How to form new habits that stick forever – 17 Effective Tips 2024

Do you Want to build new habits for a better life, but you never seem to stick to them? If yes, In this Post, I share 17 effective tips on How to form new habits that stick forever!

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With the start of a new year or new month, we always decide we will start this or that habit

But soon after that, we end up not sticking to it and fail to form them into a HABIT


We all struggle with this, and it is pretty normal!

But what can we do to change this way of living life and start forming habits that stick forever?

I remember struggling to exercise as a beginner, and now it has become a natural habit.

There is a book called Atomic habits that I read recently,

Which talks in depth about how one can form habits that last for a lifetime!

I highly recommend reading the book for in-depth knowledge

However, in this post, how to form new habits that stick forever,

I want to share some of the things that have helped me stick to habits, and things That I have learned

How to form new habits that sticks forever

How to form New Habits that stick forever

1. Plan which Habit to form

The first and most important is to plan which habit, you want to form. Don’t take, a quick and random decision to form a habit you don’t know much about

Do your research and think about what habit you want to start with. Is it reading every day? Waking up early? Journaling?

If you are looking for ideas to form new habits, here is a List of 100 Good Habits To Transform Your Life for the Better!

2. Make Your Why Strong

How to form new habits that stick forever

One of the main reasons we fail to stick to new habits is, that we are not sure about why we want to form this habit, or even if we are, Our purpose is not strong enough!

This is why we easily fall into the trap of giving up, but when Our purpose or intention is strong enough, we end up sticking with it.

For example, I used to always struggle with exercising in my school days, but after school ended.

I gained about 4-5kgs which was shocking for me as no matter how much I used to eat, I would never gain much weight.

That’s when I became firm about exercising every day, and My purpose was strong for me.

I worked out every day for 2 years at that time, and now, even though it is not every day, I still do it 3 times a week at least!

3. Follow one habit for 21-30 days

One thing people do wrong when forming new habits is that they set more than one habit at a time,

They get excited about a new beginning and form a list of 5-6 habits to start tomorrow.

Which is why they eventually end up not sticking to even one.

When forming a new habit, start with only ONE at a time and do it religiously for 21-30 days.

After 21-30 days, you will get used, and it will get easy, but in the beginning, adjusting to something new takes time and is a bit challenging!

4. Plan your schedule

How to form new habits that stick

Once you have decided on the habit, Write it down in a notebook and schedule when you will be doing it.

Will you start with 3 times a week, when you can schedule time for your new habit, how long do you plan to do

When Planning your schedule, make sure you don’t go overboard and keep it realistic!

Keep your plan rough and not hard on strict! As things happen in life, You may not get time on that particular day or something else so you can be flexible!

Instead of feeling guilty and always focus on the bare minimum!

5. Make the Habit easy

I learned this from the book – Atomic Habits by James clear.

Making your habits easy to follow will prevent resistance by 80%. Because it does not take much effort or challenge to do, You will find it easier to do

Whatever habit you have decided on, take a moment and think about how you can make it easy for you to do.

What is the easiest way?

For example: When I started working out after I had gained weight. I came across Lucy Wydhman Read, Youtuber.

She makes fitness videos, most of them, were for just 7 minutes for 7 days challenge and so effective.

Doing a working for 7 minutes felt so easy to do! 7 minutes is nothing

I read reviews in the comments who shared how following that 7-minute workout for 7 days, they saw amazing results

That is when I started to do her 7-minute workout, they were easy, had beginner-friendly moves, and were easy to follow

I would do it any time of the day I felt like, I would not change my clothes, which made it even easier for me to do

After doing it for a week or two, I remember a relative asking me if I workout because I lost weight!

That’s when It made me motivated, to workout more on her 7 minutes challenges.

This was my way of finding something, that was easy for me to stick to and yet effective!

Whatever habit, you want to form. Find ways to make it easy for you to do!

6. Make the habit Rewarding

Habits take form and even more time to show their magical results,

Since there is no such reward for us to experience quickly, when we form a new habit, it gets easy to feel demotivated and stick to it

Whereas, If we create small little rewards for ourselves during the process of forming a new habit

We are most likely to stick to it and not dread it!

