Ultimate Reset Day Routine: 7 Best Tips

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Feeling stuck? Or Burned out? We all have times when we start feeling exhausted; most of the reasons could be working too much, mind block, or just the daily routine can make us bored! In times like this, having a reset day routine every now and then is the best solution!

reset day routine

What do you do on a reset day?

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What does Reset day mean?

Reset Day is basically returning and having a fresh start without making massive changes! The most minor things combined help you get out of the funk or overcome burnout!

You take a day and do all the activities that help you get your life on track again!

What do you do on a Sunday reset?

Sunday is one of the best days to dedicate to a reset day routine, It’s a holiday, and you can spend a reasonable amount of time following all the tips and activities in one day!

It will also pump you and set you up for the rest of the weeks to keep you productive!

reset day routine

How do I reset my morning routine?

A lot of people ask this question, how can they reset their morning routine? I am here to answer that!

After reading tons of that information, there is so much information on how your morning routine should ideally be. It can make you feel confused.

A simple way to understand is that we all have different lives, routines, and goals.

It is essential to find something that works best for you rather than what everyone is doing.

I have shared my two types of morning routine before – My productive morning routine and a slow cozy morning routine.

What I like to keep in mind when creating or resetting my morning routine to first know my schedule

You know, most people have school, college, and everyday work life. You must understand your timing and try to fit in these activities wherever possible.

Sometimes I miss journaling in the morning because I don’t get Time, but I do get my workout complete and vice versa.

And that’s completely okay.

As long as you slowly add self-care to your routine, you will get there! Now let’s look at our reset day checklist!

Reset Day Routine Guide

Reset Routine can be of various types depending on what you need. If you are feeling mentally exhausted, then setting a routine, particularly for that, is ideal, similarly for physical and health or environment!

If you need clarification about what you need, you can do all the activities on your reset day routine to help you feel great and see what works!

  1. Changing your environment

Starting your reset day by changing things around you is the easiest way to start! A Lot of times, just changing things around you can make a huge difference in your mood!

All you need to do is-

  1. Do a deep clean! : Clean out your home and where you spend your time the most! Declutter and throw old things lying around and simplify your life! Our House reflects what’s going up in our head- if we feel confused and scattered, you will find your house to portray the same!
  2.  Adding some refreshing and healing things to your home: Cleaning out your space will help you feel light; if you add a few items to amp up the room with some positive things- it will be the like cherry on the cake!

Products you can add to set a pleasant mood in your home!

  • A candle!: Beautifully scented candle will set you in a refreshing mood and help you relax!

2. Doing A Thorough pampering session

Deep self-care for your body and skin has a long-lasting effect when feeling down. It will help you feel light and relaxed,

especially when cleaning your space! you can do many self-care activities – from taking a long bath to putting on a body or face mask and exfoliating your skin, and adding a nourishing moisturizer!

Skin care is very subjective; depending on your skin and how you like to pamper yourself, you can put the right products everyday to high-end luxury products!

Here are some Self care ideas for you!

One of the products I have recently hooked on for skincare is-

The New Ordinary Niacinamide:

I Bought this serum last month; I watched one of Hyram’s videos where he talked about how Niacinamide is great for reducing oil with Time if you suffer from oily skin!

I am someone who has OILY SKIN! Literally, I would put a little finger on my face, and I could see all the oil on my fingers; hence after doing lots of research,

I decided to give The New Ordinary Niacinamide a try, as it is really affordable and famous, and OH MY GOD, After just a few applications then, I could see how less oily my face is now!

Please note: This product has a 10% concentration, so you cannot use this every day! You have to start by using it once a week, either at night or morning and see how it works,

Over some time, you can add it to three times a week at most! If you are looking for everyday use, please use a product with a lower concentration.

Simple Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash for Sensitive Skin

I was looking for an affordable face wash that is gentle and good for oily acne-prone skin! Usually, people use a face wash with active ingredients for acne, but I wanted to go with something mild.

After watching Hyram’s video, I decided to give this one a try! This simple and gentle facial gel will not rip out your skin or feel heavy!

3. Do A Social Media Detox

In today’s Time, where we all live with a -all-day High dose of dopamine because of Social Media, Our minds are always thinking and getting distracted.

It makes it difficult to be calm and focus on our everyday work. Hence A Reset Day Routine is a perfect time to detox social media.

I usually like to delete all my apps for the day; this helps me not feel the urge to look at my phone frequently and stay focused.

When your mind is less cluttered, you will be able to focus on the right things and find a clear Vision, which leads me to the next step

4. Journal

Journaling is a crucial step in getting your life together! It’s like a therapy session with yourself alone.

You open up everything in your mind and write it all down. From things that are bothering you to what you wish to do and so on

It helps us get clarity on how to go about our life as of now! If you have been working too much, you may need a break or a different way of doing things.

You can come up with solutions once you realize what is ACTUALLY bothering you.

Practicing various journal prompts is also a great way to begin journaling in case you need help with what to write!

Here are some journal prompts for you

5. Meditate

You can meditate or be in silence for a few minutes, this is very helpful and something we all need!

When was the last time you spent some alone time doing nothing? We all rarely get to sit in silence; we are either surrounded by people all the time or have n number of tasks to do

6. Planning Your goals

We will get our life back on track or have a new start which requires planning.

Write down what you want to do next and what changes you want to bring to your life starting now.

It can be anything from the body to the mind to the career! Write down a goal for each area of your life and what you expect to achieve! Creating a daily schedule that you can stick to help you move forward is great!

Make lists and write your main priority for the month. By self-reflection on your past, you will know your mistakes and things that need special attention.

Make sure to reflect and focus on one thing at a time

7. Eat Healthy Food

Feeling sluggish or exhausted can also be due to an unhealthy diet and as we care for each area of life, Eating healthy is one.

Drink more water and eat the proper diet for the day to give you nutrition and energy

8. Move your Body

As someone who sits most of the day working, moving my body for some time makes me feel good! It’s also something our body needs,

and we cannot ignore the many ways to move our body, from walking to doing sports or working out at home! I usually do at-home workouts, and they help me feel great in the end.

9. Find New Perspective

Sometimes, when things are not going our way, or we feel negative about everything in life, we are too hooked on our way of life.

It’s significant and even essential to be aware of a different perspective on life. We get to see how one can live and enjoy the same things in another way

There are many ways to find a new perspective – talking to a friend or even a stranger, knowing someone else’s life story, reading a book, and so on.

7. Relax

If you have been working every day, it is, of course, essential to relax on your reset day! Get as much rest as possible before getting to your daily routine.

I recently watched a show of a few friends on vacation (in the soop friendcation); they were talking about what resting really means. We think getting sleep is the ideal way to rest, which at times it is

But resting also comes in different forms, like – having fun with your friends who make you laugh or doing activities that bring you optimum joy. In the show, for friends, resting was spending meaningful time with each other.


So these were some of the ways to reset your life! Everyone has a different way they like to reset their life. Doing what works best for you matters the most.

It’s great to take one day every month to get life together and keep in touch with yourself! I hope you find them helpful.

Let me know in the comments what activities you prefer for reset day.

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