100 Good Habits that will Improve Your Life for Better!

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Are you trying to change your life but don’t know where to start? Want to build habits or a lifestyle that increases the quality of your life?

Here are Lists of 100 habits that are simple yet highly effective in helping you transform your life!

100 habits

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What are habits?

Habit is something we do often as a part of our daily life

it is not something that is done once but repeatedly and affects the quality of life

Good habits affect life differently than bad habits

Why incorporate Good habits?

Habits build your lifestyle and what you are right now and will be years from now.

So it is up to us whether we want to build good habits that, over time, can make our life better or implement bad habits and get stuck!

When I started making a habit of exercising every day just for 10-15 minutes, not only I started liking it and got better, but I ended up losing 7 kgs!

100 habits
100 habits to change your life

How do we develop good and healthy habits?

In order to develop good or healthy habits we need to look at our life and review.

Look at the life you have and how you want to better yourself

What habits do you have currently? Review how many of these are good habits that are contributing to a healthy and meaningful life

And how many are acting as an obstacle between your dream life

When I started making a habit of exercising every day just for 10-15 minutes, not only I started liking it and got better, but I ended up losing 7 kgs!

100 Good Habits that can make your life Better!

I have divided these 100 habits into 6 areas-

  • Personal Growth
  • mental health
  • Physical health
  • Healthy relationship and Social Life
  • Productivity
  • Finances

12 Good Habits For Personal Growth

100 habits

1. Make Your Bed: Making your bed first in the morning helps us feel relaxed and less stressed when we come home at night!

2. Read every day: Reading is essential for building a healthy lifestyle for yourself! It is one of the top lists of good habits you should implement!

The amount of education you can get about life from reading is priceless!

My Reading List

3. Create A morning routine:

Creating a productive morning routine can help you jump-start your day by getting essential things done and prioritizing personal Time with yourself!

4. Have a night routine: If you find your morning unproductive, even if you have tried plenty of things, you may need to look at your nighttime routine!

It could be the reason you may not feel energized – Read 17 Absolute Best Productive Things to Must do before Bed

5. Have a reset day every few weeks: Reset days are great for getting back into your daily life and having a checkup on your life;

if you have been feeling burned out or overwhelmed, you may need to consider this; for more, read this Ultimate Reset Day Routine: 7 Best Tips

6. Set Daily Goals: set mini-daily goals for yourself! Make sure to not add more than 3 goals per day and give all your focus to each!

Setting small goals every day adds up to significant achievements over some time!

7. Do something you have never done before Try new things constantly; it helps you grow and learn much about life! It so much and keeps the excitement of life going!

8. Change your bedsheets regularly: As a part of daily hygiene, change your bedsheets every 1-2 weeks!

9. Balance both professional and personal life: Focusing too much on just one part of your life can create chaos in others!

if you keep working and do not prioritize relationships and your health, eventually, they will go down

8. Listen to podcasts: Listening to podcasts is the new thing if you don’t like reading!

People share their best experiences and tips on podcasts that you can listen to while walking or doing daily chores! Here are the 10 Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s

9. Take 30-day Challenge: Challenges are extremely helpful in growing and achieving a goal! 30-day challenges of working out or reading, or learning a new language which leads me to the next habit –

10. Make your own decisions: As individuals, we have to make our own choice; if you rely on others or find that your family or peers constantly decide for you whether you want it or not, you will feel unhappy and dissatisfied!

Eventually, it is your life, and you have to push and choose your life

11. Declutter your space: Every now and then declutter your home and deep clean! Its a part of simplifying your life and having a fresh start

12. Be more environment friendly: Seeing how everything is going around in the world, becoming eco-conscious is the need of an hour! Start small with a few things, and stay calm.

Habits for positive mental health

13. Positive Self-talk: The thoughts and conversations you have with yourself, especially about your self-image, determine your life in terms of confidence and happiness!

