11 Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

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Homes are our sanctuaries, a space for us to relax and find peace after hustling all day. It is the most essential part of staying peaceful in life- here are tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment.

Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

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Spending a whole day out working or going through stressful problems, when you come home

what do you want to feel?

I am sure most of us come home with the hope and expectation of feeling relaxed and comfortable

Wash away all the stress and truly relax!

It happens to me every day, home can become and should be a comforting place for you to wash away all your stress and be at peace

Because it is the place we live in, we come back to no matter where we go

at the end of the day our home is the place, where we can feel ourselves, and recharge

However, imagine when you come home, you feel the opposite because your home does not feel peaceful

many reasons can make you feel the opposite, but on a good note, we have the power to change most of it!

This is why it is a must that we put an intentional effort into making this space as much relaxing and peaceful as it can be!

The Impact of Design on Our Life

I have never shared this, but I have a degree in interior design. In my course, there was a huge section about how design impacts our life

design is made of elements and principles that make it complete

Each element and principle affects our brain.

For example:

  • Symmentrty design creates a feeling of balance and calmeness whereas asymmetry does not
  •  Colors and textures have an impact on how we feel. Orange makes you feel cozy, whereas red signifies power.

A beautifully designed home gives a sense of happiness and contributes towards a better living environment.

Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

1. Observe the low energy parts in your home

if your home, currently does not make you feel at peace or relaxed, you need to first, find out why.

What areas of your home make you feel this way? Is it a messy bed or kitchen

Is it a room that is super clustered and dark that makes you feel low?

I have moved 2-3 homes, and with each move, I have seen the change in energy that I have felt

My current home is truly a space that makes me feel relaxed and peaceful!

But why?

Compared to my previous two homes, this one is more spacious and surrounded by nature.

This is something, I have noticed, has massively contributed to the energy I feel here!

Likewise, observe around your home and check what about each area makes you feel drained or frustrated.

2. Simplify and revamp

Once you know the low-energy areas in your home, you have to fix them!

If a place is cluttered, then you need to clean and declutter it. If space is unorganized then you have to organize it.

Change up the area and make it a place that can feel comforting to you.

What makes us feel peaceful in a space can be subjective, so find out what makes you feel rested!

3. Use calming colors

One of the main differences I saw in my new home, compared to before, was the color theory of each home.

The last two homes had a lot of dark color schemes everywhere, whereas my current home, is filled with calming colors

  • White
  •  beige
  •  Pastel blue
  •  nude

All the colors are very calming! They make you instantly feel lively and at peace!

4. Let the natural light come in.

In the home, I was residing in before my current one, It had no sunlight coming in.

There was no balcony and tiny windows, which is why there was never any natural light in our previous

It had a huge impact on my mood, as I felt low all the time. Moreover, I also became deficient in Vitamin D because I happened to stay at home during that time, all year.

However, in our current home, we have both, windows and a balcony, and there is lots of natural light and fresh air that sweeps in!

It has truly improved and made this new space feel bright and relaxing.

5. Minimalistic and spacious design

The more minimalistic and spacious your home will be, the more calming it will feel.

Whereas, the more cluttered your home will be, the more drained you will feel.

Minimalism appears to be relaxing to the eyes and soothing to the brain

Remove all the unnecessary elements from your home and make your space restful. It will feel less overwhelming.

In my first home, I remember we used to live with so much cluttered, that there was less space to move.

That home always made us feel irritated and drained s once we moved, and intentionally, made sure to keep only essential elements.

We started having more space and it started to feel like a calming, livable place

6. Welcome nature into your abode

Nature is peaceful and high energy by its nature, whenever you are surrounded by nature,

you will feel peaceful and rested, hence, welcoming nature into your home will instantly create a peaceful space for you.

If you can, incorporate plants both outside and inside your home. Exposure to these natural elements can enhance your home and your energy!

Whenever you come back from work, the energy around nature will ease your mind making you feel all relaxed!

As it provides harmony to your space

7. Create a comfort or cozy corner for yourself

I believe, we all naturally have a comfort corner in our home. It could be our bed or any space in your home, that brings you comfort mentally.

In case, you don’t have one yet, I highly encourage you to make a relaxing corner for yourself in your home.

A space, that is specially designed, for you to relax and have fun in. Anytime you feel stressed, you can spend time there and feel great again.

Adding, a comfy sofa, mattress, candle, plants, or blanket. anything that brings you comfort

8. Mindful Decor

When decorating your home, be mindful of all the decorations you add.

Don’t overdo them and make them cluttered. Only add items that amplify the calmness in your home.

Remember, less is more! Not every empty area needs to have a decor item!

9. Add soothing fragrance around the home

The smell around the house can also add to making you feel more at peace! the right kind of fragrance through candles or essential oils can make a huge difference

certain natural essential oils are proven to help in releasing stress as well!

10. Add pieces that evoke meaning.

Whatever item you add to your home, make sure they have a positive or deep meaning and do not drain your energy.

Many times, people end up getting decor that may look cool but subconsciously is negative or draining for them.

Avoid doing that, as it will affect your energy in the house. Add minimal yet positive affirming items

11. Maintain a positive vibe around the house

Lastly, make sure to maintain a positive vibe around the house every day. When you reach home or when you go back to sleep.

Each time you are in your home, maintain a positive and calming energy by

  • regularly cleaning your home
  •  maintaining a minimalist design
  •  Opening windows to welcome natural light and fresh air
  •  Watering your plants regularly
  •  Diffusing calming essential oils

This post was all about Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

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Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

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