How to change your life in 7 days

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If you have been thinking about changing your life for a while and feel overwhelmed or scared to take the step. Here is a simple guide/challenge on how to change your life in 7 days! Get a glimpse and take a step forward in creating a better life!

How to change your life in 7 days

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Change is the only permanent thing in the world, you might have heard this phrase quite a lot.

And, indeed, life is honestly changing all the time without us releasing, a good or bad direction, but it’s always changing.

But, sometimes even though a few things are evolving, a lot of major areas of our life stay stuck, if you never put effort into them to grow.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in the same place for weeks, months, and even years.

That’s the moment we need to realize, that it is time to change our life, it is time to grow and level up!

Is it possible to change your life in one week? 

Honestly, I believe we start to change our lives, from the moment we decide something and take action.

Once you have taken the step on a decision, you are already on the path to changing your life

But of course, the changes start to become noticeable over time.

7 days may feel short, and yes, you will not see a Big transformation by the end of the week, but in just one week, you will able to take a step 7 steps forward from where you are

Once you take those steps, you will naturally be in the mode of doing that is ACTION, and that action little, by little every day, will change your life in that area.

30 days or even 1 year can feel overwhelming if you focus on the result ./ big picture. In fact, it can even make you not take action at all because it feels far and a lot to do

But 7 days are short and achievable they help get into the zone of doing and stick to your goals!

What to do to change your life in 7 days 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when you decide to take the step-by-step 7-day guide to change your life.

This 7-day guide will help you get out of a funk and move forward in life with a healthy approach.

1. Embrace change and discomfort that comes with it

This is one of the most important parts of changing your life. Changes in our lives are not always exciting and pleasant

They come with lots of discomfort because they make us feel and do things, that are out of our comfort or limiting beliefs.

This is something, I learned in 2022, when so many things were changing and I was feeling this discomfort to take action.

I was scared and anxious and did not want to take steps because of the changes, that were happening. I was not able to accept the change.

Only when I started to take the steps in my life, slowly everything started to unfold in a positive direction, although throughout the year, I was feeling depressed because I was stuck in my comfort zone and my limiting beliefs.

But after the year had passed, I looked back and saw that the discomfort I was feeling was only pushing me to my destiny, a better and fulfilled place.

This discomfort you will feel on the road is temporary, Embrace and take a step forward.

Afterward, it will only bring you happiness and growth!

2. Set a routine

Your life changes over time with the steps you take every day. So don’t think you will do something today, and it will change everything or forever.

You need to set a routine for the things in life, you want to change.

You can also set a routine for your morning and night and self-care and so on.

A routine you follow every day that boosts your life in a positive direction

It can be well-being, personal growth infused, or productivity-related!

3. Stay consistent with whatever you decide to do.

It may sound repetitive already, but whatever you decide to do to change your life through this 7-day challenge

Stay consistent!

The only thing that brings results is consistency! Nothing else in life can bring you the visible difference that consistency!

Whether it losing weight, getting toned, being flexible, becoming a successful YouTuber, and so on

For everything, you have to show up every day for as long as needed until you see the growth.

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this post, then it is being consistent in anything you decide to do!

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How to change your life in 7 days

How to change your life in 7 days 

Day 1: Declutter your space

I wanted to start Day 1 with not mindset but action. You probably know how much I believe in action more than anything. No amount of perfect planning can bring you results until you take the step!

Even if it is baby steps, it adds up! So I want to begin this with a light action-related activity, that is decluttering your space.

When you are stuck in life, and everything in life feels like a mess, if you look around, you will observe your physical space is also reflecting it.

It’s cluttered or messy. Start by making your mind feel lighter and clearer by clearing the physical spaces in your life.

Go through your room/house/office, get rid of unneeded things, and make your space tidy.

This a small activity to help you take one step forward to get unstuck

Day 2: Journal your intentions and note your liming beliefs

Day 2 is when we get into mindset and clear our heads! Now that your space is clean, you can comfortably sit in your room or any corner of your home.

To think and journal!

You can start by doing a brain dump where you pour in all the thoughts in your head and even feelings.

Put everything on a piece of paper from your body!

Then, start by writing your intentions for the future. You want to change your life.

What is it that you want to focus on in terms of change for the upcoming month or even a whole year?

It can be a small line or word, like

My intention for the year to be _________

  • Happy
  •  Healthy
  •  Focused
  •  Out of comfort zone
  •  Consistent
  •  Patient

And so on! Write any 1 thing you want to majorly focus on, you can add 1 or 2 more if you want. Do not waste too much time deciding and pick whatever keeps coming to you.

Now that you have decided on your intention, think of the limiting beliefs stopping you from focusing on it.