Positive self-talk will increase self-love and spirit and bring more individual happiness

14. Do what makes your heart happy: Life is too short to waste doing things that do not serve you! Invest your Time in making your heart happy and what your soul needs!

Even as little as making your favorite coffee or traveling!

15. Prioritize me-time: Self-care is a huge part of being self-sufficient and feeling joy in life! Practice self-care activities to avoid burnout and relax during tough days!

Here are a few beneficial self-care activities

16. Practice affirmations:

17. Find a healthy coping mechanism:

18. Practice Gratitude: Practicing gratitude daily helps us minimize negative thoughts.

I am going through a phase currently where finding things to be grateful for is getting hard, but I know this is what I need the most to help me bring more meaning to life

19. Meditate: Meditation has been prove to improve mental health. Follow a guided meditation is you are beginner and start mediating to boost your mental health and find clarity

20. Build An Self-care evening routine: Just like a morning routine to have a productive day, creating a wind-down evening routine to help your body relax and get ready for bed is great

21. Make time for hobbies: Make Time after work to take on a hobby to have fun! Work often brings stress, but pursuit doesn’t, so even if you love what you do, take on hobbies-

Here are 67 hobby ideas for you

22. Talk to Someone: If you are going through something, make sure to talk it out and not keep it in! Talking out helps you feel light and comforted!

Whether it be friends or family, find someone with whom you can share your feelings!

23. Take cold showers: Cold showers are really healthy at times! It can be instantly refreshing and pump you up!

24. Smile More: Smile and laugh more. Do things that makes you laugh and happy

25. Journal Everyday: Journaling helps me feel better and improves my mood. A daily habit of journaling can not only help you improve your mood but also provide clarity on what you should do

26. Practice self-love: Self-love is the moist important part of life and contributes to a good mental health

27. Set Healthy boundaries: You have to protect your energy and not let others drain you; hence setting boundaries is only the best way to do it!

28. Spend more time in nature: Nature has been proven to heal and calm your mind when stressed. The more you spend time in nature, the better your mental health will be!

29. Learn to say no: Say no to things you don’t want to do! Don’t let other force you to do things and listen to yourself

30. Take a Social media Break: Social media has been affecting most of our mental health unconsciously, we don’t realize but it has a massive effect on your mental health

Take a day or week off from all social media apps once in a while

31. Take rest: Don’t burn yourself out from constantly working. Take rest and give your mental health the attention it needs!

32. Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness can help you detect patterns that might you contributing to stress or negative thoughts

Once you are aware of your triggers and patterns, you can eliminate them in a healthy way

Habits for Physical health

33. Exercising- Moving your body: It’s essential to keep your body moving for overall well-being! Whether it is working out at home, running, or joining a sport that interests you!

34. Eating mindfully: Out of all the 100 habits, if you can take even one, it has to be Eating Mindfully!

Our eating habits significantly impact our physical, mental, and emotional health!

Be mindful of what you eat every day to have a balanced diet! Once you notice what you consume, you can take care of your health!

Have you noticed that when you eat a lot of junk or heavy food, you feel dizzy? And when you eat a lot of nutritious food, you will feel light and energetic!

35. Drinking enough water: Keep yourself hydrating for more energy! Our body is made of 80% water

Which is why you should make sure you are drinking water to keep yourself hydrated to have a healthy body

36. Use your energy wisely: We all have limited time and, most importantly, energy to use within that period! If you end up wasting it on things that eventually don’t matter as it can make you feel drained

Hence, ask yourself next Time…

is it worth giving my attention to? 

If the answer is no, then leave it

37. Get Frequent Health checkups: Make sure to get medical checkups now and then to ensure you are healthy and not lacking any nutrients!

Knowing before can help you work on them and get the right foods!

38. Get Sunlight: Get your daily dose of Vitamin D!

39. Have warm water in the morning: Please do not consume coffee/tea first thing in the morning; it is not suitable for your health!

Instead, switch to warm water in the morning and hydrate yourself

40. Take Vitamins: Whether it is through natural resources like foods or supplements. TAke your vitamins!

41. Cook at home more: The most healthy form of food is homemade; when cooking at home, you can add healthier alternatives and how much quantity you need.

