New Month Journal Prompt for Effective Goal Setting

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new month journal prompt

Wondering, how can you make the best out of the new month? Apart from planning our daily activities, there is so much more that goes into having an organized month. Practicing New month journal prompt is the best way to deeply reflect on your past and create vision for the New Month!

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We often set new goals for the new year and after a few months we leave them


Because it feels overwhelming as they are not micro-detailed!

Whereas, If you could take day 1 of a new month to answer a few questions that help you reflect, question, and plan your new month for success…

How great would that be?

Not only it will be less overwhelming and detailed, It will make you feel relaxed too! Because, you now already know what exactly you did wrong and what you should be focusing on next month

It gives more room for correcting mistakes you made in the previous month without having a huge impact on your goal!

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new month journal prompt

Let’s start these 10 new month journal prompt!

Monthly Reflection Journal Prompts To Set You for the New Month!

1. What went well past month? My wins?

Start by reflecting on good things that happened in the previous months! What were the things you accomplished and feel proud of? Even if they are teeny tiny wins, Write them down. Goals you were able to tick off or any beautiful moment you experienced

Write them all!

2. What did not go well? Lessons I learned…

Life doesn’t always go as we plan and that’s okay. As a part of reflection write down things that you feel, did not go well. what did you learn from it? How could you have done it differently?

3. Write at least 3 things you are grateful for past month

Write 3 things you are grateful for that happened or you got to experience the past month. It can be small moments that you feel happy about.

4. What were my biggest struggles?

What were some struggles that were stopping you from doing what you want? Personal struggles that you felt? What can you do about it?

5. What is my Intention for New Month?

Now moving ahead, What is your Intention for the next month, This intention will be the main focus throughout the whole month and will be set as your main priority.

For example – Making time to spend alone, or being disciplined or grateful are some of the intentions that people set. Your intention will be what you want to focus on, so think about it and choose.

6. Goals I want to achieve this month

Apart from our intention- which is mainly the theme of the month, Wrote down goals you want to achieve. Make sure that they are small and realistic, i.e- achievable within a month.

From personal, health, relationships and career – write a maximum of 3 achievable goals

7. My Non-Negotiables for this month are-

We have set many goals but there are always the TOP # priority goals you cannot let slide. Write those down! It will help stay clear that this has to be done within this month and is the main priority

8. My Plan for Top main goals/task of the month

Now that you know your Top goals and tasks that you HAVE to do! Plan out a way to achieve them, Write smaller tasks that can help you reach that by the end of the month.

This will help you know exactly what you need to do as soon as you enter the new month!

9. What Do I need more of in this month?

Even though we think and plan out everything, there is always something that may feel empty or need our attention. Maybe last month you did not get enough rest or me-time, a day out with friends? and so on. This month you can give yourself exactly that!

10. What do I need to Let go of to breakthrough?

There are always some fear or thoughts that keep us one moment away from achieving what we want. Identify what is it. How can you let go to become unstoppable from achieving it?

new month journal prompt

So, these were the simple 10 new month journal prompt to set you for success! Add them to your monthly routine and make sure to take a day and practice these new month journal prompt!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding journal prompt that people often wonder about-

What time of day is best to journal? Should I journal in bed?

Honestly, there is no best time! If you feel comfortable and find that you get time in the morning, evening, or even afternoon, then do it! As long as you are doing it and staying consistent, you are good!

ideally, morning and even night time are considered, because you can easily get a few minutes to yourself before starting and ending your day!

What should I journal every morning? What do you write in a journal every night?

I Find The Five-minute Journal to be the best when it comes to starting a daily journal!
The five-minute Journal is designed to help you journal both in the morning and at night which only takes Five minutes In Total!

It is a Guided Journal, and ideal for beginners who have been meaning to start journaling everyday!

Good Luck and Keep Journaling!

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