100 Summer journal prompts for adults to have the best summer ever

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Want to have the best summer ever? Plan to connect with your inner self? Here are 100 Summer journal prompts for adults to try and make this summer THE BEST

Summer journal prompts for adults to have best summer ever

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Ah! The bright and happy Season is here!

I look forward to summer every year! The Sun, the bright colors, and everything else!

Of course, there are things I struggle with in summer like-

  • The heat!
  •  The Sweat that comes with the heat!

But Apart from that, I love everything about summer!

As Journaling has been such an important part of my life for years, I feel practicing these summer journal prompts for adults can truly help you.

Discover yourself more in summer and plan the best summer ever, that you will love!

Let’s Begin!

summer journal prompts for adults

Summer Journal Prompts for Adults

  1. When you think of summer, What is one thing that comes to your head?
  2.  Do you like the summer season or hate it?
  3.  What is your favorite thing about summer?
  4.  Do you tend to travel in the summer every year?
  5.  Is there a summer family tradition in your house?
  6.  What would your ideal summer day be?
  7.  What summer self-care essential you cannot live without?
  8.  What is your ideal summer vacation destination?
  9.  List 3 summer activities you are looking forward to most.
  10.  What are 3 things you feel grateful about summer
  11.  What are your favorite summer fruits to binge eat?
  12.  Would you rather go swimming in the ocean or a pool? 
  13.  Do you like winter or summer?
  14.  What summer makes you feel?
  15.  What does summer remind you of?
  16.  What is your favorite summertime activity to do with your friends?
  17.  How will you spend the rest of the summer?
  18.  How was your summer when you were in School?
  19.  What was the summer holiday in childhood like?
  20.  What is your favorite time of day in summer?
  21.  Did you spend any time studying over the summer as a kid?
  22.  As An adult, how is your summer different from when you were a kid?
  23.  Write your summer bucket list. Then start doing it!
  24.  How do you know when summer has truly arrived?
  25.  Do you attend festivals in the summer?
  26.  A summer destination you would go solo?
  27.  A Place you would like to go with your BFF in summer
  28.  An Ideal family Summer vacation for you? Why?
  29.  Plan different things to do each day in summer
  30.  Favorite at-home summer routine?
  31.  Make a summer vision Board
  32.  A Word you want to remind yourself in Summer
  33.  What is your favorite summer treat? What makes it so delicious?
  34.  What is Summer Incomplete without?

Summer Writing Prompts

  1. List 5 Things you wish to accomplish this summer
  2.  Amusement park or day at the beach? Your favorite?
  3.  How do you spend most of your summer?
  4.  Have You tried hosting a summer picnic?
  5.  What’s your perfect summer picnic menu?
  6.  How did you or planning to spend the Fourth of July?
  7.  Name the scents of summer
  8.  If you could travel anywhere in the world this summer, where would you want to go? Why?
  9.  Describe the colors of summer
  10.  What are you most excited to do this summer?
  11.  A summer memory you don’t like?
  12.  Where do you live? How is summer there?
  13.  What type of clothes do you wear the most in summer
  14.  Would you rather be excessively hot or excessively cold? Why?
  15.  What is your favorite Summer movie?
  16.  Do you like ice creams? What is your favorite flavor?
  17.  What is your favorite outdoor Summer activity?
  18.  How can you be kinder to yourself this summer?
  19.  What is one habit you want to leave behind?
  20.  What one habit do you want to form this summer?
  21.  Favorite Summer Month?
  22.  What inspired you to journal in the summer?
  23.  How can you feel more in tune with the seasons and nature?
  24.  Describe the Tastes of summer
  25.  Describe a Sight of summer
  26.  Describe the sound of summer
  27.  How does summer feel so magical to you?
  28.  What do you summer daily routine look like?
  29.  Do you like taking cold showers in summer?
  30.  What are some common summer activities that people do in your city?
  31.  What are your Favourite Summer cool drinks?
  32.  What is your perfect summer meal?
  33.  What can you do to celebrate the last day of summer?
  34.  What feeling do you want to experience throughout the summer?
  35.  How Do you plan to maintain a Work-life balance in summer?
  36.  Plan your IDEAL summer dinner party.

Journal Prompts for Summer

  1. Favorite childhood summer memory?
  2.  How did this summer go compared to other summers?
  3.  What and how does it feel like when summer starts to end?
  4.  Create a Father’s Day gift guide.
  5.  Write Summer affirmations to love and respect your body in summer
  6.  Do you stay up late in the summer or sleep early?
  7.  Tell us about the last time you broke a sweat
  8.  How do you plan to take care of your health in the summer?
  9.  Do you like to work out in the summer?
  10.  What’s your favorite book about summer?
  11.   Have you ever had a summer job or done something to make money during the summer?
  12.  What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited in summer?
  13.  How often do you go out of the house in summer?
  14.  How hot does summer get in your city? What is the highest temperature?
  15.  How Do you Plan to make this Summer productive?
  16.  What are some slow summer moments you want to experience this year?
  17.  What are the key ingredients of a memorable summer according to you?
  18.  Write about the last time you visited a beach.
  19.  What have you achieved so far this year?
  20.  Write a “day-in-the-life” about yourself of your typical summer day.
  21.  What is your favorite book to read on the beach and why?
  22.  What one thing do you need the most in Summer to beat the heat?
  23.  Tell us about one vacation you plan to take this summer.
  24.  What Foods are your favorite in summer?
  25.  How do you plan to take care of your mental health in the summer?
  26.  My ideal lazy, summer day is…
  27.  How many days of summer does it take before it feels like summer?
  28.  Which season do you love most?
  29.  Favorite Summer memory with friends?
  30.  What do you love about eating outside in summer?


So these were Some Journal prompts for summer to help you create an amazing summer while including journaling and discovering yourself with it!

Happy Summer! 🙂

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summer journal prompts for adults

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