60 Amazing Ideas to Change your life in 2024

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Looking for Ideas to Change your life in 2024? Here are 60 amazing ideas to start now!

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We all are looking for change whether we believe it or not. When we feel stuck in life, it is because our life is looking for new beginnings.

After all, change is the only constant thing in the world

Are you also looking for Ideas to Change your life in 2024, my dear readers?

I certainly am, just like every year, I want this year to change my life…too, for the better!

I want to get out of my comfort zone and truly live the life I always wanted.

Hence, In this Post, I will share 60 amazing ideas, some of which helped me change my life in the past, and some I am looking forward to in the future!

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How can I completely change my life in a year?

A lot can happen in a year, do not take it for granted

Even the Smallest habits you practice every day can make a huge difference by the end of the year.

I started this blog exactly a year ago, and working and learning this new skill changed my life.

I can make money, I have a new skill that will stay with me forever, and I am enjoying, what I do.

That was not the case before, It only happens as I took a step and in one year, I have accomplished something important.

If you want to change your life in a year:

  • Make sure to stay consistent at anything you decide to do
  •  Make sure to believe in yourself throughout the process because it will keep you going
  •  Remember, you are doing it for nobody but for yourself first!
Ideas to Change your life in 2023

Now Let’s Look at the Ideas to Change your life in 2024

60 Ideas to Change your life in 2024

1. Write down Intentions

We all are at different points in our lives, and there is something you wish to achieve

Maybe following your passion, getting accepted in a university or company, Living alone, or loving yourself…

The list is endless… What is it you want to accomplish this year? why?

Writing your intention is more important and comes before setting your goals. What do you want to be?

You may want to lose weight and get toned, that is your goal but, what is the intention behind it? Why do you want to lose weight or get fit?

The intention would be To become healthy or strong.

This intention can help you throughout the year to keep working toward your goals.

This will be the mantra of your life.

For everything you plan to do, write down your intentions first.

2. Set Goals

Goals are Definitely Important in life, they help us strive for growth and push us for change.

Write down your goals, not just for this year but in life. Brain dump all your goals, without any fear.

After you have written down your goals, set a few goals for the year.

What are some goals from your life, you can realistically achieve this year?

1. Create a Vision Board

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

This is my favorite part! I truly believe it has helped me change my life

Every year when I have set my goals for the new year, what I am looking for to achieve, experience

I create a Vision Board! It motivates me and gives me confidence when I see the dreams in my head on a visual board, in front of me

Here is How to make a Powerful vision board

4. Set Systems to achieve your goals

This is the most important or action-based factor that will help you change your life.

We all set goals, but how many of us, are actually able to achieve them?

I used to set goals before too, but I would constantly fail to achieve them until I shifted my focus to systems.

I highly recommend reading the book called “Atomic Habits:, which explains how systems are the key to changing your life!

Systems are tools, habits, and resources that ease your goals and help you achieve them faster.

Goals are the target, whereas systems are the process to help you get there.

Read this post, I explain about some of my systems that help me achieve my goals

5. Eliminate a Bad Habit

It may be hard to believe, but removing just one bad habit from your life can have a huge impact in a year.

That one bad habit might affect more than one area of your life. If make a conscious effort to eliminate it.

You can see things changing in your for the better!

For example, One of my bad habits in the past was, negative self-talk

I did not realize it back then, but this habit was affecting all areas of my life, my relationship with myself, with others, in school, and my career!

Back in 2020, I made a conscious effort to change the inner voice inside me and in a year it changed everything.

It improved my relationship with myself, my mental health improved, I was confident, and start to work towards my dreams.

Take a moment and find what bad habits are ruining your life, Only if, you could eliminate them. Your life would be so much better.

Think about it and make an effort to remove it from your life

6. Add Good Habits one by one

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

Similarly, removing bad habits opens room for good ones. Good habits are the best system you can build in life

It helps you control your life.

Here is a list of 100 good habits and ideas to improve your life

7. Shift your Mindset

Did you know? The biggest thing that stops us from changing and living our true selves and dreams is our mindset?

