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100+ Beautiful Things to Love about Life

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Most of us keep waiting or aiming to experience big things in life, and often, we forget that there are so many things that are beautiful and lovable in our life! Here are 101 things to love about life for you

things to love about life

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Why You Should Make a List of Things to Love About Life

Just like many of you, I used to always wait and opt for big accomplishments that could make me happy.

For me to love my life, I need to experience something massive.

Quite recently, I realized that being stuck on those certain goals and experiences, I have been undervaluing the small or other precious things in my life that I could love.

moreover, this habit felt me feel sad all the time.

Hence, this post is a way for me to remind myself and even some of you who are going through the same thing and are curious about things to love about life!

Life is never all good or sad, it comes with moments of good and beautiful experiences, as well as some sad ones.

Instead of putting our focus on the negative things in our all the time, making this list can help you value your life and help you remember that you have, so much abundance like everyone else!

So let’s dig into the list of 101 things!

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things to love about life

10 Things to love about life that are too precious and non negotiable

Before I share the little things i love about my life, I want to share things that are too precious in all of us life. While you may disagree with 1-2 from these (which is fine)

I am sure most of these you would as well find precious and non -negotiable in your life!

1. Mom

We all have mom that is too precious, the love and care a mom gives i s so pure.

No matter how much we argue with her in that moment, somewhere in our hearts we know the innocence and care she offers to the world and us!

Some may have challenging times with there moms and might disagree (which is okay)

But I am sure for most of us, mothers are gems.

yet it our mom we take for granted, the sacrifices she makes for us, we always tend to forget.

I hope with this post, you can pour in the gratitude and love towards your mom and remember that having your mom in your life is a true blessing!

2. Dad

Having a father is also a blessing, the care and safety, a father provides cannot be compared to anyone.

I feel that our father goes through a lot in outside environment but never shares anything.

But they are also working hard. No matter how much arguments you have right with him

Having him in your life has been blessing in some ways!

3. Siblings

If you have a sibling, it can be such a love-hate relationship with them but deep down we all love our siblings

we may not show it to them that we care but growing with them has been the most amazing time our life!

if you have siblings, imagine how boring would be your life if they weren’t there!

Siblings make living life more fun and memorial

4. Love

The feeling love is so beautiful, the love we feel towards our parents, partner or nature.

Love in general is pure and beautiful.

Love adds sweetness in our life. Imagine a world without love! I cannot! It would be full of disaster

Love binds people together, opens empath and compassion in our life and helps making life meaningful

5. Nature

The sky, moon, sun , plants each and everyting present in nature is absolutely magical.

The peace and life that nature provides is the only reason why we are able to sustain in this world.

I love nature so much,

6. Good people in life

Our life is full of different people we meet throughout our life, some good and some not-so-good.

The good people in our lives who make living life easier and bearable are precious.

Even if they were there for short period, there role has helped in living life a better journey

7. Your body

Our body, which we take the most granted for, the reason we are able to live a normal life.

Each cell of our body provides does so much for us to live healthy. I love how my body takes care of me and gives me signs constantly of what i need to do

Whenever I can listen to my body, i always I feel better.

8. Breath

Our life begins and ends with breath and its so powerful that i cannot express in words.

To feel better and live longer, all we require is to focus on our breath. Such a simple activity that provides us with life and much more

9. Knowledge and learning

The beautiful thing about life is that there is so much scope of knowledge and learning. There is so much to uncover and learn about yourself and the world.

The places, the people, the feelings, the sacred knowledge, the cultures and forms of art

It never stops, the more you look into the more you can learn

10. New beginnings

The feeling of starting something new is so pure, going to school first time, or college

Moving to your new home, new city or country, nee job.

Every new beginning provides us with immense love and pleasure

I am sure a lot of us wish that we could do certain things for the first again! That’s the beauty of new beginnings!

