13 Self-love Habits Every Woman Must Embody

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This Post is all about building self-love! Loving yourself is the most important thing in the world. Here are 13 self-love habits every woman must embody today

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As women, society has told us to always put others, before ourselves, parents, husbands, kids, and so on.

We are all always taught to sacrifice our happiness and everything for the sake of other people around us.

But things are changing now, and women can recognize that they are human first.

They are equally deserving of all the things like Men. They serve to focus on their dreams, love, and happiness just like anyone else.

This is what self-love is about. Prioritizing yourself and realizing that you are powerful, capable, and beautiful

This is honestly the truth, we women do not realize this, but we are full of talents and can do anything we put our minds to.

The only obstacles in our lives are the noises around us that make us doubt ourselves, and make us belittle our existence.

The moment we, get up and realize this, we open the light to self-love in our life.

Self-love is the most powerful tool in our lives, that can change everything.

And so, in this post, I want to help you build self-love habits so you always love and take care of yourself FIRST and take over the world! Let’s read these habits now!

Benefits of Building Self-love Habits

Here are some amazing benefits of building self-love habits in your life

  • Increased confidence
  •  Positive feelings
  •  Strong willpower
  •  Self-growth
  •  Happiness
  •  Feeling complete

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Self-love Habits Every Woman Must Embody

Self-love Habits to embody in your life now

1. Shifting your mindset

As I talked about realization at the beginning of the post, the moment we realize our worth, we can change our lives.

The key to building self-love is shifting your mindset.

If right now, your mindset revolves around backward things like I am not capable, I don’t have the talents, my life does not matter, I am not as important as someone else.. and the list goes on.

You will stay far from loving yourself and feeling confident in who you are.

Of course, it will take time to reverse the years of mindset, but every day, we need to work on shifting it.

Whether it is through books, podcasts, videos, or therapy. We need to constantly indulge ourselves in learning these growth mindset topics!

2. Affirmations for Self-love

self-love habits

Affirmations are a great way to reverse the negative and backward thinking we have,

If you tend to self-sabotage yourself, with words like – I am not good enough or anything that has to do with belittling yourself

you need to reverse that mindset by saying the opposite

Every day, tell yourself consciously, that you are worth it, you are capable and powerful of everything in this world!

When I was struggling with body image and self-love, – I found affirmations to be magical.

Here is a post on affirmation I have written

Apart from these posts, I highly recommend getting affirmations cards like these-

3. Journaling for self-care

Shifting your mindset and loving yourself requires lots of talking with your inner mind.

Getting deeper inside yourself to know who you are loving, all the parts of you, and shifting any mindset that tried to wear you down.

Sit down every day for a few minutes and get to know yourself. Loving someone happens when you get to know them and build that connection.

Get to know how talented and beautiful you are! Journaling your feelings will also help let out years of suffering and a negative mindset

4. Nurturing self-care

Self-care is the key element of self-love because caring for yourself comes with the ability to love yourself.

When you love someone, you tend to take care of them, and taking care of others fuels love.

Its vice-versa.

When you spend time every day doing self-care, your inner self will return the care in the form of love, gratitude, and care again.

it helps you recharge yourself and feel complete.

Here are a few self-care activities for you to start doing

5. Setting boundaries

self-love habits

As women loving ourselves does not stop at doing things we love or saying we are worth, although they are essential.

But it means not letting other people cross their boundaries…

We, women, are often victims of others pushing us to the extent, crossing our boundaries, and making us do or feel things we don’t want to

Realize, we have a choice and right to say no to things we don’t want to do! We have the right to say NO.

No matter who it is, your family or friends, they are not allowed to force you to do anything.

Set boundaries with them and firmly say no to things without feeling guilty. Let them know you will not tolerate or entertain this behavior.

This will welcome a peaceful environment in your mind, although it may be tough, in the beginning, but later on, it will amazing!

6. Building self-respect and worth

One of the most common ways women tear down their self-love, even if they do everything else, Is by letting other people disrespect them.

I remember when I was insecure about a few things in myself, and other people pointed it out or made fun of it

And I did not do anything, I felt bad, but I let them disrespect me in front of others. and cry alone

I lacked self-love towards myself, hence, I did not stand up for myself.

