23 Awesome things to do on your day off

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Having a day off is honestly, a blessing, as you tend to feel bored or confused about what to do on your off day. This post is for you! Here are 23 Awesome things to do on your day off

things to do on your day off

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As a self-employed person, I do not get off days, I am working most of the day, but I do set boundaries and make weekends off to enjoy life as well.

And honestly, it has been going amazing and truly life-changing! I can try many things, and recharge myself as well!

Although I know many people look forward to a day off and when it actually comes we end up spending all the time on TV, don’t we?

I used to do as well, l and over time, I realized that having more experiences in life is more important than watching a show a whole day long.

Of course, some weekends, I still do some, but not all the time, I have started to add many things to be productive, relaxing, and full of growth.

Hence, in this post, I will share 23 things to do on your day off.

things to do on your day off

23 Things to do on your day off

1. Spend time in nature

One of the best things to do on your day off is to make the most of nature, especially if you live in a metropolitan city where there is less nature and more buildings and traffic.

Every day, we are in the office, or at home and hardly get to be around nature.

Getting in nature is very helpful for your mental health, and helps you destress yourself.

Soaking in the sun and spending a few minutes by yourself in a park, garden, or beach nearby will help you feel refreshed and calm!

2. Indulge in your hobbies.

things to do on your day off

This is one of my favorite things to do for myself on a day off, In fact, I schedule them way ahead of time.

Signing up for different workshops like dance, pottery, painting, baking, and things like that!

Some are solo, and some are with friends, and we get to explore different things that we enjoy!

Doing it alone also makes it equally fun and relaxing! Hobbies are a key factor in feeling happy in life!

So set aside time from work and indulge in hobbies of your choice!

Here are 67 hobbies ideas for adults

3. Complete house chores

On the productive side of things to do on your day off, it is a perfect time to complete your house chores that may be piled up during your working days.

Cleaning and tidying up your space, and organizing everything can be helpful to make a peaceful environment at home to rest later on.

4. Journal session

things to do on your day off

Take your pen and notebook, find a comfortable place where you can sit alone and quietly without any disturbance, and pour your heart out and mind as well, in a journal

instead of staying at home, you could also do it in a cafe or park! Wherever you get peace and quiet time!

There are so many things you can journal about from

  • writing your thoughts and expressing your feelings
  •  Setting goals
  •  Scripting
  •  Journal prompts and setting intentions
  •  Reflecting
  •  Getting to know yourself

Journaling is a powerful way to connect deeper inside yourself and feel light.

5. Try a new workout.

We tend to complain that we don’t get time to work out due to our busy schedule! Well, a day off is the perfect time to do a few exercises and get your body moving!

You don’t have to do anything intense, simple walks, yoga, stretch, or a full-body exercise from YouTube also works!

6. Meditate

A few minutes of silence while focusing on your breath is key to connecting with your inner soul and relaxing your mind.

Our breath is the essential factor behind our life, our life begins from the moment we breathe and stops the moment we stop breathing.

Things like anxiety can be relieved when you focus on your breath,

In yoga, many meditations are mostly done to focus on breathing slowly and rightly.

It provides many healing benefits to our minds and health! Meditation is also a powerful way to unlock the path of spirituality in life

You don’t have to do anything complicated as the beginning. Just focus on your breathing for a few minutes a day ( as long as you can ) by closing your eyes and sitting or lying in a comfortable position

7. Cook something by yourself

Enjoy a tasty homecooked meal by yourself on a day. Put on music and do a slow cooking session while cooking any favorite dish or something new you always wanted to try

it’s such a great way to enjoy food and spend your off

8. Bake some yummy treats

things to do on your day off

Similarly, if you are into baking like I am, You can bake yourself some treats to make your day off extra special!

This is what I do almost every day! I make brownies and cookies for myself and dwell on them alone!

9. Drop in on a workshop.

As I mentioned in the hobbies above, I have been truly loving attending workshops this year.