Our mindset can stop us from even taking the first step toward our dreams.

The fears, judgments of others, and scarcity mindset are some of the things that are holding people back.

One mindset shift from I cannot to I can, makes all the difference!

In fact, I believe Our mindset is the line between our dreams and reality.

You keep thing about your dreams every day, daydreaming and imagining living like this.

But what is stopping you from making it a reality? What is stopping you from taking that first step?

Your Mindset.

8. Write down your dream life

Take a notebook and journal out your dream life in detail, write about what kind of life you see for yourself in the future,

How do you feel imagining and writing your dream life? Your routine and experiences.

This is a beautiful scripting exercise, that helps you feel in touch with your dreams.

All that you, have been imagining for years has now transferred into a physical paper. Feel happy as your write about your dreams!

9. Create a 5 year Plan

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

I do not Create a detailed 5-year plan as I believe our goals and dreams can change with time.

We all are just trying to figure out life, and as we grow, our reality changes, and so do our dreams.

But I do make a rough 5-year plan. I write down the goals I would want to accomplish by then And the Things I want to experience.

Creating this plan will help you take action toward changing your life!

10. Experiment with life

As I mentioned above, we are figuring out life, no matter, what our age is. Nobody truly knows their purpose, and we all are trying to figure it out along the way.

This is why experimenting with life is super important, you never know what opportunities or new paths open for you, and you find your passion.

When you are stuck and looking for a change, experimenting with life is all you need.
To give you a real-life example of a celebrity that came to my mind

If you know about K-pop, There is a famous band called BTS, which is now known as one of the biggest boy bands in the world

One of the members of this group is ” V”, in an interview he said, he never intended to be a singer, he just went to give the audition to support his friend

He ended up getting accepted instead of his friend, and now he is a member of the biggest boy band in the world

A little experiment beautifully changed his whole life!

11. Take Inspiration from People

Just like the story I mentioned above, there are millions of stories of people succeeding at something.

Reading how other achieved something we always want to give us, inspiration that we can do it too!

If there is something you wish to achieve, and you are struggling to take action

Take inspiration from people who have already done it, how they did it, and what were their struggles?

This will push you to take action and change your life.

12. Read books and blogs

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

Books and blogs are great ways to learn! You can find books and blogs about everything from living a healthy life to healing, traveling, improving mental health being, financially free, and so many more

I highly encourage you to start reading!

13. Listen to Podcasts

Listening to Podcasts is another way to learn, if you do not get time to read much, then listening to audiobooks or podcasts can be your thing!

You can listen to it while doing your chores, walking, and traveling.

Here are 12 Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s

14. Watch educating Content

Apart from reading, listening. You can even watch content on youtube and take online courses.

Become conscious of what you consume and start watching, more content that resonates with you!

15. Create a daily routine

Pay attention to your daily routine. How is it helping you every day? is it helping you achieve your goals?

A simple change in your daily routine can change your life in a year. There is so much, you can do if you create an effective daily routine!

I know because it happened to me as well, when my routine is not set, I tend to procrastinate and waste my time watching reels or a show

Creating a daily routine has helped me use my time effectively and achieve my goals!

16. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about being present and conscious. The truth is most people are just living their every day with being present.

Their mind is somewhere else, or they are constantly distracted by smartphones.

If this continues, nothing will change in your life, every day will go the same as before. That’s why practicing mindfulness is important.

It helps you stay present and live your intentionally, only then you can make a deliberate effort to change your life.

Read 23 Mindful Me Time Activities to start practicing mindfulness

17. Make Lists

I love making lists! They help you simplify and ease your tasks! When you are thinking in your head lists of tasks you need to do

It is easy to forget and prioritize effectively. That is why making lists are important!

Here are 13 Ultimate Lists to make to Organize Your Life

18. Let go of Fears and Limiting Beliefs

As you have decided to change your life, there will be many moments when you will come across, fears and limiting beliefs holding you from going after your dreams.

You need to break through them and succeed!

