100 life goals ideas to level up and boost personal growth

Looking for goal ideas to level up your life and boost personal growth? Here are 100 life goals ideas for you!

100 life goal ideas

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Setting life goals is the best way to better yourself and attain success. Even if you don’t care about success much, setting goals is still great and essential to grow in life.

I feel we all naturally have goals in life, things we want to do and achieve, and if you have been feeling stuck in that area of looking for some life goal ideas for certain, areas in your life

This is the post for you!

Why set Life goals

Setting life goals can truly shape your life into a better path. When you feel stuck in life and don’t know what to do next

Life goals can provide you with that direction so you won’t get lost. Goals help us feel motivated to show up and do something in our life

and without the goals (end result) the motivation to do hard things does not come easily.

It also adds excitement to our lives, and we get to look forward to something every day!

More than anything, life goals help us find a way back to our purpose and driving force of our lives.

How to set Life goals: All areas of your life

If you are confused about how you should set life goals, don’t worry

Setting life goals does not have to be so complicated. You just need to look at all areas of your life and think about what you want to attain in that area

More than, if there is something in life that ignites you or makes you curious or drawn to doing. That could also become your life goal!

Here are The Main areas of your life

  • Personal health and wellness
  •  Mental health
  •  Personal development
  •  Relationship
  •  Career
  •  Finance
  •  Social life
  •  Spiritual
  •  Travel
  •  Lifestyle
  •  Hobbies and leisure

Now, here are over 100 life goal ideas for you for all these areas to get inspiration for

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100 life goal ideas

100 life goals ideas for all areas of your life

Personal health and wellness goals

  1. Walk 10000 steps a day
  2.  Eat healthy meals every day
  3.  Quit Dehydrating drinks
  4.  Exercise 3 times a day
  5.  Meditate for 10 minutes
  6.  Stretch your body
  7.  Drink more water every day
  8.   Find a form of enjoyable movement
  9.  Quite Dieting and focus on healthy eating
  10.  Build core and strength through workouts

Mental Health Goals 

  1. Prioritize mental health 
  2.  Count your blessings! and write 3 things you are grateful for every morning or night before going to bed 
  3.  Have a screen-free day once every week
  4.  Practice self-care daily 
  5.  practice positive self-talk
  6.  Spend more time in nature
  7.  Live in a clean space
  8.  Indulge in hobbies
  9.  Let go of toxic people
  10.  Seek a therapist for help if needed

Personal development goals

  1. Wake up early
  2.  Listen to podcasts and audio books on personal growth
  3.  Read one book a month
  4.  Use social media for a limited time
  5.  Don’t use the phone first thing in the morning 
  6.   Be honest with yourself
  7.  Challenge yourself every month by doing one thing out of your comfort zone
  8.  Work on your growth mindset
  9.  Build a Healthy routine that works
  10.  Challenge your limiting beliefs

Relationship goals

  1. Call your family every day and talk to them
  2.  Be a good listener when you are talking with your loved ones  
  3.   Find a life partner who treats you right
  4.  Go on many date nights
  5.  Hug someone you love
  6.  Become a parent
  7.  Give compliments more often 
  8.  Call your parents at least once a week 
  9.  Be a good friend 
  10.  Surround yourself with positive influences

Travel goals

  1. Explore all the places in your city
  2. Visit one new country each year
  3. Travel with your best friend
  4. Go on a road trip with friends 
  5. Take a random flight 
  6. See the Northern lights
  7. Visit all the cities in your country
  8. Own a vacation property
  9. Move to a new city for a year
  10. Visit all your bucket list travel destinations

Financial Goals

  1. Make ‘X’ amount of income and create financial freedom
  2.  Make a budget and stick to it 
  3. Get a financial advisor/learn good finance practices
  4. Save money for travel/recreation
  5. Pay off all credit card debts 
  6.  Create an emergency fund 
  7. Consistently add to a savings account
  8. Invest in Stocks
  9. Save for college and retirement
  10. Do something that gives you _____ amount in salary 

Career Life Goals 

  1. Find a job you’re passionate about
  2. Get an education degree/certification
  3. Do an online course to build more skills
  4. Start your own business or side hustle 
  5.  Be a good boss/employee
  6. Retire at ‘X’ age
  7. Provide a positive work environment
  8. Develop a growth mindset in work
  9. Be sincere in your workplace
  10. Work from home

Spiritual goals

  1. Journal everyday
  2.  Make vision Board
  3.   Learn about your and other religions/spiritual practices
  4.  Pray
  5.  Build a personal spiritual practice
  6.  Visualize your highest self
  7.  Do deep meditation with binaural beats
  8.  Sign up for the Vipassana mediation challenge
  9.  Take more time away from screens/external stimulation
  10.  Make God a part of your daily life intentionally

Social goals

  1. Give at least one compliment a day
  2.  Volunteer
  3.  Donate to a charity/organization you believe it
  4.   Overcome fear of public speaking
  5.  Stand for rights

Lifestyle goals

  1. Build your dream home
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Buy your dream car
  4. Take weekends off and have fun
  5. Get a pet
  6. Do full-body makeover
  7. Own a high-end brand purse/watch/etc.
  8. Live in a comfortable, cozy, loving home

Fun/ Hobbies goals

  1. Make time for hobbies
  2.  Attend many different types of workshops ( dance, baking, Pottery, cooking )
  3.  Attend a Live concert
  4.  Run a marathon
  5.  Start your own podcast
  6.   Take up a course on what you would love to learn 
  7.  Start a Blog
  8.  Start a YouTube channel
  9.  Create a living doing what you love 

Now Set your Life goals Hassle -free

From these 100+ life goals ideas, you can choose what sparkles or something you have always wanted to do if you feel confused and don’t know:

  1. Spend some alone time discovering yourself, – what you like and feel passionate about! If something, sparkles within you set it as a goal and see how you feel.
  2.  Define your goals properly – instead of writing – I want a comfortable life, write- what does a comfortable life mean to you, is it owning your home, living in the countryside, or making x amount of money.
  3.  Then, in terms of priority and what you can achieve faster. List down your life goals to start taking action.
  4.  With time, you can also change your life goals because you evolve as a person don’t worry about it! Don’t change because you feel like giving up but because you want different things in life!

Best of luck!

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100 life goal ideas

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