7 reasons you find Journaling boring + How to fix

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Do you find Journaling boring? You have been trying to build a habit of journaling every day, but somehow, it seems boring. Don’t worry!

Here are reasons you find Journaling boring + How to fix it!

I find Journaling boring

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I have shared so many things about journaling and how I enjoy doing it so much! I also know many people just like me who love to journal and basically, Write!

However, It may not be the case for everyone. Some of you may find journaling boring, even though you want to give it a try!

When Talking about journaling, These are the few questions I hear the most!

Q1 – “I was wondering what you write about when you have a boring life and not much excitement happens in your life to talk about or even journal about?”

Q2- I’d like to keep a daily journal and write something in it every day, but sometimes I feel I just lead a boring life and nothing is worth writing down. What should I do?

Hence, I Decided It would be great to share with you

why you find journaling boring ( all possible reasons) and how you can fix it so you start enjoying them again!

Let’s get Started!

7 reasons you find Journaling boring

1. You are not intentional about why you want to journal

The thing is, there are many different kinds of ways to journal depending on their purpose.

If you find journaling boring, There is a chance that you don’t know why or the purpose for you to start journaling.

It is essential to get clear about why you want to start journaling!

Is it for better mental health? to share your feelings? Practice affirmations for confidence. 

To record a diary of your thoughts? to manifest? or just for fun? 

Being intentional about your WHY is going to help you journal exactly that way, where you will feel satisfied!

Now before you start journaling, take a moment and think of why you want to journal and what purpose you are trying to get!

2. You are not aware of different ways to Journal

Another possible reason that is similar to the above, is that you don’t even know the different ways you can journal!

You may have heard every person or every successful person talking about journaling.

And without much research, you decided to journal just like that.

There are many ways to journal that can fulfill different purposes!

Once you find different ways or different types of journals. You can choose one that you like! that will make you feel fulfilled

3. You are too stressed about making your journal look Exciting

Answering the two questions that I mentioned above-

People often try to get into journaling as a way of writing a diary!

We all have read novels or watched movies where they show us – a girl who had a journal and write all the exciting things in her life (that too fiction)

This Image of journaling is what has added too much pressure to make your journal exciting than actually using it to convey your feelings!

That’s why it is important to first know why you want to journal. Even if there is not much exciting going on every day in your life

You don’t need your journal to be that crazy!

You just need to find small things in your day that makes life exciting!

For example: at the end of the day, when I write the highlight of the day

I don’t always have exciting things happening! I am just sitting at my desk and working

So what can I add as a part of my highlight of the day?

At times I write: Having my morning coffee that I absolutely love

-Finishing my work on time, and so on!

Now instead of thinking there were no big exciting things that happened, I was able to find pleasure in small things and make them more meaningful!

#2nd thing

If you really want your journal to look less boring and a bit more exciting even though there wasn’t much that happened

You can use your words to make it LOOK exciting!

For example: If my day was bland and I just had ice cream that day. then, I can use my words to share in my journal about ice cream

I can share how much I enjoyed having that ice cream after a long day, and it made my taste birds feel fulfilled with each bite.

Talking about the flavor, how I love chocolate ice cream, and its tastes made all my worries go away!

And Ta-da!

Not only you will have something better to write in your journal that (looks exciting) but you will also feel the same now!

4. You are not communicating your feeling

I find Journaling boring

Journaling is a way to communicate your feelings, and that is one of the main purposes of journaling!

If you are not communicating your feelings honestly, then you will most likely find journaling boring!

You have to be vulnerable and 100% honest about your thoughts and how you truly feel, not how you want to perceive you feel!

This way, you will enjoy the process of writing down how you feel because who does not enjoy sharing it?

When you are talking to your friends and sharing your feeling, good things or bad. You enjoy it right?

Same way, in a journal, you communicate your passion, low times, high times, and everything else!

5. You only tried it once

The most common reason, why people find journaling boring is that they have only tried it ONCE

or maybe a couple of times. To know if journaling is your thing, or not, you have to do it consistently for a week at least and see how you feel!

You can’t say I find journaling boring by trying it only once or twice.

It is probably going take you 4-5 tries to journal the right and comfortable way!

You will get comfortable with opening up and finding the right way you enjoy journaling!

6. You need a guided journal

If you find journaling boring, it could be because you need a guided journal that can guide you with the things you need instead of an empty notebook!

A guided journal is filled with prompts and exercises to help you use it with ease and more effectiveness!

It also saves your time and energy, because you don’t need to think of questions to write about

There is a guided journal for everything from self-care to mental health or habits! Check out 15 Different types of guided journals to keep (you wish you had sooner)

7. You need a personal diary journal

I find Journaling boring

On the contrary, You don’t need a guided journal but a personal diary where you can write down your daily life, feelings, and so on!