When someone makes fun of our family or friend, we get heated and immediately tell them to not utter anything bad about them

but when it comes to stopping ourselves, we simply let them do it!

Whether you are still insecure about a body part or the quality of yourself, no one has the right to disrespect you.

You are the only one who needs to stand up for yourself first, otherwise, no one else will!

7. Taking care of your body, mind, and soul

I think I started to love myself or feel love toward myself when I started, to take care of my body, mind, and soul.

When I started doing that that kept me well in all forms, my body started sending me feelings of love and gratitude that I could feel

It is an amazing feeling, trust me!

Whether, it is exercising, eating the right foods to nourish myself, connecting with my soul, or talking to myself and letting my feelings out.

Doing all of that eventually helped me build self-love that resulted in all the benefits I shared in the beginning!

Take care of yourself because it is no one else but you

It’s YOUR body, YOUR mind, and YOUR soul!

8. Prioritizing Mental health

Most problems in our life start from our mental health, I believe.

Stress and other mental health issues have effects on physical health as well.

We feel ill, nothing in life feels good, depression, anxiety, and burnout.

It is very common to feel all these things nowadays, the reason can be any

But the key to helping you overcome and reach a healthy state of mind is prioritizing your mental health.

Understand that mental health is a key factor in our life, it is not a scam or words created by GENZ!

Take care of your feelings and help yourself overcome trauma and suffering.

It is always better to reach out to a therapist to help yourself

I have written a few posts on mental health that can be helpful in day-to-day life

9. Being kinder to yourself

I really want to write this down more, because quite often, I see women being so rude and hard on themselves,

Saying mean things in their head or out loud, pushing themselves even though they feel exhausted, and not letting themselves feel good and happy when something good happens

It is essential to stop and be kind to yourself, let yourself feel happy, and say kinder things.

10.  Eliminating people and energies that weigh you down

A lot of times, in our lives, we keep struggling to love ourselves and feel at peace because there is someone in our life who is toxic

that person keeps trying to destroy self-worth, cross boundaries, and or create a toxic environment around us all the time

Every time, we are with them, all the insecurities or negativity comes back to us.

In most situations, it is better to leave them and eliminate them from your life, only then growth and peace can enter.

However, in certain circumstances, these people cannot be away completely, then, we need to spend less and less time with them to protect our energy and surround ourselves with positive people more

11. Quitting negative self-talk

One of the first things I discovered that resulted in my poor mental health years ago was negative self-talk.

I have talked about it in many of my posts before, the negative self-talk was a part of my life for many years and resulted in many issues

  • low self-esteem
  •   Struggling to try new things
  •   Always feel low, and frustrated with myself

I realized on a fine day how many mean things I say to myself in my head all the time.

Things like – I am ugly, I am not talented, I can’t do this

Being a victim of everything feels easier, to us, and that is one of the things that results in negative self-talk

After realizing, that when I started to consciously reverse these habits, it took time…months

I started, to practice positive affirmations and be mindful of the words I used for myself

and slowly, it went away…

Notice how you speak to yourself, if you are being harsh, then, you need to remove this habit ASAP!

Because it’s not only contributing to feeling low but also not making you take risks and enjoy life, do things you want to do without doubting yourself!

And it’s the voice inside you, it can go away if you make it stop!

12. Doing things for yourself without feeling guilt

100 solo date ideas

It is common for us to feel guilty when we do things for our happiness, we think it’s selfish because we heard this growing up a lot.

However, it is time that we realize that we also deserve to be happy and do things that we want to

Do something that brings us joy, and there is no need to feel guilty about it, if anything, be more proud that you fulfilled your wishes!

13. Be yourself

Lastly, and most importantly BE YOURSELF

You don’t have to change yourself to be liked by someone or fit into the crowd, you don’t have to change yourself when others tell you to.

Be yourself and own it! That is the person you need to love, the person you truly are!

Final thoughts on self-love habits

So these were the 13 self-love habits I want you to build and feel empowered, trust me when I say this, Loving yourself is the best gift in the world!

Take time and take care of yourself!

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Self-love Habits Every Woman Must Embody

This post was all about Self-love habits

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