These fears and beliefs are very big in our heads. They consume us, and we are not able to do anything

But once you take steps, you will realize, nothing really happened.

Everything was in my head in reality, there were no such obstacles.

19. Leave Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are more draining than anything, they drain the energy from you and your will to do anything.

Not only that, you are wasting your time dealing with so much toxicity. When in fact, you could use that time and energy on a nurturing relationship instead!

20. Create Healthy Relationships

As you are making an effort to leave a toxic relationship, you must make an effort to build a healthy one too.

This conscious effort will help you from getting trapped in more unhealthy relationships.

The people you surround yourself with have so much effect on your life, so do not take this for granted.

21. Start a Side Hustle

work from home

Starting a side hustle has changed people’s life. Whether it was adding an extra income or being able to follow their passion on the side while doing a full-time job, they did not enjoy.

It can change yours too. Although everyone doesn’t need to start a side hustle, it is something that can benefit you.

Maybe you want to make extra income, and your current job isn’t paying much, maybe you always wished to explore a passion but could not.

Now you can, We are living in the most amazing time right now! We have all the information on everything! Do not miss this!

22. Manage Your money effectively

I am newbie in this department, hence I cannot give advice on how to manage your money effectively.

But this is a reminder, that you may need to manage your money effectively if you were not doing before.

Read this guide on 10 Simple Ways To Manage Your Money Better

23. Clear Debt

Clearing your debt is such a freeing feeling. It can open your paths to financial abundance and start saving…truly life-changing!

24. Start Prioritizing Health

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

Out of all the Ideas to Change your life in 2024, health is my top priority this year!

Health is the most important part of our life, yet it is taken for granted the most!

Once you start prioritizing your overall health, your life will start to change automatically!

25. Be Kind to yourself

We are indeed our biggest critique, while others may often say harsh words to us, but we are the ones who get extremely hard on our minds and body.

Take the steps towards being a little kinder to yourself and letting go of the perfectionism you hold.

26. Embrace Discomfort

Many of us are unable to take action toward changing our life, because of the discomfort we feel.

Changing your life often, requires, courage, risk, and uncertainty. this is not a comfortable state to be in and can often lead us to give up

Instead of giving up, start to embrace the discomfort that comes with changing your life.

27. Find a Mentor

When you are lost in an area of your life, finding a mentor might be all you need. Find someone who is an expert in the field or area you want to get into.

Not only that but someone whose values and personality you get inspired from. Make them your mentor and follow through.

It can help you find the right direction and move ahead!

28. Travel more

Traveling is not only fun but a life-changing experience, the more places you uncover, the more you learn about various parts of the world, as well as yourself.

Do not stay restrained to one place in your life, and travel to as many places as you can!

29. Spend more time in Nature

Nature can help you feel calm when your mind is in chaos, nature is healing and the more your spend time in it, the more rested you feel.

20. Schedule Me-time

One of the ideas to change your life in 2024 that I highly encourage everyone to start, is to Schedule me-time!

Me-time is the most important part that everyone should start adding to their life, the more quality time you spend with yourself

The more connected you will be able to feel with yourself. Here are 23 Mindful Me Time Activities you will absolutely love

21. Take a course

There are so many online courses available only for literally everything, taking up courses has helped me learn and build new skills.

Trust me, by learning a new skill, you change your life tremendously! There is no doubt.

22. Move Abroad

Moving abroad has changed people’s life completely. You are in a new city, a new environment different from yours.

And You struggle and learn to do many things on your own, you go through discomfort, and with you can grow as well.

You can do this at any stage of your life and start afresh!

23. Move your Body

Move your body every day, whether it is, walking, running, exercising at home for 10-15 minutes, or joining a class.

Schedule time for your body for overall well-being. You will naturally start to feel better mentally and physically.

24. Explore new Hobbies

Spending our life studying, and working back to back has made our life a bit boring and less meaningful.

We are not born to just work but to enjoy as well. Exploring new hobbies not for work but for enjoying is essential to balancing life and making it more fun!

