17 Thoughtful Sunday journal prompts for a weekly reset


There is no better way to reset your week than practicing some journal prompts on Sunday! You can have ample time and get your life on track with some simple and thoughtful Sunday journal prompts!

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What I love about journal prompts the most is that it makes you think about things you normally would not in your daily life,

By practicing journal prompts we become aware of things we might me lacking or focusing on too much.

When I practiced journal prompts for the first time, I realized that I don’t know myself at all

Simple things like what I like, what I don’t like and what is my favorite item or even what I love about myself

It answered everything as to why I was never able to make a decision all by myself and felt confused.

This is why I swear by them and highly recommend adding them to your daily life!

sunday journal prompts

‎Sunday Morning Journal Prompts

1. How can I make Sunday peaceful and refreshing?

Find something to help your Sunday be peaceful and resting for you, It doesn’t have to be anything big

Having a few minutes of quiet time alone or having a long bath, lighting up a candle or just being around someone’s company! Find how can you make it for yourself!

2. What are the 3 things I am grateful for this Sunday?

As you are practicing journal prompts, take this opportunity to be grateful for something in your life! There are always great things happening in our lives and due to the everyday rush, we often forget to take a moment to feel thankful

3. What are some self-care Sunday activities I can Indulge In?

After Long week, decide on a self-care activity for Sunday to recharge yourself and feel great! If you are looking for some self-care Sunday activities, Here are 27 Self care Sunday Routine ideas for an Amazing Weekend Recharge

4. What does my soul needs today?

Before going about deciding your day, whether you want to be productive or just Netflix and chill, look at what you mind, body or soul is telling you?

A lot of times we need rest but we end up overworking or maybe it needs to go out and have fun instead of staying at home! Listen to your body and soul.

5. How can I prepare for the week today?

While I love spending my week resting and doing nothing, there are many things you can do on Sunday that can set your week organized and productive!

I have written a whole post on this sharing The Best Sunday Night Routine Ideas For An Organized Week

6. Compared to last week How did this week go?

Sunday Journal prompts are incomplete without reflection, Look at your last week and see how different or similar was from this one

What were some great as well as not so great things that happened, did you accomplish you goals and so on

7. What are some Challenges I face every weekend? How can I overcome it?

On same note, look what were some challenges you faced? Do they happen every week or just one particular one and why? What can you do to overcome those challenges?

8. What do I want to do today?

Above, I asked you to find what your soul need, once you know you can plan out and write things you want to today!

9. Do I feel guilty resting on weekends? How can I change my mindset?

I think this is an important question to ask yourself! I have talked about productive things to do on Sunday and you may find lot of people working on side hustles during weekends

As much great that is for them, it can often make others feel guilty about spending weekend not doing anything, Do you feel that way as well? If yes, then try to let go of this guilt!

Thoughtful Sunday journal prompts

Sunday Night Journal Prompts

10. What was the highlight of today?

Before going to bed and ending your day, wrote down what was the highlight of today

11. How do I feel about weekend coming to end?

Ask yourself, how do you feel about weekend coming to an end, I recently asked myself this

Last weekend I suddenly realized that Sunday is now over so fast! I instantly felt anxious and just 1 second after that my worry went away because I realized I don’t have rush mornings and I love what I do

While before when I was doing something I did not enjoy, I always felt sad or anxious when Sunday would end but lately I feel more pumped and excited to work!

This made me appreciate and feel grateful for my work even more!

12. What are 3 major goals for upcoming week?

Writing down # important tasks that you are going to next day, every night is great! I once heard it in a podcast and since then I have been doing this!

When you have already decided on your major task for next day, you wake up knowing exactly what you need to do

There is no room for thinking and planning and you end up saving your time and energy!

13. What is my intention for next week?

Decide what will be your intention for next week and you will be focusing mainly throughout 7 days!

14. What made me happy today?

Another way to find something to appreciate can be simply asking what made you happy today?

15. What made me sad today?

Express if there was anything that brought you worry or sadness and let it come out

16. What new habit do I want to incorporate for the upcoming week?

Is there a habit you wish to do for the next 7 days? Maybe hydrating yourself more and seeing how you feel? being consistent with your skincare routine!

17. Write three positive affirmations to end the day

Ending your day by writing or even saying to yourself some positive affirmations will boost your mood and feel great!

This Post was all About Sunday Journal Prompts!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • What should I journal about each day?
  • What should I journal every morning?
  • Is it better to journal at night or morning? Should I journal as soon as I wake up?

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sunday journal prompts

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