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Are you feeling as if your life is getting more and more complicated? And desperate to live a simple and peaceful life that you can truly enjoy? Here are 19 rules to live a simple life!

rules to live a simple life

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Over the years, I have grown to love a simple life. Simple living is usually associated with minimalist living, however in my perspective,

Simple living is living abundantly yet with intention. One should truly enjoy life to the fullest yet be intentional about things that complicate life,

Hence, I want to share a few rules to live a simple life. These are the areas that, often cause the most complication in our life, and a simple change in them can do magic!

19 Rules to live a simple life

1. Always have a daily routine

A daily routine is a very important part of life, but many of us, do not take it seriously.

Having a daily routine that you follow every day can either simplify your life or mess it up.

Look at your daily routine right now and reflect, 

Do you even have a routine that you follow every day?

A routine that helps you and eases your life?

Or your routine, is the one complicating your life? Maybe not waking up on time and then struggling to reach the office. Not sleeping enough and yawning throughout the meeting.

Not having breakfast because you are late and feeling unproductive due to low energy.

Likewise, there can be plenty of tiny things in a routine that can contribute to stress.

Apart from that, a daily routine is what helps in being productive and thriving.

Our body loves routine and works best in this state

When we do something every day at the same time, our body picks up the fastest, and we are naturally in the state of doing those tasks

This is why Creating a daily routine is very important! It can make your tasks simpler

I have written a few posts to help you create –

2. Do not rush or overwork

This is one rule that I follow, and I think everyone should follow.

Whatever, for years, society has made us believe, we need to overwork to become a millionaire and be successful.

Do not fall into that trap.

We are not born to work our whole life like society expects us to

I am not telling you that you should stop working altogether, but many other aspects of life worth living other than money and fame

Not rushing and Implementing slow living is the best way to live, each moment and enjoy life.

Here is The Beauty of living a slow and simple life – 17 ways to slow down

3. Follow a productive morning routine

In the first rule, I shared that one should have a daily routine. Similarly, following a productive Morning routine can be life-changing

I have realized when I wake up and am lazy about my day, I hardly get anything done.

Whereas a productive morning routine actually helps me stay productive at work for many hours!

Why is that?

As soon as we wake up, if we give few moments to fuel our mind, body, and soul, then the rest of the day goes like that.

Our body is in a state of positivity, and we feel more energetic!

Whereas as afternoon starts, our body starts feeling tired and sleepy, and it is difficult to stay productive.

So by creating a productive morning routine, you can actually make your life simpler!

Read Guide to The Ultimate Productive Morning Routine

4. Batch your tasks

You have so many different things to do in a day, and it is hard to get everything done, right?

After doing 2-3 things, you feel the day has already passed, and I did not even do much!

If that’s how you feel, it means you need to start batching your tasks!

It is essential to batch similar tasks together to increase your productivity at work.

Meaning- tasks that are similar in terms of place and type of work should be done together,

For example– replying to all emails and messages in one sitting and going out to shop a bunch of things together rather than doing a few emails, then going out to do the work, and then again coming home to continue your emails and messages.

Do you get my drift?

Our body needs to be at the same flow of work to be productive!

This takes too much time and wastes your energy by interrupting the flow of your work.

You have to get out of one zone for one work to another zone for different tasks and then put yourself back into the old zone. 

This is why similar tasks do them in one go, you can even dedicate a day to similar tasks.

For example – for my blog, writing is set for one day and planning content for another. this keeps the flow of work going, and I can do work efficiently!

5. Take down time every day

When, you are constantly busy with work, you can feel exhausted, and life feels boring.

Taking downtime for yourself can help you feel rested and use that time to do something you love.

6. Move your body every day

Moving your body every day not only keeps your body healthy but your mental health too!

There are so many ways you can take time to move your body

If you like walking, then walking in the park or dancing or yoga, you can do anything you like

There are 1000s of activities, you can find one that you enjoy

7. Being patient in your journey

One rule that keeps life simple is being patient in your journey when you want to achieve something.

We get impatient, we work hard and even overwork at times, and feel all sorts of negative stress until we reach there.

They make your journey stressful, and you do not enjoy it. You like the goals but know the process that takes you there.

The reason is mainly being impatient.

Trust that you will get there, and be patient as you go. Soak in those moments and enjoy then, you will enjoy the end goal even more!

8. Show up everyday

Giving up, in the long run, complicates life Because you think it is getting challenging.

You should give up on your dream life and goals and adjust, but in the long run, you will find yourself regretting and being miserable because you could do what you always wanted to

Show up every day, even if it is hard, and just do it for yourself
Whenever I am going through something that feels, extremely challenging and scary.

I just tell myself, I will do it for myself at least even if I fail, I wouldn’t be disappointed with myself that I never even tried”

This keeps me going and showing up, and guess what? After I do, I feel so much happier that I took the step!

9. Be open to outcome and not attached

I recently learned this, and I am trying to add this rule into my life.

The reality is that even if we give our best, sometimes things go different ways.

Maybe you did not get selected for what you wanted even though you did excellently.

Maybe the progress is slower than you expected. There are, so outcomes that can occur that we do not expect

Because we are too attached to the result, we feel miserable, if things do not go exactly as we wanted.

