30 Intentional Monday Journal Prompts to kick start your week

Monday Journal Prompts

Meaning to start your week with effective productivity and organization? Use these Monday Journal Prompts to help you intentionally start the week with motivation and Success!

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Why Journal on Monday?

Monday is the first work day of the week and ideally the great time to pump yourself up and plan the week for utmost success after the weekend!

Journaling has so many benefits and one the best use of it is through journal prompts!

By answering these prompts you find clarity on what you need to focus on and what you should not.

I personally found that journal prompts help me think about right topics and once I have clarity

I do not find the work overwhelming or tend to procrastinate, instead, I am more pumped than ever to get shit done!

These Monday journal prompts are guided towards helping you intentionally choose and plan your work that gives effective results!

Monday journal prompts

How to Create the Ideal Monday Journal Routine

Mondays for most of us are rushed, in fact, after a 2-day weekend break we immediately think of Monday to be the most productive day ever, Instead, Monday should be more to set the tone or the intention of the week!

To Create a Monday Journal routine that is slow and relaxed, you can

  • Sit in a Quiet/cozy Place
  • Have your coffee or smoothie to sip in with you
  • Keep a journal notebook with you on your side table

Motivational Monday Journal prompts

A lot of us feel uneasy and sad that the weekend is over and now we have to start working, which is why the aim of these Monday journaling is to uplift and motivate you to have a fun and productive week ahead

Intentional Monday Journal Prompts

1. How are you Feeling right Now?

Take a moment and see how are you feeling, it doesn’t have to be particularly one area, but have an overall glance, how does your body feels, you emotional state, mood or in general if anything feels uneasy.

2. What theme or Intention you want to set for Monday?

Apart from setting monthly intentions, the small weekly intention is great to feel and achieve many of this,

For example- this week’s theme could be to set boundaries or practice more self-love and the next weeks could be slowing down.

3. What are the 3 things you are grateful for?

Starting your week with gratitude will keep an optimistic feel throughout the week, moreover, you will be able to value little moments and life even more instead of feeling sulky!

4. What are you most looking forward to doing this week?

Is there anything, in particular, you are most looking forward to this week? Maybe an exciting work opportunity or a trip, just anything you have been wanting to get or experience for while!

5. Write 5 Positive Affirmations to feel confident about yourself

There could be an area of life that makes you feel low or underconfident.. if that’s the case- Writing down some positive affirmation for that topic is a great way to boost your mood and self-esteem!

6. What are your 3 Main goals to Accomplish on Monday?

On the first day of the week, Write down at most 3 main goals you want to accomplish this week! This will keep the goals simplified and easier to accomplish!

7. What would make today great?

Choose one activity that make your Monday happy and proud! Whether it is getting your workout done or ticking off to-do list, anything that will boost your mood!

8. What are the pending tasks that you need to get done this week?

There are always some urgent, important tasks that we keep pushing to do next week, If there is any pending task you haven’t gotten around to doing then, schedule it to work this week and just get over it!

9. What is Bothering you right now?

One of important reason to journal is to figure out your emotions and how your inner self feels, Write down if there is anything that is bothering you or making you feel anxious?

Once you are consciously aware of it, it will be easier to find a solution.

10. What self-care Practices would you like to do this week?

Choose and write down a few self-care practices to do this week, work is important but not as much as self-needs. Give your body some love and joy by practicing any self-care activity of your choice

writing motivational

New week Journal Prompts

11. How can you be Happier this week?

Happiness is a choice and mindset, we all can be happy on our own and don’t necessarily need to depend on any external source to feel this

However, there to add more happiness into our life, small things can always be done, such as meeting a friend, traveling or buying something you have been meaning to for a while

12. What are the Top 3 Tasks for the week?

Apart from setting the top 3 tasks every day which can be a micro task for your weekly tasks. Make sure to set a maximum of 3 for the week and just focus on that

13. What is something new you can try out this week?

Our same routine tends to make us feel bored, to keep it exciting find something you have never done before and give it a try!

14, Set a Goal for Each area of life for the week

We have covered many goals tasks for work but it is important to have a work/life balance and give each area time.

15. How can you make time for your personal life this week?

Personal life includes everything but work! Whether it is getting me-time or family time and even focusing on your mental health – All lies within personal life

16. What One Habit you wish to Build this week?

A great way to build new habits is to set one small habit for the week, make sure it is small and easy to start with!

Some habit ideas-

  • drinking more water
  • putting sunscreen everyday
  • Journaling everyday
  • sleeping on time

Check out List of 70 Good Habits To Make Your Life Better!

17. Which One habit you want to break this week?

To make room for new healthy habits, one must also let go of old toxic habits that are affecting your life- 10 Toxic Habits To Quit Immediately For Better

18. What can you do on Sunday to have an organized week?

To start your Monday right, it is important to have a Sunday night routine or habits to do on Sunday to have an organized week! It is easier to get time on Sunday to plan the week effectively

I have written down a whole post sharing Sunday habits and routine for successful week ahead

19. Brain Dump all the tasks needed to get done this week

Brain dump all the tasks that you can think of needed to be done, Once written you can prioritize them by the need of urgency and schedule them in your Calendar.

20. What One thing do you wish to Manifest this week?

We all are constantly manifesting our life subconsciously, once we become aware of this we can choose to manifest things we want! Write down one thing you wish to manifest this week and the mindset and action you need to take for it to come true!

Weekly Journal Prompts

21. What are your Weekly Goals?

Divide your monthly goals into weekly, and focus on each goal for the week!

22. How was your last week?

As a part of reflection, examine how did your last week go from all perspectives. Write down all the highs and lows of last week!

23. What Did you learn from previous week?

Once you have reflected it is always better to write down your learning lesson from last week, mistakes you might have, and how you can avoid doing them from this week onwards!

24. How can yo slow down and be more present in this week?

One of the main goals of Monday journal prompts is to help you be more present in your current life and slow down, you can choose an activity and decide to do it at a slow pace and be full present.

25. What are your strategies for the week?

When you exactly know what and how you need to do something, you tend to procrastinate less.

26. What do you need to let go to accomplish your goals?

Fears, anxiety, and doubt are some of the things that hold us back from achieving our full potential! Identify what you need to go off to accomplish your goals.

27, What is your Daily Productive schedule for the week?

Creating a daily schedule routine that you can stay consistent with through out the week will help you stay productive and organized! I written a post sharing How To Create A Daily Schedule That Sticks!

28. How can you avoid feeling burnout this week?

Make sure you don’t focus too much on the work that leads you to burnout, and create a routine that involves resting and having fun in between and not overworking yourself!

29. What are some distractions that make your procrastinate?

Identify what are some distractions, maybe scrolling through reels or watching a show makes you procrastinate and not get your work done. once you are aware you can find a way to stop indulging in them!

30. What are some challenges or worries for the week and how can you be Prepared?

Finding a solutions is not always easy, find what are some challenges that are coming up in the week and you can be mentally prepared for it

These were 30 Monday Journal Prompts!

The purpose of these journal prompts is to help you get in touch with yourself every week and get some me-time as well!

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Monday journal prompts

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