100 Positive Wednesday Affirmations to get through Midweek

Going through a Mid week hump???… Don’t Worry! Here are 100 Positive Wednesday Affirmations to get through!

Wednesday affirmations

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Wednesdays being with the mid-week day can be a little hard. It is not Monday, where you start your day having two peaceful and refreshing weekends, and not Friday, where you feel excited for the weekend.

It can feel boring at times…especially if you do not enjoy your work or it feels too stressful.
I specifically remember feeling this when I was in school. I did not enjoy going to school and studying and would eagerly wait for the weekend to come.

When I used to have a job I did not enjoy and found it stressful, I remember feeling the same things, and counting days and Wednesdays were hard!

But over the past year, that has changed, and I do not feel this. If anything, I feel excited to have one more day to work! Because Now I do what I love and take it slow.

I do not rush my work and am in complete control of it. I enjoy it more and more. However midweek hump is real and anyone can feel it

How to Stop Midweek Hump?

From my experience what I have is, there are some of the reasons why you may feel midweek hump and dread it:

  • You do not enjoy our work or study at the moment
  •  Work feels stressful and complicated
  •  You are rushing constantly
  •  You do not feel rewarded or see results
  •  You are burned out

Observe and if you find one of the reasons from above applies to you, then finding a solution to that is what you need.

For example: If work feels stressful, find a way to simplify it

If you feel burned out from rushing and working constantly, then take a break from life and rest. This way, you will yourself what your need to feel great!

However, I agree that some things cannot be eliminated, For example, Study is hard but is needed. Maybe right now you need this job even if you don’t enjoy it until you can move on to a better one.

What can you do to help yourself then?

That’s right! Affirmations can be a little slice of motivation and words of encouragement to help you get through the week!

Affirmations Essential

Mindful Affirmations

Wednesday affirmations

These Affirmations card is another way to add affirmations into your daily life! You can keep these around your workspace or side table.

These are a life savior when going through the midweek hump

I highly recommend these, if you want to bring a positive mindset and encourage your inner-self more.

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Wednesday Morning Affirmations

  1. I love Wednesdays!
  2.  Today will be beautiful and exciting!
  3.  I will spend time experiencing Little Joy
  4.  I am Strong
  5.  I feel energized
  6.  My Morning is so peaceful today
  7.  I will conquer my day today
  8.  Wednesday is my day
  9.  I am already done with the half week!
  10.  I am grateful to be alive
  11.  I Cannot wait for today to get started!
  12.  I will have a good day
  13.  I will focus on the positive changes today
  14.  I can’t wait to sip and enjoy my morning coffee
  15.  This Wednesday Morning will be a happy one
  16.  Today is the chance to start over
  17.  Today I am feeling refreshed
  18.  I appreciate Wednesday
  19.  Today is my chance to give my best
  20.  I will make time for self-care today
  21.  I will not sulk instead, appreciate small things
  22.  I am proud to show everyday
  23.  Today will be better than yesterday
  24.  I am the only person responsible for my happiness today
  25.  I look Amazing today!

Positive Wednesday Affirmations

  1. I am always moving forward
  2.  Today is a beautiful day
  3.  I am grateful to journal and spend time with myself
  4.  I chose to be happy
  5.  Wednesday will be filled with an abundance
  6.  I am grateful to work today
  7.  I am unstoppable
  8.  Wonderful things happen on Wednesday
  9.  My Mind, body, and spirit are aligned today
  10.  I love myself
  11.  I will be kinder to myself and other
  12.  I will not engage in negative self-talk
  13.  I create Abundance
  14.  I am choosing success today
  15.  I Have everything I need to achieve today
  16.  I am optimistic that Wednesday will be amazing
  17.  Today I will make progress
  18.  This center of the day is an opportunity to center my life
  19.  I am making the most of this day
  20.  I am stronger than I think I am
  21.  I am enough
  22.  I will allow myself to rest when I need to
  23.  This Wednesday will attract more love and joy in me
  24.  Today is another opportunity to slay
  25.  I have only 3 days left until the weekend!
Wednesday affirmations

Wednesday Work Affirmations

  1. I am committed to a productive day
  2.  I will achieve all my goals
  3.  Today is another opportunity to achieve my dream
  4.  I can and I will
  5.  I enjoy my work
  6.  I am grateful to work for myself
  7.  I am doing my best at my job
  8.  The hard work I am putting in will pay off
  9.  I feel Inspired to work
  10.  I am good at my work
  11.  I am focused, smart, and capable at my workplace
  12.  Wednesday is a good day to work toward my goals
  13.  My Goals are constantly energizing me
  14.  I am in the flow of work today
  15.  Wednesday is a great opportunity to reflect and adjust my goals and plans
  16.  Today is all about action
  17.  Challenges won’t stop me from making today successful
  18.  I am crushing at my work
  19.  I am happy and filled with joy to work on my goals
  20.  I am confident in my abilities
  21.  Today will be a productive workday
  22.  I have all that it takes to do what I want
  23.  Dear Wednesday, I am ambitious
  24.  I attract positivity and abundance at work
  25.  I am on the right track
Wednesday mid week

Wellness Wednesday Affirmations

  1. I will allow myself to enjoy this Wednesday
  2.  I will prioritize my mental health
  3.  I will take a break if I need to
  4.  Wednesdays are sacred
  5.  My mind, body, and spirit are aligned today
  6.  I will enjoy my day today
  7.  I am grateful for my health and wellbeing
  8.  Today is a beautiful reminder to love me
  9.  I will make time to work on my body today
  10.  Today, I will move at my own pace..no rushing
  11.  I am mentally strong
  12.  Today, I will stay true to myself
  13.  I appreciate small things in life
  14.  I feel fulfilled and peaceful
  15.  My daily routine keeps me happy
  16.  I am always moving forward
  17.  My body is working for me to feel my best
  18.  Today, I will preserve my energy for good things
  19.  I am mindful of how I spend my day
  20.  My mental health is improving each day
  21.  Wednesday is an opportunity to love myself more
  22.  I have everything
  23.  I am happy and joyful
  24.  Wednesday is an opportunity to focus on my health
  25.  The rest of the week will be amazing

How to use Wednesday Affirmations effectively

Affirmations work best when practiced daily, it definitely requires consistent work to start seeing its magic. And so, I would highly advise you to practice affirmations every day.

I find the Mindful Affirmations Cards to be the best way to add affirmations slowly into your life and practice them every day,

However, some other ways to make your Wednesday affirmations work.

  1. Spend a few minutes in the morning writing them and reading them out loud!; This little time with yourself will help you feel great about the day and start your day with positivity and motivation
  2.  Every time you are finding it hard to work and feeling sluggish, Speak these affirmations in your mind repeatedly
  3.  Understand each affirmation and absorb it to shift your mindset!

Final Thoughts on Wednesday affirmation to get through Midweek

Every day is a great opportunity to be happy! Do not let a Day make you dread this life! No matter, if it is Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, You are doing great and will succeed! If you want to take a rest, then do that. There is no need to feel guilty.

Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Here is to a positive, cheerful, and intentional Wednesday!

I hope you found at least one of the affirmations helpful and motivating! Have a great Day!

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Wednesday affirmations

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