It is good to have goals and results, but our attachment can lead to unhappiness, complicating our life

Hence, try being open to what happens and not attached. This way, you can move on quickly and do what is needed.

10. Allow yourself to fail and get discouraged

Similar to the point above, allow your elf to fail and get discouraged

When we try something for the first time, there is a 99% chance we will fail at the first step

Because we are beginners, it takes time and many failed attempts to learn.

This fear of failing and discouragement can lead us to never even take a step toward our dreams.

Because we are too afraid to fail.

Not only in this situation but in other aspects of life, allow yourself to experience tough times

everything indeed happens for a reason, and tough times make you stronger

Last year, I went through a tough phase, and I felt so discouraged in life, but after one year

Now that I look back, it was this feeling or phrase that helped me take action toward my dreams and stand up for myself

If I had not gone through that time, I don’t think I would have ever taken action any time sooner and would have ended up regretting it years down the line.

11. Always follow your intuition

Following your intuition is another rule to live a simple life, instantly and easily.

Your intuition always knows the right answer and can guide you where you are meant to be. Listen to it, and do not let limiting beliefs or fears take over.

Once you start following your inner gut intuition, your life will be simpler as you are heading where you are meant to be.

12. Overcoming limiting thoughts

Often people think, living a simple life means giving up and just living without ever taking risks

But that’s not true

Overcoming limiting beliefs is not easy and requires a lot of courage and self-belief.

However, it is one rule that is a must to live a simple life.

Our limiting thoughts feel, extremely heavy in our heads than they are in reality.

We keep thinking day and night and feeling all sorts of anxiety and fear.

but when you actually end up doing it by challenging your limiting thoughts

You will realize “oh it was nothing”

Whenever I go through this, afterward I end up saying in my head

“I wasted so much time and energy thinking and feeling anxious when in reality nothing even happened”

That’s why you must constantly challenge your limiting thoughts and overcome them.

13. Be passionate about something

Not having anything you are passionate about can make you feel lost and your life boring.

Having passion and ambitions is a very good thing as it drives you to do something.

It makes your life more interesting because there is something you are passionate to do

Growing up, I used to feel that there is nothing I feel passionate about. My sister was into makeup and fashion.

I had friends who, are always into something and excited about

But I had nothing. It made me feel sad when I realized that I don’t have any passions

I thought I would never have anything that I feel, passionate towards

but that was not true the reason I felt that was that all my school life, I never tried many things

So I never discovered my passions. Now I cannot tell you, but there are endless things that I feel extremely passionate about

  • dancing
  •  art
  •  blogging
  •  traveling
  •  baking
  •  pottery

Now when I look back, I understand why my childhood seemed boring and meaningless to me.

Because I was not excited about anything in life. But now the story is different!

14. Building and surrounding yourself with deep relationships

Being surrounded by deep and healthy relationships is such a blessing. It plays a huge role in the quality of your life.

If you are always surrounded by people that make you feel less or more anxious. Your life will never be peaceful.

Relationships help you feel whole, and as humans, we are bound to socialize and build connections. Without this, you feel incomplete.

15. Stop Sulking

Honestly, I used to sulk a lot. When things wouldn’t go my way, or I have to do something that I did not want to do

I would sulk a lot, and It would affect my whole day

However, now I try to be more intentional about it. I found that doing the takes and getting over it feels a lot better than sulking and doing it. (Truth to be told!)

Sulking rises negative emotions, and you can easily get frustrated and have a bad day!

16. Accept Reality

By accepting reality, I do not mean you should accept that, that’s how you will be, and stop taking action.

What I mean is that one should stop complaining about it.

If you are broke right now, then accept that you are and make a promise that you will take action toward being financially stable.

I used to complain a lot too. I would keep crying and complaining to everyone and even god. Why is my life like this? why Do I have to go through this? What can’t be born with this or that

I was always complaining and in a way not accepting reality

I believe we all do this at some things in our life.

Once we start accepting the reality that this is just how things went. We can move on from that and

Start taking actions that can change our reality.

I understand because not accepting the reality and complaining or blaming someone feels easier than doing anything about it

But it would not change your reality, only actions will.

17. Create Small pleasures in everyday

Instead of chasing big accomplishments in life, how about filling your day with simple pleasures?

Wouldn’t that make life a lot simpler and happier?

18. Make time to learn everyday

Once you become a learner for life, Your life will be simpler

Constantly making time to learn something new will fill you up with skills, Education and help you grow

You are constantly, evolving and becoming a better version of yourself!

19. Welcome Gratitude in your life

Lastly, Welcome thankfulness in order to live a simple life.

Practicing gratitude is one thing you can start adding to your life to be more optimistic, and happier and make life more meaningful!

Gratitude is proven to improve mental health, and if it is something you have been wishing to add, then.

Take up the Best 21-Day Journaling Challenge to start journaling

Final thoughts on rules to live a simple life

These were just 19 simple rules to live a simple life, you can add more and create your own rules that truly simplify your life!

Yes, indeed, there always be challenges in life. There will be various emotions you will go through.

However, making small changes that can minimize or create a separate place for you to experience the simplicity of life is extremely helpful.

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rules to live a simple life

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