The rewards can be anything that you like, for example:

If I read for 30 minutes today, I will treat myself to 30 minutes Netflix show

7. Focus on the Process not result

When the focus or the main focus is just on the result,

For example, in the case of getting fit or losing weight, you might want to form a habit of working out or eating healthily every day

The main focus is on the result to get fit. You may work out every day till you get your ideal shape

And later on, you will stop exercising because you have achieved your goal.

This way, you again lose the habit and do not stick to it forever. With time you may even get back to your old shape or weight as well.

However, if from the beginning, you keep your focus on the process of building this habit for a lifetime and make it a part of your lifestyle

Even after you achieve your ideal weight or shape, You will follow through with those habits.
Because your intention is to make it a lifestyle.

8. Keep getting back on track

It is normal and expected to miss a day or two when you are forming a new habit. Even when you have successfully formed a habit

You are most likely to miss a few days in between because life happens, so do not feel guilty.

Accept that you missed a day, and instead of feeling like you lost it, get back on track.

However, when you welcome guilt or burden, you will be resistant to getting back to working on your habit.

So, the sooner you just accept that you were best or not feeling, and I am going to start today.

You will end up sticking to it forever in the long run.

9. Notice your resistance

Observing and becoming aware of your resistance is a great way to understand what is stopping you from sticking to a habit.

The thoughts or feeling that pop up when you try to do your required activity that is acting as resistance.

Once you know or are aware of your resistance, you can manage or eliminate it well!

10. Allow yourself to make mistakes

When forming a new habit, you are new to it. you are a beginner, and its obvious you might make mistakes

For example, in the case of exercising, your posture may not be correct, and you may not do the pose for as long as it was required.

Which is completely fine. Let yourself make mistakes and learn from them.

If you keep feeling bad about making mistakes and not doing them correctly,

You will not end up sticking to it. However if you

11. Take it easy

It is good if you are serious about your new habit, but do not go extreme or hard on yourself!
Take it easy step by step, and focus on enjoying the process!

12. Take it slow with Patience

The reason we are forming a habit, so it lasts a lifetime and not a goal to be accomplished in a period

This is why instead of rushing, take it slow, and be patient. Yes, it will take time to form a habit and see its result too.

Rushing to it won’t be any better so take it slow

13. Make your environment Accordingly

Our environment plays a huge role in making or breaking a habit.

Notice your environment, and people and see the outer resistance that might act as an obstacle in your journey.

Make changes to your environment accordingly

14. Track your Progress

Tracking your progress can motivate you even more and stick to it.

In our daily, we may not see much change, but if you have kept a record and track it see how far you have come.

You will be happy and pumped to follow it through!

15. Do the bare minimum

How to form new habits that stick forever

If you want to keep your habits forever, focus on the bare minimum always

A bare minimum is the least you can do to go on with your daily habit

For example, The habit you wanted to form was to work 30 minutes every day

Well, for some reason, there is will be times when you may not get 30 minutes to workout, or you do not feel like it

What can you do then?

You do not want to stop your daily habit and still follow through but you are finding it challenging.

Then doing the bare minimum of 5 or 7-minute simple exercise is a great way to keep your daily habits on track and not feel guilty!

Your body will get a signal that you did your daily dose of exercise even though it is for 5 minutes, and will naturally keep your habit going

16. Overcome Limiting thoughts

In Order to form new habits that stick forever, there can be many challenges that come our way.

Apart from environmental obstacles, most of these challenges are our own limiting beliefs.

The messages or thoughts we keep telling ourself is what stops us from going.

These are negative thoughts and limit our potential. Notice these beliefs and focus on overcoming them whenever they occur.

Challenge them and tell yourself what you can do regardless of these thoughts.

Eventually, it will get easier. and these thoughts will gradually fade away

17. Make it Fun

Lastly, and most importantly! Make your habit fun to follow.

I am sure there is always a way you can make it a little fun!

For example: when I was struggling to exercise every day, I started doing zumba or dance exercises.

I love dancing, so in the beginning it was easier for me to exercise every day because there is, dance involved.

With time I got into a more serious workout routine because now I am used to it!


So these were 17 tips on How to form new habits that stick forever! Habits are really important in our life and really determines our personality, lifestyle, and future

Finding it a challenge to stick is completely normal, and that’s why I have shared some tips to help you.

At the end of the day, what matters is to keep going, and even if you miss a few times, get back to doing it again!

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This Post was all about How to form new habits that stick forever
How to form new habits that sticks forever

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