17 Absolute Best Productive Things to Must do before Bed

We always talk about creating a productive morning routine but what about the night? It is said, that how productive our morning will be is 70% dependent on our night routine! Hence, today, I will share 17 Productive things to do before bed

Productive things to do before bed

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If you are wondering how does our night routine affects our morning? Then, let me tell you

If you sleep late at night, then you would not be able to wake up on time, and even if you do, you will feel tired! Likewise, there are many more things that affect our next day which I will share with you in this post

A productive morning is not the only reason to give attention to our night routine, in general, it has a lot of impact on our mood and mindset. and making the best use of time!

What do successful people do before sleeping?

Successful people do so many productive and relaxing activities before bed which helps them live an organized life!

From listening to calming music, giving attention to their wellness, and spending meaningful time! There are so many activities they do which I will be sharing below!

What should you not do before bed?

Before I share with things to do at night in bed, let’s talk about things you should not do!

  1. Going to bed with a bad mood
  2. Spending time on Phone
  3. Eating late-night heavy junk food
  4. Drinking lots of water
  5. Sleeping with harsh lights on

What are some productive things to do at night?

1. Prepare for the Next Day

How much do you spend in the morning in your closet? Looking for one outfit to wear and matching accessories? Not only is that time-consuming but also frustrating when you cannot find it!

However, keeping all the items whether like

  • your office clothes decided and ironed
  • Your workout fit already out
  • Keeping your office bag ready with things you need ( watch, purse digital items etc)

It will save so much time in the morning and make it hassle-free! This is one of the topmost Productive things to do before bed

2. Meal Prep

Just like items, meal prepping is very common, you can prep your food and lunch at night, so your mornings are smooth and quick!

3. Tidy up your bed

I honestly hate sleeping in a dirty and messy bed! Nighttime is to wine down and relax in my bed! So having a clean and tidy bed is a must!

Make sure you have clean sheets with no dirt and the bed doesn’t have unnecessary things lying around! Keeping your room clean increases the positive energy in the room

4. Get in your Pjs

I love my Pjs! As soon as I get home, the first thing I like to do is get into my nice comfy PJ set! Who likes to sleep in tight work clothes anyway? It’s very uncomfortable!

5. Night time Skincare

Making time for skincare at night is hard for a lot of us, especially those who are not into skincare or put heavy make up!

As someone who has had acne most of my life, I had to follow a thorough skin care and also because I love Skincare so much!

Since I am quite a lazy person, I sometimes don’t end up doing skincare at night ( forgive me)

What has helped me is keeping my skincare routine pretty simple

  • if I am wearing make up that day, I usually remove it as soon as I reach home but if ! am not and I do My skincare while brushing at night
  • I Use a cleansing balm to remove my make up, followed by a gentle face wash

The face wash I have been recently using and Loving is!

Simple’s Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash for Sensitive Skin

I was looking for an affordable face wash for my skin that is gentle and good for oily acne-prone skin! Usually, people use face wash with active ingredients for acne but i wanted to go with something gentle

After watching Hyram’s video I decided to give this one a try! This is a simple and gentle facial gel that will not rip out your skin or feel heavy!

So far, loving it and can see how much difference it has made to my skin!

The New Ordinary Niacinamide

Once a week at night I use The New Ordinary Niacinamide serum

The Ordinary is such an amazing and popular brand, It finally came to India and I knew I Had to buy something for My skin!

After doing tons of research I got to know about the amazing benefits of Niacinamide! It is really great to reduce oiliness on the face and fade acne scars

Please note: This product has a 10% concentration so, you cannot use this every day! You have to start by using it once a week either at night or morning and see how it works,

Over some time you can add it to three times a week at most! If you are looking for everyday use, then please use a product that has a lower concentration.

6. Journal

Getting your mind off by journaling is a great way to end the day and got to sleep! It is not only beneficial in getting things off your mind but also in reflecting on how your day went and what you do to improve!

Just get an empty notebook and start writing whatever is on your mind and how your went today

To get some help and make it easy, get a guided journal! I swear by a five-minute journal and talk about it all the time! Only because of how simple and effective it is at the same time!

7. Practice Affirmations

At times we feel really anxious or low because, life happens..

Practicing some positive affirmations regarding those issues is a great way to lift your mood and feel okay from the inside!

8. Meditate

A lot of people like to meditate at night, If you don’t wake up early or get quiet time in the morning then, meditating at night for a few minutes is extremely effective before you go to bed. It helps in sleeping better and also spending few minutes being still in the moment

9. Make To-do List for the Next day

Writing down your most important tasks at night already sets the intention for tomorrow! You wake up knowing exactly what you need to do first and complete urgent tasks!

10. Read/ Listen to Audible

A good way to wind down rather than watch Netflix would be reading a book! building a habit of reading for minutes is one of the Productive things to do before bed

If you don’t like reading then you can sign up to audible and listen to audiobooks easily! You also get 30 day free trial and see if you like it! check out the audible here

Relaxing things to read before bed

To help you in reading at night, here are some books you can start with!



What should I do 1 hour before bed?

11. Spend time with Family or Pets

12. Listen to Podcasts

13. Stretch/Workout

14. Pray

What should I do if I am bored?

15. Work On a side Hustle ( Optional)

16. Learn a Language

17. Indulge In a Hobby

So, These were the Productive things to do before bed!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found something helpful to add to your night routine!

Let me know In the comments what are some of the Productive things you do before bed!

Save for later!

Productive things to do before bed


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