51 Great Weekly reflection questions ideas you must ask yourself

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There is no better way to improve your life every week than through journaling and practicing weekly reflection questions! It helps you keep track of every week and move towards progress!

Weekly reflection questions

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Every week or day goes by so fast, that we often forget to even think about where our life is going, or simply acknowledge the hard things we have worked on or how much we accomplished in the past week!

That’s why doing a weekly reflection at the end of every week is the best way to connect with yourself, proud of your accomplishments, and correct your mistakes!

What is a weekly reflection?

In case you are wondering, what is a weekly reflection? A Weekly reflection, is one of the best ways to reflect on your past week in terms of goals, decisions, tasks, personal life,

Through a weekly reflection, you can find mistakes you have made, things that have been working for you and helping you progress, and things, that need some attention.

It can help you put together your life or achieve your long-term goals by reflecting on micro-goals

All in all, it is a beautiful way to look at your life or week and observe different aspects.

For some people, it could be managing time, achieving a certain goal, or seeing the impact each week has on their life.

It’s different for everyone.

Why are weekly reflections important?

Weekly reflection has many things to offer, it is filled with benefits, which you will discover once you read all the questions!

We all have a dream life, we want to get there and creating a goal at the start of the new year or month is something we all tend to do

But as days and weeks pass by, we get lost in different things that our dream is still left unaccomplished.

With the help of weekly reflection questions, we can easily track how we are spending each day or each week and how it is helping us in creating our dream life.

In short, it helps us set intentions in our life every week, so it does not go wasted!

Benefits of weekly reflection

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  •  Increased Productivity
  •  Goal achievement
  •  Mindfulness and Presence
Weekly reflection questions

How to do weekly reflection – step by step

Now that you know what weekly reflection is and why it is important, I am sure you might be thinking, but how do I do a weekly reflection?

It is very simple!

1. Set alone and quiet time.

The first thing to make sure of is that every week, you should schedule a time for your to-do weekly reflection.

It can be done at the end of the week or the first day of the new week, make sure to free yourself for 15 minutes at least and be alone in a quiet space.

You don’t need disturbance, so just taking out, a few minutes of peaceful time for yourself to answer these questions and brainstorm can be great!

2. Take your notebook and pen

Obvious! But don’t go in buying anything fancy, all you need is a notebook that has blank pages to write on and a pen!

You could also get a drink like tea or coffee to sip in between!

3. Free your mind

It’s important that you are doing your journaling reflection with ease if, you have many thoughts going on, it would be difficult to focus on the weekly reflection questions.

You can choose a different time when you feel better, or you can start by journaling your feeling so once you are better, you can begin your reflections!

4. Answer with honesty

Lastly, the whole point of weekly reflection is for you to better your life by noticing how you have been spending your time each week.

You must be honest about your mistakes to yourself as well, so you can rectify them in the future!

So make sure to answer all questions with honesty!

51 Weekly reflection questions: weekly reflection journal prompts

To make Weekly reflection easy for you, I have divided the reflection question into categories ( different areas of life)

So if you wish to focus only on one or two categories for now, you can only answer those questions!

Accomplishments and Progress:

  1. What were the top three things I accomplished this week?
  2. Did I make progress towards my short-term goals?
  3. Were there any unexpected successes or wins this week?
  4. What skills did I develop or improve upon this week?
  5. What is one thing I did this week that I am most proud of?

Challenges and Learning:

  1.  What was the most challenging thing about this past week, and how did I handle it? 
  2. How did I approach and overcome these challenges?
  3. What did I learn from my mistakes or setbacks this week?
  4. Did I step out of my comfort zone? How did it feel?
  5. What new insights or knowledge did I gain during the week?
  6. Where did I give up, and why? How can I problem solve for next week? 
  7. What support or help do I need to make next week easier?

Time Management and Productivity:

  1. Did I manage my time effectively this week? If not, what improvements can I make?
  2. Which tasks or activities took up most of my time, and were they aligned with my priorities?
  3. Did I strike a good balance between work, personal time, and relaxation?
  4. What distractions hindered my productivity, and how can I minimize them next week?
  5. Did I delegate tasks or seek help when needed?

Well-Being and Self-Care:

  1. How well did I take care of my physical health this week (exercise, nutrition, sleep)?
  2. Did I practice mindfulness or engage in activities that support my mental well-being?
  3. Did I make time for activities that bring me joy and relaxation?
  4. Did I set healthy boundaries with my time and energy?
  5. Did I express gratitude or practice acts of kindness?

Relationships and Connections:

  1. Who did I spend the most time with this week, and how did those interactions impact me?
  2. Did I nurture important relationships and connections?
  3. Did I communicate effectively and actively listen to others?
  4. Did I help or support someone in a meaningful way this week?
  5. Did I engage in any social activities that brought me joy?

Goals and Intentions:

  1. Did I revisit and revise my long-term goals based on my experiences this week?
  2. Did I align my actions with my core values and aspirations?
  3. What goals or intentions do I want to set for the upcoming week?
  4. Did I prioritize tasks that contribute to my personal and professional growth?
  5. How did my week’s experiences influence my perspective on my long-term goals?

Self-Reflection and Growth:

  1. What emotions did I experience most frequently this week, and why?
  2. Did I practice self-reflection or journaling? What did I discover?
  3. What limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns did I notice, and how can I challenge them?
  4. How did I handle stress, and what coping strategies were effective?
  5. What actions can I take to continue my personal growth journey?
  6. What did I learn about myself this week?

Creativity and Exploration:

  1. Did I engage in any creative or artistic pursuits? How did they make me feel?
  2. Did I explore something new or engage in a hobby I’m passionate about?
  3. How can I infuse more creativity into my daily life?
  4. Did I seek inspiration from various sources (books, art, nature)?
  5. What ideas or insights emerged from moments of reflection or quiet contemplation?

Gratitude and Perspective:

  1. What are three things I’m grateful for from this past week?
  2. How did I find beauty or positivity in challenging situations?
  3. Did I take time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life?
  4. How can I maintain a positive outlook during both good and difficult times?
  5. How can I carry the lessons and gratitude from this week into the next?

Personal Effectiveness:

  1. What behaviors brought me closer to my goal? Reflect on what worked. 
  2. What behaviors moved me away from my goal? 
  3. Did I engage in continuous learning or self-improvement activities?
  4. Did I communicate my needs, opinions, and boundaries effectively?
  5. How did I respond to criticism or feedback, and what can I learn from those experiences?
  6. How can I ensure that the lessons and reflections from this week lead to meaningful actions and positive changes moving forward?

Tips for weekly reflection

Here are some tips to help you practice weekly reflections more effectively!

Set reminders

If you are new to this, of course, you will easily forget about the weekly reflections, and that’s why setting a reminder on your phone or laptop is essential.

If you have a Monthly Calander, then, add to it so you remember to do it!

Choose a habit tracker

A habit tracker is also a great way to stay consistent with your weekly reflections,

Reward yourself

Ahh! The most important. Rewarding yourself is important because you deserve it, and also it can help you stay motivated as well.

Get back on track!

Of course, we tend to miss out few days, Don’t beat yourself over it! Forgive yourself and move on!

Do the next week, don’t stop because you missed one week, you are still consistent if you get back on track!


So these were 51 weekly reflection questions I feel will help anyone wanting to make their life or simply each week meaningful and filled with growth!

I love weekly reflections because, it is a simple way to make time to engage, and check your mental health, thoughts, and life in general!

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Weekly reflection questions

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