100 Powerful Monday affirmations for the new week!

Feeling unmotivated and lazy waking up on Monday? Want to Feel Motivated for the new Week? Here are 100 Powerful Monday affirmations!

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Monday can be motivating and even dreadful at times!

Not everyone wakes up feeling motivated and excited to work on a new week. The weekend is still hitting strong, and it can be hard to focus and be productive.

Monday can be Tough,

As for me, instead of focusing on making Monday super productive, I rather, focus on getting into the weekend zone.

It is usually Tuesdays that are more productive and work-focused. It helps me not dread Monday and feel okay about it.

As I go slow to start my week yet productively

However, this may not be the case with everybody, sometimes you just need a little bit of motivation to help you not just get through but ace the week!

That’s exactly what affirmations can do for you!

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that work as a mindset tool to help your subconscious self overcome negative thoughts, and beliefs.

Affirmations are extremely Powerful.

As a kid, the kind of words we heard from society, parents, and teachers. Somewhere they affected our self-esteem, confidence, and motivational level.

Those affirmations were negative that our subconscious mind picked and continues to believe in.

Positive affirmations, on the other hand, are positive statements that can help you overcome those thoughts and feel exactly, what you are saying to yourself.

How to Practice Monday Affirmations

There are a few ways you can Practice affirmation or specifically Monday affirmations

  1. On Mondays, when you are feeling off, you can write them down
  2.  You can say them out loud exactly believing and soaking in each word
  3.  Prepare your mind and find a calm space to practice them
  4.  Repeat them again and again

Tools For Practicing Affirmations

Two of my favourite tools to practice affirmations everyday are

I am Affirmations App

In this app, you can consciously spend a few minutes in the morning practicing affirmations. 

This app also sends good, positive statements throughout the day

You can choose various programs from self-love to feeling happy or relieving stress as per your needs

You can download it for free on both Ios and android. Click here to check the app

Mindful Affirmations Cards

mindful affirmations tools

These Affirmations card is another way to add affirmations into your daily life! You can keep these around your workspace or side table.

These are a life savior when going through the midweek hump

I highly recommend these, if you want to bring a positive mindset and encourage your inner-self more.

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100 Powerful Monday affirmations

Positive affirmations for Monday

  1. Today is a great day.
  2. I love Mondays
  3. Monday are my favourite to get back to my routine
  4. Today is a fresh start. 
  5. Everyday is beautiful
  6. I always have the power of choice.
  7. I am confident, courageous, and thriving.
  8. Today is filled with joy, growth, and happiness.
  9. I will have a kick-ass Monday.
  10. Everyone brings joy to my Monday
  11. I don’t have to do anything, I choose to do everything. 
  12. I’m surrounded by positive energy
  13. The universe is on my side
  14. A new week to slay
  15. Mondays are productive
  16. I am grateful to be alive today
  17. I can’t wait for my day to start
  18. I release all fear and welcome new beginnings.
  19. I am heading in the right direction.
  20. This is the start of a great week.
  21. Today I choose not to welcome any negativity
  22. Everything I do today, is for a better tomorrow
  23. Today will be a mindful Monday
  24. Today is an opportunity for me to start with a clean slate and make something wonderful.
  25. I did my best today!
  26. Last week is gone, today is new beginning
  27. Mondays are the best!
  28. I can handle anything that comes my way.
  29. This week belongs to ME
  30. I am enough.
  31. I am creating a life that I love and am happy with.
  32.  As I move through this week, I will do my best to maintain a positive mindset.
  33. I will move my body today
  34. I will call up a friend or family member to feel better
  35. I am enough

Monday morning affirmations

  1. Monday mornings are beautiful, and I appreciate them.
  2. I will start this day with positive energy.
  3. Monday morning feels fresh and exciting
  4. I wake up with positive thoughts
  5. I am starting my Monday mornings productively
  6. I will accomplish all my to-dos today.
  7. This morning is filled with goodness.
  8. Monday breakfasts makes up for the whole day!
  9. As the sun rises, so does my energy.
  10. What is the worst that can happen today?
  11.  I will not stress over things that I cannot control today.
  12. I will start my day with positivity
  13. Morning tea’s and coffee are hits different on monday
  14. But, What if something good happens?
  15. I love myself

Monday affirmations for work

  1. Time to focus on making Monday a great workday.
  2. I love my work, even on Mondays.
  3. After a long weekend, I am ready to work
  4. I am focused towards my dreams
  5. Monday helps me reach closer to my goals
  6. My hard work pays off.
  7. I will have a productive week
  8. Monday are productive
  9. I give my best at work
  10. I will work smart today
  11. I am confident in my abilities
  12. I will learn something new today
  13. Today will be filled with opportunities
  14. I am growing
  15. I am grateful to get to work everyday
  16. I’m going to reach all of the week’s goals.
  17. Every little steps, makes a huge difference
  18. I will stay consistent in my effort
  19. I am ready to take on whatever challenges come my way this week.
  20. My productivity today does not define my worth.
  21. I am energized for the week ahead.
  22. I am appreciated for my hard work and dedication
  23. I commit to taking actions for success
  24. I will not let distractions affect my work
  25. My work brings me joy
  26. I am happy to see myself growing every day
  27. I will manage my time well and succeed
  28. l am aligned with my dreams and passion
  29. My work pays my bills, I am grateful for that
  30. This week will be productive

Happy Monday affirmations

  1. I feel strong, empowered, and prepared.
  2. Monday makes me happy
  3. Monday means new beginnings and fresh start
  4. Monday? More like Mon-slay!
  5. I Welcome happiness and positivity from the universe.
  6. This week, I will do something that makes me happy.
  7. Even though it’s Monday, I will prioritize my self-care anyway
  8. My mind is open to all possibilities.
  9.  I am grateful for this beautiful life.
  10. It is in my hands what i make of this day
  11. Today will be filled with simple pleasures
  12. Even though it is working day, I will take rest if needed
  13. I will follow happy habits everyday
  14. I am surrounded by love and support and I give love and support to those close to me.
  15. I am worthy of everything
  16. I have unlimited potential.
  17. I love myself.
  18. I will follow my intuition today
  19. Happiness flows easily in my life
  20. I am healthy, happy, and whole.

Final Thoughts

Monday can be awesome if set the mind to feel like that!

Don’t get hard on yourself and take Monday productive yet slow!

Affirmations are so powerful and life-changing when used consistently.

Do not stop yourself by practicing once.

I highly encourage you to stay consistent, practice affirmations every day, and see the magic folding!

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Powerful Monday affirmations

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