Perfect Winter Morning routine 2024 that boosts your overall wellbeing

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Here is a Warm, nourishing Winter morning routine that boosts your overall wellbeing and helps you embrace coziness and slow living

Perfect Winter Morning routine that boosts your overall wellbeing

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Even though I am a summer girl, and usually don’t prefer winters there are still many aspects of winter that feel close to me.

The feeling of coziness (hygge), the crisp air, and being cozy in your bed can be enjoyed the most in this season!

I truly believe that winter mornings have to be different from all other seasons. Slow, yet nourishing.

Here is a post to create your perfect winter morning routine to help you embrace winter, focus on overall wellbeing

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Perfect Winter Morning routine that boosts your overall wellbeing

Winter Morning routine

1. Wake up Slowly

In one of my recent posts, I shared how I managed to become a morning person last year, but that only lasts for me before winter (LOL)

Waking up early and hitting the productive zone is truly not for me in winter, and it might sometimes make me feel guilty, but I have realized that it’s okay.

Where I live, Winters lasts only for 2-3 months, the rest are summery. So I like to be gentle on myself these 2 months by waking up a little later than usual.

Although I have been waking up only 30 minutes to 1 hour late, and I like that.

Who wants to leave the bed in this season, after all?

No matter where you live, it tends to be cold most months in your season too. I want you to take at least not all but a few mornings slow.

Let yourself wake up slowly because you deserve that!

2. Hydrate Yourself with Warm Water

At night, we tend to get dehydrated because our body goes through a recovery process, which leads to huge water loss.

Hence, it is essential to hydrate yourself in the morning! Sip a cup of warm water and let your body be awake.

3. Do few Stretches

It can be challenging to push work out in the morning, although it is great if you can exercise in the morning because it will help your body get warmed up otherwise,

You can do a few stretches to start your day. Little body movements are necessary for a healthy body.

4. Be outside for few minutes to get sunlight

Even though it is unlikely to get sunshine in the winter season, there is still more light, that is healthy for our eyes and brain than artificial indoor lights.

It can wake your body easily and getting sunlight in your is is very important for its health.

Just for a few minutes, go outside and get some sunlight. you can do this later in the morning if it is dark

5. Journal a few intentions to start the day

Journaling a few prompts in the morning can truly help you start your day on the right note!

Few things you can write or do it in your mind

  1. What do you feel grateful for?
  2.  What are your intentions for the day?
  3.  How are you feeling right now?
  4.  How do you want to feel throughout the day?

Or you can dive deep and journal morning pages as long as you want

6. Take a relaxing slow bath

Tidy yourself and get ready for the day by taking a relaxing hot shower and applying moisturizer to your whole body.

Our skin can get really dry in the season, so it’s important to nourish, our skin as well. And yes! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Even if it’s winter and you don’t see SUN. The UV rays are still present in the morning, hence, make sure to apply your sunscreen!

7. Nourishing hot breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day to give your body energy and nutrients after fasting for 12 hours at night. Our body is desperate for both, energy and nutrients, so try not to skip your breakfasts.

And, of course, Make your breakfast yummy and nourishing! Have WHOLE FOODS!

Here is a Video sharing yummy, cozy winter breakfast recipes!

8. Indulge in Hot drinks

One of my favorite things about winter is the hot drinks, that you can sip and enjoy. Hot cocoa, hot chocolate, or chai latte.

I love having these drinks in the morning ( especially caffeine drinks should be consumed in the morning ( not on an empty stomach) and not after 2 pm

9. Plan your day

Now, it’s the right time to plan your day and get a little productive.

Take a few minutes to set a few daily goals and things you want to mainly focus on.

Take a notebook and plan your day!

10. Set a few hours for productive work.

Winter Morning routine

Set a few hours from the day to be productive and eliminate distractions! In winter, we tend to procrastinate a lot, which can hinder our productivity.

Focus on undisturbed 40 minutes to 1 hour of work, and then take a break! Through this, you will be able to get things done without feeling burned out.

11. Embrace winter and take things slow.

I know it can be hard to love winter if you are not a winter person like me, but I try to take a few moments and find something to love about this season!

Don’t feel guilty, and be okay with taking things slow in this season. Especially, during harsh or extreme winters. Focus on yourself and how you feel!

12. Prioritize mental health

Continuing with the point above, lastly, prioritize your mental health. Winter depression or winter blues are real things.

Lack of sunlight can truly make you feel low, do not ignore your mental health, and find a few ways to make yourself feel better!

Here are a few ways to prioritize mental health in winter

  • Practice affirmations
  •  Journal to express your feelings
  •  Talk to someone
  •  Rest and recharge yourself
  •  don’t forget to exercise to boost endorphins (happy hormones)
  •  Indulge in hobbies that bring you joy ( here are 67 hobbies)
  • So this was a 12-step Winter Morning routine.

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Perfect Winter Morning routine that boosts your overall wellbeing

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