How to do a life makeover challenge for beginners – 21 ways

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How to do a life makeover challenge for beginners

Want to change your life and have a life makeover? Doing a challenge is the best way to get into it! Find out how to do a life makeover challenge for beginners.

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What Is a Life Makeover challenge?

A life makeover or life makeover challenge is a way to fully change your life, or upgrade your life forever.

Like we do a face makeover to look our best selves. Life makeover is to create your best life.

In this post, I will be sharing about life makeover in context with changing your life from the inside out.

For example:

  • Changing your mindset
  •  Goals
  •  routine and habits
  •  Upgrading to a better fulfilling life

Do I Need a Life Makeover?

Now, of course, if you are wondering whether you even need a life makeover to do this challenge or not.

Here are some signs that will help you get clarity! You need a life makeover, if

  • you are feeling stuck in your life
  •  you want to change (positive)
  •  You want to upgrade your life
  •  Want to do something different in life and try out new things
  •  you are feeling unhappy with where you are right now
  • Now if you are clear on what

Now if you are clear on whether you need a life makeover or not, I will share how to do a life makeover challenge!

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How to do a life makeover challenge for beginners

How to do a life makeover challenge for beginners – 21 ways

1. Spend few minutes everyday journaling

When you want to change your life, you have to first know yourself better.

You have to spend a lot of time with yourself journaling to get clarity on your purpose and what you wish to do.

Some paths can be taken, but what is meant for you, you will only know by asking yourself and thinking.

Staying connected to your inner self will help you gain clarity on, what you are not happy with right now and what you need to change.

So start by spending at least 10 minutes journaling!

PS: 61 Easy journaling ideas for beginners to get started

2. Reflect on your current life

As a part of your journaling or planning session to do the life makeover, you need to reflect on your current life.

Where are you now? What are you doing lately? How do you feel? How do you spend your everyday?

Get deeply into your current state so you know what you need to change in your life and what is perfect the way it is.

It may take a week for you to figure it out, and that’s okay, but don’t overthink!

3. Evaluate your future goals and dreams.

Once you are aware of your current state, you need to look into the future to get there

You want to change your life, but what exactly?

Is it changing the place you live in? Job? Income? People around? Your mindset? Trying something you always wanted

That is something only know!

Spend a brief amount of time creating goals and a vision for the future. Your next one year from now on at least.

How do you envision yourself? What do you want to keep doing?

Take time and write it all down.

4. Observe your routine and habits.

Our life or lifestyle is the by-product of routine and habits we do every day,

How you spend your every day is what your lifestyle is, isn’t it?

So, if you want to have a life makeover, you need to put your step in these two first.

Take a look and observe all your habits and everyday routines.

What does your morning routine look like? Evening and night? habits you practice throughout the day

What are they, and how they have been impacting your life? Is it a good impact or a negative one?

5. Notice your bad habits

After you have observed and taken note of your habits, look at your bad or unhealthy habits.

What are the bad habits affecting your life? It can be anything.

It is important to notice them, for example, I have written two post-sharing

Read the two posts to get the idea and find out if you are following these habits in your life.

Once you know what bad habits exist currently, in your life, you need to exit them ASAP.

6. Observe your mindset blocks.

Whether it is leaving an old toxic habit, or routine, or starting something new, that may seem challenging.

A lot of us tend to encounter, mindset blocks, giving ourselves reasons or excuses why something is not possible.

“I am not talented enough”, “I don’t have time”, It’s too difficult”

It can be anything.

Take a moment to recognize those mindset blocks that are getting in your way right now.

What obstacles do you think you are experiencing?

It’s important, to observe and recognize them, so you can push yourself to break through those mindset blocks.

Acknowledge them as mindset blocks only and move forward!

7. Plan new habits to form.

To create a new life, you need to do new things, which are habits

You have to form a new habit, of doing a particular thing that will bring your desired result.

Now you know your future goals, and the life you envision for yourself, and recognize the mindset blocks too.

It’s time that you create new habits to help you accomplish what you want.

8. Read books and podcasts to get inspiration and tips.

Reading books or listening to podcasts is one habit I would encourage you to form apart from the ones you have decided for yourself.

Both habits will help you find inspiration and motivation and provide the best resources for doing your life makeover.

You will be able to learn a lot as well as find clarity on what you need to do next!

  1. Plan your life

Now, All you need to do is to make a plan and schedule what you will do, when, and how.

Make a plan of your daily routine, habits, and tasks you will do to create your dream life!

Simplify your goals into micro goals you can follow and track every week.

10. Gather Resources to upgrade yourself

When you are starting a new chapter of your life, new routine, habits

You would need resources to help you in your journey.

It could be a book – full of information, a mentor, a course, or anything else.

Resources or toolkits are an integral part of doing a life makeover because they help you speed up your process!

11. Stay consistent with the habits and goals you decide

Now, the most important part of the life makeover challenge is being consistent.

Making plans is something quite often done at the start of the new year or month. But one thing that stops us from making it a reality is being consistent on that goal or action

Don’t just waste all your time in making the perfect, take action and stay consistent on it.

As you will keep on doing it, only then you will see the result!

12. Establish Accountability

When you are trying to do things on your own, it gets easier to procrastinate and leave them midway.

There is no accountability, you don’t have to report to anyone. So it gets easy to stop and leave our goals there.

If you struggle with this, it’s better to hold someone accountable so you feel the pressure of doing it!

Tell friends, family members, or a mentor about your challenge. Having someone to hold you accountable can motivate you to stay on track.

13. Focus only on the action.

Don’t overthink your plan or what you need to do. Don’t think about anything and only focus on action!

Because action is the only that will bring results, not planning, thinking, or dreaming all day.

ONLY taking the steps and doing it will change your life completely!

14. Track your progress

Create a system to monitor your progress. This could be through a journal, a mobile app, or a spreadsheet. Regularly assess how well you’re doing and adjust your approach if necessary.

15. Seek Support

Connect with others who are also working on self-improvement. Join online communities, forums, or social media groups related to your goals for inspiration and support.

16. Believe in yourself

It’s easy to doubt yourself when you take the big step and commitment to change your life.

However, don’t let it get to you. Remember, whatever you are doing will help you move a step ahead in your life only.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself, and just do it!

17. Be Patient

Life makeover does not happen in a day, that is the truth

It can take anywhere from months to a year to fully experience the change in your life

Of course, you might have small changes in your life every day as you keep on working, but it takes months or even a year to see the clear picture

So don’t get impatient and leave in between, be patient and keep going

18. Celebrate Milestones:

Keep yourself motivated by celebrating the small accomplishment in your daily life!

Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements along the way. Reward yourself when you reach important milestones to maintain motivation.

19. Stay Flexible:

Life makeover challenges can be demanding, and unexpected events may arise. Be adaptable and willing to adjust your plan as needed.

If you do end up missing a day or two. Don’t stop altogether and get back on track!

20. Reflect and Learn:

Whether it is every week or month, reflect on your goals and actions.

If you make any mistakes, correct them and learn from them. Constant reflection can help you make smart decisions and actions for the future!

21. Continue Beyond the Challenge

Once your Challenge is completed, you have achieved your result. Don’t stop there,

Integrate the positive changes you’ve made into your daily life. Make it a habit to continue working on self-improvement and setting new goals.


So these were my best tips on how to do a life makeover challenge!

Remember that it is your life, and only you can change it with your hard work and effort

Take the step and Do it! Enjoy the process of self-improvement.

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How to do a life makeover challenge for beginners

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