101 things I love about life

  1. Cozy home
  2.  The greenery outside my balcony
  3.  The sunshine coming inside my room
  4.  Being able to work from home
  5.  A shower in my washroom now (as I never had it before growing up)
  6.  Time with my Family
  7.  The sacred time I spent with my friends
  8.  Coffee to exist
  9.  Doing what I am passionate about
  10.  Getting freshly homecooked food from my mom every day
  11.  Beautiful sleep at night when it rains
  12.  Being able to make money by myself
  13.  Hugs
  14.  Good Tv shows that keep you hooked!
  15.  Self-help books for changing my life!
  16.  Going out on a dinner with family
  17.  Everything about Nature
  18.  Tasty fruits that exist (mango, watermelon)
  19.  A week of good skin (they are rare!)
  20.  Staying in PJs all-day
  21.  Quiet time by myself
  22.  Journaling time
  23.  Smooth drive
  24.  A good weather day
  25.  Moments when you cannot stop laughing
  26.  Feeling connected with yourself
  27.  Taking a stand for yourself
  28.  Indian food to exist!
  29.  My overnight chia pudding (so yum)
things to love about life
  1. Buying something new that you have been saving up for so long
  2.  . A nice comment or email from my visitors
  3.  The feeling after my workout or stretching routine>>>
  4.  The deep conversation that flows naturally
  5.  The feeling after changing your bedsheets
  6.  Discounts on products you have been eyeing!
  7.   Seeing a loved one after a long time apart
  8.  Breakfast ( because they are always yummy)
  9.  Hot chocolate brownie (LOVE)
  10.  New planners
  11.  Completing your self-care to-do’s!


things to love about life
  1. Feeling before going on a vacation
  2.  Dressing up cute on rare days
  3.  Inspirational Podcasts
  4.  Dance classes!
  5.  Snow Days
  6.  Comfort food
  7.  Cherry blossom tree
  8.  The day when you get a new hair makeover
  9.  When someone compliments you out of nowhere
  10.  Beach days
  11.  Hot ramen in winter while watching a K-drama
  12.  Being in a cafe with a beautiful vibe
  13.  People who support you
  14.  Self-care days!
  15.  Fall season
  16.  Good music
  17.  Jeans That fits
  18.  Coffee date with friends
  19.  slow mornings
  20.  Shopping days without guilt
  21.  Reading a good book
  22.  Having a beautiful cuddling pet
  23.  Eating your favorite guilty please, without any guilt
  24.  The feeling after a workout session
  25.  Friends who listen to your problems without judging
  26.  Festivals that add fun to our life and gives us a break
  27.  Movie night with friends
  28.  Long night drives
  29.  Paydays
  30.  The first sip of coffee
  1. Productive days
  2.  Getting parcels at home
  3.  Feeling after getting a spa
  4.  Getting to travel to new places
  5.  Fresh flowers
  6.  Finding your favorite item on stock on black Friday sales
  7.  Ticking off your to-do list
  8.  Positive creators
  9.  Digital space for creating a place for us to connect and make easy money!
  10.  Traveling without a map with friends! (full of surprises and jokes!)
  11.  Dinner night
  12.  Creating something of your own from scratch
  13.  getting to indulge in our hobbies
  14.  Going for walks
  15.  Feeling confident without makeup
  16.  Being able to follow your intuition
  17.  Spontaneous trips
  18.  Holding hands
  19.  Good hair days
  20.  Getting your wish fulfilled
  21.  Birthdays
  22.  Hot Chocolate on winter night
  23.  Feeling before you go to a trip
  24.  Candid photos filled with memories
  25.  Days you forget to look at your phone because you are busy at the moment
  26.  Taking up a new project
  27.  Relaxing vacations on the beach or mountains
  28.  Learning something new
  29.  Watching sunset/sunrise
  30.  Witnessing a rainbow!
  31.  Your existence (because it’s special!)

What are the 100+ things you love about life?

These were my 101 things i have finding myself loving about life!

Take this chance to find your things that make you love life more!

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things to love about life

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