It is my favorite way to spend my day off that at times, I even schedule in advance. Apart from it making me feel happy to do things I love

It has helped me push myself out of my comfort zone, be in a new environment, socialize with new people, and learn a new skill.

All of that brings new experiences in my life that I can learn from and look back on as happy memories!

It is always a great way to step out of home, instead of staying at home!

There are so many workshops now available in every city, you can search and sign up for any you feel curious in!

10. Go on a solo date.

Going on a solo date can feel awkward at first, I know because I feel it too. But enjoying your own company is definitely nice, and you won’t need to depend on others to go out.

If it’s your day off and you don’t want to spend time at home then go out on a solo date! Whether it is a cafe, activity, library, exploring the city

It may seem awkward at first, but over time, you will start to enjoy yourself!

Here are 100 solo date ideas for you

11. Catch up with your friends

things to do when you have no friends

Catching up with your friends and family is so essential. I know many people live in different cities or countries, life gets so busy that you don’t get time every day to talk and catch up.

A day off is honestly the perfect time to catch up on them and enjoy! If you can talk on the phone, video call, or even meet in person! DO THAT

12. Make a self-care vision Board

A self-care vision board is a great way to spend time at home on your off day. It is such a fun activity!

Here is everything about how to make a self-care vision board

13. Take a nap

Ain’t no better way to relax on your off day than sleeping, for hours! Oh, I love that!

No hurry, all you can do is get as much sleep as you need to truly rest and refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Guilt-free sleep and enjoy your time relaxing at home

14. Read a book

If you are bored, then reading is always a cool thing to do! In fact, if you already used to read before and due to a busy schedule

You have left this habit, your off day is perfect for it!

I always used to read self-help and kind of still do! But this year I want to also explore fiction books to enjoy my off days and explore new forms of writing and storytelling

15. Declutter and organize your space

You can spend a few hours in your day, decluttering your closet, kitchen, or other things in your home and organize your space!

Over time, our place tends to get pretty cluttered, it can get messy and filled with things you no longer need!

So it’s best to get done with it during your off days!

16. Watch something

Of course, there is nothing wrong with watching shows or movies during your day off! In fact, it is the best time to indulge in these things!

You can watch movies, shows, YouTube videos, or documentaries.

17. Do self-care

While most activities shared are a part of self-care there are still so many self-care activities one can do

It is honestly, what you truly feel like doing that is helping your inner soul to get refreshed and heal, you must do it!

Also, make sure you are taking care of your skin, body, and mind

Here are 101 self-care ideas to choose from!

18. Explore your town

While a lot of us cannot travel too far places on our day off, still we can travel to our city and explore it a little more.

I am sure there are always places in your town you have not visited yet, or they have changed a lot since you visited long ago!

19. Go for a massage or spa treatment.

Treat yourself by booking a massage or spa treatment! Spend your day getting relaxed and pampered.

I have never booked myself any of those, but I do know a few people who do, and it seems to be super relaxing for them, especially on a holiday to leave all the exhaustion away.

20. Go to amusement parks.

You can go to amusement parks or places with lots of activities like ice skating, shooting, puzzles, and so on.

You are never too old to try these things, and it helps bring your inner child happy!

21. Plan and review your goals and intentions.

things to do on your day off

If you want to do something productive, then, planning and reflecting are honestly, awesome things to do when it’s a holiday.

You are relaxed and can do a lot of thinking and planning your life!

22. Go Phone-free

During weekends or off days, I often find myself and others ending up, spending their whole day on the phone scrolling.

While there are so many ways to enjoy life, we are wasting on being stimulated by reels and Tiktok 24×7

to help yourself not get caught up in it, Try going phone-free or internet-free for a day. It is easier to do this when it’s a holiday, and you are not expecting any calls!

23. Learn something new

Lastly, you can also use this time to learn something new, a new skill you have been meaning to for a long time maybe?

Here are 50 things to learn when bored at home

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things to do on your day off

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