It automatically makes it healthier!

I stopped drinking coffee or tea outside specifically; they add more sugar than needed!

42. Try Intermittent Fasting: Do your research on intermittent fasting and see if you want to try it!

43. Get proper sleep: Make sure to get full non-stop 8 hours of sleep!

44. Work on healthy posture: Do you know the profession of physiotherapy is increasing massively? People are going to them because they don’t practice the right posture!

45. Do Not Miss Your Breakfast: Did you know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most people skip it?

46. Walk more: Keep your body moving by walking whenever possible instead of taking a cab or bus; if you walk quickly to a place, then do it

47. Consume less carbonated drinks

48. Consume less processed food: Processed food contains many harmful ingredients that can damage your health if, hence, limit your consumption or…

49. Always read ingredients before buying: Once you have read the products’ ingredients, you will be able to purchase products that are good and contain fewer toxins!

A simple trick is to know that all the ingredients in food products should be simple and understandable for ordinary people!

Too many complicated words mean that they most likely contain toxins!

50. Maintain Dental Hygiene: Eat less sugar as it can cause cavities, floss daily, and maintain dental hygiene ( because the dentist costs a lot!)

51. Consume less sugar: Cut down on your sugar and look for natural sources of sweet

52. Limit your screen time: Ahh! The hardest for our generation is limiting our screen time! It is for me, too, as my work requires me to be glued to the screen!

I usually indulge in hobbies and activities that keep me occupied and do not look at my phone!

53. Have a skincare routine:

A good skincare routine is vital for healthy skin! You want to save money and save your skin over harmful products! Make sure to research and seek professional help when creating a skincare routine!

I go to a good dermatologist or watch Hyram’s and Liah Yoo’s skincare videos to learn about the best products!

54. Likewise wear sunscreen Everyday: While you are trying to get your daily dose of the sun or not, make sure to apply sunscreen! Some easy and best-available sunscreens that you can buy on amazon are-

Good Habits to build for healthy relationship and Social Life

55. Explore new areas in your city to g out: Exploring new areas where you live is the easiest and fastest travel experience when you cannot go outside! It is super exciting, and you learn so much more about where you live

56. Make New friends: Finding people with the same interests as you, maybe similar hobbies or professions, is always good; you can get someone to share your thoughts with!

57. Join clubs and classes: There are many clubs and hobby classes you can join to meet people and build new relationships

58. Start the conversation: Be the conversation started! don’t shy away!

59. Be Confident: Talking confidently sends a good impression

60. Check up on loved ones: Nurture your relationships and call them up to check on your loved ones on how they are doing!

61. Go out at least 3-4 times a week: Going out of the house is so important! If you are a homebody. Aim to go out at least 3 times a week

Whether it is meeting a friend or shopping or running errands!

62. Be a good listener: Being a good listener is so important part of communication and build solid relationships!

63. go on walks together: Bonding through walk with your friends is super relaxing and fun!

64. Show your appreciation and love: Make sure to show your appreciation and love to your friends and family and let them know how much you love them!

65. Do one act of kindness Kindness helps build beautiful relationship that lasts lifetime

66. Be honest: Being honest in important in all kinds of relationship

67. Communicate well: If you want to network well, you need to learn to communicate well with others

Good Habits to boost Productivity

100 habits

68. Make lists to organize: From these lists of 100 habits, one that has been incredibly helpful has been writing lists!

Making lists always help me clear my mind and get things done- whether it is a work list or a shopping list, it always helps.

Here are 13 Ultimate Lists to make to Organize Your Life

69. Get a Planner: Getting a planner that keeps all your habits and tasks in place and keeps you organized is a Must! If you are looking for the Best planners, Check out this post on 14 Best Organizing Your Life Planners You Need!

