90 Summer Affirmations For a Happy Summer

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Want to Make This New Season Happy and bright? Practice these 90 Summer affirmations everyday

Summer Affirmations For a Happy Summer

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Summer Feels so bright and happy

90% of the time we do feel happy as this season begins

But as life starts go everyday and new challenges comes in our life

We feel low and all of a sudden the excitement of new season fades away

While life happens and not everything is in our control

We can still make this season filled with moments of joy

Affirmations have been proven to help in lifting our mood and so these summer affirmations will help you create a happy and fruitful season for sure!

How To Use Summer Affirmations

Affirmations works best when used in consistency

You cannot find result and its magic in a day but more so as you keep practicing them everyday feeling each and believing it

Slowly you start to notice the difference

You can use these affirmations

  • By writing them down on a paper
  • By saying them in your mind or out loud
  • You can also record this and listen on your way

There is no rule to using this affirmations, all you need to be is consistent and practice them with your heart

Let’s begin!

Daily Summer Affirmations For you

  1. I am grateful for the new season
  2. I feel happy and excited today
  3. Summer makes me happy
  4. I am ready to thrive in summer
  5. My life is filled with many reasons to smile. 
  6. This Summer is all about living slow and happy moments
  7. I am exactly where I need to be, and who I’m meant to be
  8. I am creating my dream life with each season passing by
  9. I am excited for all adventures in summer
  10. I am aligned with my goals
  11. My summertime glow-up will be Amazing
  12. I only welcome positivity in my life this summer
  13. I am ready to swim through all problems
  14. I am looking forward to experience the joys this season will bring.
  15. This Summer will be productive and glowing
  16. This summer is my season of transformation.
  17. I love myself through all seasons
  18. I feel blessed to be out in sun
  19.  I am attracting new adventures as i go
  20. I am pursuing what my heart wants this summer
  21. I find joy in the small things in life
  22. Summer makes me happy
  23. I am taking care of my health and wellbeing
  24. I do not need to rush
  25. More days in summer does not mean I have to over work myself
  26. May this summer be the best one yet
  27. I feel Motivated to accomplish my mid year goals
  28. I allow myself to fully express how I feel and what I want.
  29. This Summer I will do what my heart desires
  30.  My goal is to be successful, not look successful.
  31. This Summer I love my body more instead of trying to change it
  32. I chose peace over Chaos
  33. I am looking forward to have a Bright summer
  34. I will slow down to appreciate every moment of this season
  35.  I am surrounded by people who feel like sunlight.
Summer Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Summer

  1. Each season is filled with endless opportunities to feel good.
  2. I am enjoying this season with love and kindness
  3. I am making time for self-care
  4. I am surrounded with people who make me happy
  5. This season brings me new opportunities
  6. New season us my chance to build new habits
  7. I will take rest when needed
  8. The sun inspires me to be creative.
  9. I am kind to myself and give myself grace.
  10. This summer, I am letting myself grow out of my comfort zone
  11. This season is all about experiment and growth
  12. The sun brings warmth and positivity
  13. I am healing as I live through this season
  14. I am mindful of my choices
  15. Each day, I am stepping closer to becoming the highest version of myself
  16. self-care is always a non-negotiable priority.
  17. I am following my intuition and listening to myself
  18. I only give effort to things that provide value to my life
  19. No matter what, I will go after my dreams
  20. I have all it takes to achieve my dream life
  21. I am closer to nature
  22. I will take a moment to bask in the sun and appreciate my life.
  23. I let fresh air and sunlight into my soul.
  24. My Wellbeing is more important me
  25. I am excited to travel to new places this season
  26. I am in charge of my life experiences.
  27. There is no place for fear in my life
  28. My desires are achievable and valid
  29. I embrace this season with intentionality.
  30. I am committed to living my best life.
  31. The summer is a fun and exciting time for me.
  32. I will connect with my deeper self in this new season.
  33. I am capable of great and good things.
  34. Happiness will surround me like the sun’s glow.
  35. l am glowing and growing
Summer Affirmations

Summertime Affirmations

  1. As summer arrives, I will use my time effectively
  2. I make time to practice gratitude each and every day.
  3. I am blessed to be alive.
  4. The Summer brings me new beginnings
  5. I am opening up to blissful possibilities
  6. I am making time to nurture relationships in my life
  7. I am confident
  8. The Flowers makes me happy
  9. I am content with where I am
  10. I am becoming the best version of myself each day
  11. I am nurturing my soul with goodness
  12. I am attracting abundance
  13. Everything is Possible
  14. I am attracting new healthy relationships
  15. Everything is working out in my favour
  16. The more I look for magic in the season, the more I find.
  17. I am inspired by nature.
  18. I will enjoy the summer and not take it for granted.
  19. So far everything is going exactly how I imagined
  20. Change brings me growth

Final thoughts On Summer Affirmations

So these were 90 affirmations that includes a bit of everything from gratitude, happiness and growth!

I hope you feel a difference in your mood and enjoy this season with mindfulness

Happy Summer your way!

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Summer Affirmations

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