You are not looking for a JOURNAL, specifically more like a PERSONAL DEAR DIARY!

This is why you find journaling boring because you are mixing them!

It’s true that even in a personal diary, you may not find much exciting to write about every day, and I think that’s completely fine

Famous books like “diary of a young girl” by Anne Frank or “Conversation with myself” by Nelson Mandela and many such, might make you feel that your diary should be as astounding as them

However, we have to keep in mind that in the times they were living in, there was A LOT that was happening around the world, and so with them

They wanted to talk about that aspect

You have to decide what part of your life you want to share, you may not be going through something so big, and that’s okay!

Make peace with it

What you should do if you find journaling boring- (Solution)

1. Decide why you want to journal

If you are curious to start journaling, only then, you should get into it. And after you have decided that I want to start journaling

Take a moment and think about your why and purpose!

Ask yourself why you want to journal

What purpose do you want your journal to fulfill?

What do you want to feel or experience from journaling?

These few questions will help you find exactly the way, you need to start journaling to make it fun for you!

For example- I want to journal to clear my head when overthinking

The purpose I want journaling to fulfill for me is to give me clarity

I want to feel calm and lightheaded by journaling my thoughts!

2. Create a suitable environment for yourself to journal

I find Journaling boring

Creating a nice and cozy environment when you sit down to journal can help you feel good when you are journaling.

Creating a corner that you can call “your happy place” Where you can spend a good amount of time journaling.

A suitable environment should

  • quiet and peaceful
  •  comfortable
  •  You can put lofi music as background music
  •  You can light up a candle to set the mood

3. Start with Few minutes only

When starting to journal as a beginner, you may not have much to write about. You don’t necessarily have to spend 15-30 minutes journaling!

You can just start with the bare minimum of 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or even one line a day!

It is easy and quick, and so you will find it fun in the beginning

You will find somedays you can write for more than 5 minutes or half a page and you enjoye

Then the pressure of journaling for 30 minutes or filling your journal with exciting things won’t get to you

And you will be able to truly enjoy it!

4. Get a Guided Journal to help you

I shared in the above reasons that not using a guided journal can be a reason that makes your journaling experience boring.

I know this because I used to go through this too. When I was looking to journal for daily growth

A blank journal did not do much for me, but getting a simple guided journal that contains, a few prompts and quotes made my experience so much better!

Especially if you are someone who is usually busy and may not get much time for journaling

A guided journal can be your lifesaver


It is perfect for beginners who want to journal every to be Happy and feel positive.

find journaling boring

It only takes five minutes to fill every day. About 1 and a half minutes in the morning and 1 and a half at night!

It is timeless and easy!

In this journal,

You will find-

  • Daily quotes for positivity
  •  3 prompts for the morning
  •  3 prompts for the night!

That’s it! It is super easy to start journaling and make it less boring and more significant.

ALSO CHECK 15 Different types of journals to keep (you wish you had sooner)

5. Allow yourself to feel bored for while

When starting feeling bored is actually natural. Don’t feel too hesitant or give up on journaling

Instead, allow yourself to be bored for a while, and slowly you may start getting used to it.

Take it easy.

Because in your head you are too stuck with the thought that you will feel bored and that you should not feel bored

Every time you sit down to journal, your mind keeps thinking that you are getting bored.

Shift that perspective and let you feel bored.

And with time you will find it fun and enjoyable to journal!

6. Try Bullet Journaling

I find Journaling boring

Bullet journaling is actually the best type of journaling that is fun, creative, and exciting!

In a bullet journal, you specifically use a dotted journal, where you can design your every page with colors, sketches, stickers, and so many more artsy crafts!

This is actually what makes your journal fun to do!

Keep in mind, that bullet journaling involves creating your own designs and doing crafts. It is a slow exercise.

If you are looking for something quick, then you should think about using a guided journal instead.

However, you will only know what works for you after trying both ways! So, in my opinion, give them a try!

Check out these 16 Bullet journal supplies to start bullet journaling!

7. Practice Fun Prompts and games

Lastly, make your journal less boring and more fun. Try practicing prompts in your journal

I have many posts sharing journal prompts for all different types of topics!

Choose one topic of your choice and journal on that for the day!

These are some journal prompts you can explore

You can also make your own games to make it fun! Do it with friends asking each other questions to write in a journal.

For example, this game – A to z gratitude list: 300+ things to be grateful for is a great and fun way to journal gratitude every day!

That’s it!

Comment below if you have questions! I will be happy to help!

This Post was all about 7 reasons you find Journaling boring + How to fix

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I find Journaling boring

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