be located? What would it look like?
  18. Wrote about a dream you recently had.
  19. Write about a skill or hobby you’d like to learn

Fun things to write about when bored

  1. Write about a movie you recently saw. What did you like about it?
  2. Write about the first thing you see when you look out your window or a door
  3. What was the last concert you went to? How did you feel when you were there?
  4. Have you ever had a paranormal experience, if yes, describe it in detail!
  5. Think and write a bucket list of things you want to do.
  6. Did you ever get an anecdote in school? share the funny story!
  7. List your top 10 favorite songs and why you love them.
  8. What was the most fun you’ve had recently? Describe what happened in detail.
  9. What was the last book you read? What did you take away from it?
  10. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Who gave it to you? What was it? Why is it your favorite?
  11. Write about your favorite type of weather and why you enjoy it in detail.
  12. If you didn’t have to follow any rules or abide by the law, what’s the first thing you would do?
  13. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move to and why?
  14. Write about something that made you laugh recently
  15. Describe a skill you’re proud of and how you developed it.
  16. What is a food that you would never eat? Why is that?
  17. Did you ever have a really annoying teacher? Reflect back on the things they did.
  18. Describe your favorite fictional world from a book or movie.
  19. Write about your favorite or an ideal way for you to relax and unwind.
  20. Best date you’ve ever been on?
  21. Worst date you’ve ever been on?
  22. Describe what you think it would be like to be lost in a foreign place.
  23. List the qualities you admire in your closest friend.

Meaningful things to write about

  1. Write about a time when you were faced with a difficult decision.
  2. Write about a time when you had to overcome a fear.
  3. Do you believe in god? why or why not? If yes, tell your relationship and thoughts regarding god
  4. Describe one thing you would like to do or accomplish in your lifetime.
  5. Write about a time when you achieved something you didn’t think was possible.
  6. What do you wish you could say to someone who wronged you or made you mad?
  7. Write about a time when you felt proud of yourself 
  8. What is the biggest mental health struggle you’ve ever overcome (or might still be working on)?
  9. Wrote your thoughts on money. Do you think having a lot of money is really a good thing? Why or why not?
  10. Write about someone who has had a significant impact on your life.
  11. Reflect and wrote on your beliefs about the purpose & meaning of life.
  12. Write about your relationship with internet/ social media,
  13. Think and Reflect on how you define yourself & how your identity has evolved over time.
  14. Reflect on anything negative that impacted you during your childhood. Does it still affect you today?
  15. What things scare you? Can you overcome this fear?

What are some deep thing to write about?

  1. Do you experience self doubt in any area of your life?
  2. Write about how you think other people view you.
  3. Write about a lesson you learned the hard way.
  4. What was your worst heartbreak? How did it happen?
  5. Reflect on how personal challenges and experiences have contributed to your growth.
  6. Have you ever lost someone you care about? How have you coped with that?
  7. What is your biggest accomplishment in life?
  8. Do you feel you are your true self everyday or you have to pretend to someone else?
  9. What about the stage of life you’re in right now makes you the most stressed?
  10. Wrote about a kind thing someone did for you
  11. Write about a kind or generous thing you did for someone else
  12. Write about a time when you had to stand up for yourself.
  13. Write about something that recently made you feel frustrated.
  14. Think about a time you managed to get out of your comfort zone and how
  15. Write about one of the biggest lesson you learn that changed your life
  16. Write about a hobby or interest you’re passionate about.
  17. Write about things that surprised or confused you lately
  18. What does your inner critic keep telling you?
  19. Do you have any regrets? Describe in detail

Random things to write about when bored

  1. Which fashion trend do you think is the most ridiculous and why?
  2. If you created a favorite music playlist, what genres would it include? Why?
  3. Write about your first kiss
  4. Go outside. Listen. Write about everything you hear.
  5. If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
  6. If you had a lazy day, what would you love to do?
  7. A fictional letter to your future self.
  8. Is there a chore that you dread doing? Write about it and what you could do to make it easier to handle.
  9. What are some ways you tend to procrastinate?
  10.  Write about a person you see every day but don’t really know.
  11. If you spent a day without any technology, what would you do?
  12. If you could be any animal, what animal would you want to be?
  13. What makes you feel super excited every time you talk about it?
  14. Which era from the past would you most want to live in and why?
  15.  If your pet were a person . . .
  16.  Write about what you wanted to be when you grew up vs now
  17. What do you think your life will be like 10 years from now?
  18. Remember your earliest childhood memory. Write about who was there and what was going on.

Things to write when bored at home

  1. Is there a chore you dread doing? What could you do to make it easier?
  2. How do you like to spend you me-time? What do you enjoy doing?
  3. What is your favourite self-care activity?
  4. Think of a quote that comforts, write about it
  5. What was your favorite place you’ve lived? Least favorite?
  6. What’s the best and worst book you’ve ever read? Why?
  7. What is one household habit you’d like to improve on?
  8. Write a letter to your future self, predicting what your life will be like.
  9. What is the best life advice you could give to someone in their 20s?
  10. Have you ever been in love? What does love means to you?
  11. Write a letter to your favorite author or celebrity.
  12. Write about a social personality that has a huge impact on your beliefs
  13. List 10 of your all time favourite movies
  14. Write a thank-you note to someone who’s made a difference in your life.
  15. Describe a food you’ve never tried but would like to.
  16. Describe your perfect weekend getaway.
  17. Write a short review of a movie or TV show you recently watched
  18. Write a short story that starts with the line, “It was a dark and stormy night…”
  19. List the qualities that you wish to have


So these were more than 110+ things to write about when bored, I hope you found some topics to write about and if you have already written down about few things

I hope you had a good experience! Feel free to share in the comments what you wrote about and how you felt afterward!

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things to wrote about when bored

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