What are the things, or excuses that pop up when you think about doing it? What is stopping you?

Write everything down! Once you have written them down, take a look at all the things you wrote.

Those are your limiting beliefs, yes you may say, no this is a true obstacle, I get it.

Obstacle or not, if it is stopping you from doing what you want, it is a limiting belief because there is always a way to do things.

When we are stuck, we keep giving, these excuses, that we can’t do this because of this or that, but honestly, there is always a solution.

I have been in this boat way too many times, I kept these excuses taking over me, and in the end, there was always a solution that was, there despite all the excuses.

Sometimes, you need to do exactly what you are afraid of to realize that it was all in your head!

I have experienced it way too many times, I would keep worrying that I can do this because this will happen, and I am scared.

But when I did it anyway, I was like, “That’s it? Nothing happened? This I was worried of?” It did not feel so big in my head again

Trust me, the same is true for you. So, take a look at the list you wrote and remove them, one at a time!

Day 3: Move your body

One of the best ways to build mental strength and come out of a funk is to move your body.

A good workout or run in the park, can help you feel better, and motivated, keep you healthy, and build that mental strength to achieve anything you want.

The little obstacles we face when exercising help us push our willpower and make us mentally strong. This can be applied to other areas of your life as well!

So get up today and move your body, of course, do not push yourself too much!

Do anything simple – Running for a few minutes, going to the gym and doing simple exercising, Hiking, or even a 30-minute workout at home!

Day 4: Write affirmations to change your life

Another great activity I swear by to help you build that inner confidence that pushes you to take action is affirmation.

Replace all the limiting beliefs and self-doubt by saying the opposite – Positive affirmations.

Simple phrases like –

  • I can do it
  •  I will find a way
  •  I have everything that it takes to be successful
  •  I am growing
  •  I am focused
  •  I am confident
  •  I am talented
  •  I believe in myself

Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the affirmations you need to hear! You can do this every day to keep pushing yourself!

Day 5: Do what is giving you discomfort

Day 5, we are back with taking action and overcoming your limiting beliefs so you can change your life, you need to do what is giving you discomfort.

Now, discomfort here means doing something to step out of your comfort zone.

Something you need to do to achieve your goal and change an aspect of your life but you are scared to do

It feels uncomfortable and that is exactly what you need to do today!

Take a tiny step towards it. For example: if you want to be a YouTuber and if one of the things, that is stopping you from doing it is speaking skills.

Then, get yourself in the position you have to speak. You can join a public speaking class, or you can simply take the camera and start speaking.

Because honestly, your first video, and nobody is going to watch it! So it is better to practice and build confidence and slowly improve.

It works like that in almost everything! Think of one thing that is stopping and giving you that discomfort but is needed to achieve what you want.

And, JUST DO IT! Let yourself feel discomfort and realize that it was nothing.

You will feel so much better afterward! You feel proud that you took the step, and that itself is GROWTH.

Day 6: Instead of complaining think about things you can do

Before experiencing a huge growth in our lives, we tend to feel uncomfortable and negative. We think of the negative things and start complaining.

These are the built-up negative beliefs or limiting beliefs taking over so we cannot do anything.

The change, of course, feels unfamiliar and unknown, so our mind feels scared and puts out all the negative beliefs upfront.

We aim to not let these thoughts take over but release them and shift our mindset to thinking, what can we do?

In the past 5 days, I am sure there might have been many such thoughts that popped up, that made you quit, that you complain

  • about why is my life so difficult/
  •  Why is this happening to me?
  •  And Why is nothing going my way?

it is easy to get caught up in these complaint cycles, what we need to do is shift our focus to what we can do

Yes, there will always be things out of your control, but instead of worrying about them, focus on what you can do, because there is always a way.

Today make sure that every time you are about to complain, you stop and instead say, what can I do to get better? I will find a way!

Day 7: Add gratitude to your life

Lastly, On Day 7, I want you to count your blessings, we tend to complain and feel that everything in our life is bad when we are about to change our life because all the obstacles start popping up.

During this time, we forget about all the good things we are blessed with and the things we have achieved.

So today, focus on adding gratitude back to your life. Write down all the things are grateful for.

Write all the blessings you have gotten to date, small or not, write them and remind yourself that every day.


After finishing all 7 days, you will find yourself in a better place than you were before Day 1!

And that itself is a proof of the growth and changes you have brought in your life

Each day, there must be a lesson that struck you and encouraged you to focus on better!

Keep going, and each day, take one step forward! Take action, and slowly, you will find yourself in a completely different and better place!

How to change your life in 7 days

Are you ready to change your life in 7 days?

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