70. Learn to beat procrastination: Procrastination can be a big obstacle to your productivity! Learn and try ways to beat your procrastination and grow

71. Be more Time Efficient: Learn and try time to manage your time well and make time for your everything

72. Track your Progress: Tracking your progress is a great motivation to keep going! Seeing how much you have improved by doing something only pushes you to go for it more!

Tracking progress also is a great way to reflect and correct mistakes you might be making!

73. Practice Time Blocking: Time blocking is great way to manage your time well and do this in order

74. Focus on one thing at a time: I Learned the importance of this only this year; focusing on too many things often leads to clarity and little progress.

Practicing batching your work and focus only one thing; once you have mastered it, add other

75. Set Daily rewards: Daily rewards can be a great motivation to get things done; set a mini treat for yourself!

76. Productivity schedule: What really helps me get things done and move forward in creating a productive daily schedule that sticks! 

I can complete the essential tasks, and it will help me grow instead of wasting time on unnecessary tasks

78. Write Down: Writing down my goals or task helps me achieve them!

All I do is write on paper what I want to get done or achieve at a particular time, and I always find it comes true, which is even better!

Hence WRITE YOUR GOALS AND TASKS. Otherwise, you will end up forgetting them

79. If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it: 90% of the Time, tasks we procrastinate on so much and keep thinking about taking hardly much Time!

Hence next time, think, if it takes less than 5 minutes, then do it and get over it!

80. Eliminate Distractions: Whether it is a phone, social media, shows anything! Eliminate all your distraction when working

81. Take Breaks: taking breaks in between actually increases your productivity in long run

82. Keep your desk organized: messy desks can lower your productivity and increase frustration! Make your to keep your desk tidy and things organized

83. Practice the 80/20 rule: this rule is a great way to increase your productivity!

84. Try Pomodoro technique

85. Cultivate deep work habits: deep work is focusing on an important work without break or distraction for certain hours

86. Prioritize urgent and important tasks: When you start prioritizing urgent and important work correctly your productivity and growth will naturally increase

87. Do a monthly review: for tracking your progress and eliminating mistakes

88. Be strategic: Always follow a strategy for everything you do!

Good Habits for a better Financial Life

89. Invest in Courses: If you want to work on a particular area in your life and become better, then taking courses online is the ideal way people are now going towards it!

It is so easy to learn and master something just by enrolling in a class and grow

90. Buying things you only need: So many of us splurge and buy things we don’t need and still complain about not having money!

How often have you found your vanity filled with permanent makeup and skincare and hardly used any?

91. Start Investing: in stocks, gifts or other sources that can build you a better financial life

92. Invest in Quality Products: You save more money by investing in quality products that lasts longer

93. Review your financial goals: It is a great way to check your finances and plan for future

94. Build multiple-income streams: Work on a side hustle and build multiple stream of income to help you stay stable

95 Create a Budget: for everything you have to spend and save your money

96. Build an emergency Fund:

97. Get Kindle: I have been saving up to get a kindle very soon/ I love reading and especially physical books,

but over time I found they have taken up so much space in my room, and I want to keep them.

Switching to Kindle is an excellent option as –

  • it will be travel friendly
  •  I can find all the books in one place
  •  My room will be less cluttered!

98. Sell you clothes online: Go to Poshmark or depop and sell your old clothes that you no longer wear

99. Collect experiences not things: Don’t spend money on collecting a lot of things; instead, build experiences that will last forever

100. Track your spending: Once you track your spending you know where your money is going!

How to Start These Good 100 Habits

These were the list of 100 habits that you can start! These are simple habits you can add to your day to benefit you! I hope you found them helpful!

Make sure to only add some 100 habits but choose just 1-2 that you need the most right now, or maybe it is easier to start to get into your healthy habits journey!

Tips for building Good Habits

  • Be patient
  • Go slow
  • Start with one at a time

Get in depth guide to building good habits that lasts forever here

What habits are you planning to add to your life from these 100 habits?

This Post was all about the List of 100 Habits to Improve Life

Want to know more habits? Explore these

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