Check out These 67 Insanely Great Hobbies for 20 somethings adults

25. Make time for your passion

Similar to hobbies, passion is very important. While you may be working in a field you are passionate about right now.

There have been so many such people who start doing it as a side hustle in the beginning and then turned it into a full-time job.

If this something you have been wanting to do, I want to tell you that you can!

Start now!

26. Organize your things

Even though it may seem little, but organizing your life can change your life drastically.

Keeping this in their place helps in simplify life and eliminate the mess

A messy room is a sign of messy life,

Here are 23 Ways & categories to organize your life

27. Start taking care of your skin

Start taking care of your skin, Even as small as putting sunscreen every day or switching to good quality products that work on your skin.

Make a little effort towards taking care of your skin and learning about skincare!

28. Dress up everyday

I have noticed whenever I make an effort to dress up and do a little make-up, I also feel good.

Whereas I feel a little out of place when I don’t. Dressing up definitely makes you feel more confident and lively. Try to make a little effort into dressing up for yourself every day!

29. Make Peace with your past

Maybe you don’t need to look for new Ideas to Change your life in 2024, what you need is to just make peace with your past

A lot of times, it is the past, that holds people back from changing their life and growing.
The truth is you cannot change what happened, you can only learn from it.

So, instead of holding onto it, It is time to make peace with it and move ahead.

30. Declutter your life

A small Change you can make is decluttering your life, Eliminating things you no longer need.

Things that are just taking up space and filling no purpose in your life, you need to remove them now.

This Little change can help you feel lighter and will simplify your life.

Here are 30 things to get rid of immediately

31. Adopt a healthier Diet

I have spent my weekends learning about food and gut health. And It Surprises me how much food impacts our life.

This is an area, I am starting to pay attention to lately and educating myself in.

And I can tell you that adopting a healthier lifestyle can change your life immensely!

32. Be Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable means not neglecting your emotion and letting yourself feel them.

Many people avoid their feelings because it makes them vulnerable. But I want to tell you that being vulnerable is good.

Being honest with yourself about your feelings is good, and you need to let yourself be in that state when you feel it.

33. Find something beautiful in everyday

We are always, focusing and looking forward to big movements in our life, birthday, marriage, awards, promotions, and so on.

It tends to belittle happiness in our everyday life as they seem small. I think finding something good or beautiful in everyday.

Will help us not wait for these big movements to experience happiness or joy.

34. Make peace with things you can’t control

It is an area we all struggle with, don’t we? As someone who is a control freak, and when something, is out of my control, it fills me up with overthinking and anxiety.

What I have realized is that there is no solution to it apart from letting it go,

Instead, I can shift my energy to things I can rather, control and change in my life rather than complaining, and feeling miserable about things I cannot.

Even though it is difficult, Start making peace with the thing you cannot control.

35. Take action on thing you can Control

As I mentioned above, Instead of spending time complaining, Start taking action on things that are in your control, and it will change your life

36. Turn off the news

Whether it is newspapers or news, They make information in a very negative way. If you notice the headlines or words, they often instill fear and anxiety in us

Even apart from that, a Newspaper is filled with 99% of the bad news, which is a lot for our brain.

Without realizing we are subconsciously starting our day with negativity and fear.

You must turn off the news occasionally, if not completely.

37. Follow your intuition

Your Intuition is always right. The earlier you start listening to it, the easier your path to success will be.

I have experienced it many times. When you are not listening to your inner voice, you keep moving in circles.

38. Learn to say “No”

I used to struggle with saying no in the past, and my life was felt miserable, the moment I started to say no, it wasn’t easy

I came off as rude, and selfish for a long time, but eventually now, I am happy that I said “no”

Now, I am in a better place because of this, start saying no and do what you want.

39. Follow Consistency

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

If you want o change your life, you need to be consistent. Now it does not matter what activity you have picked up

Whether, it is exercising every day, starting a Youtube channel, or learning a new skill. All of it will only be used if you do it consistently.

Read this post where I share Importance of Being Consistent with Goals – Here is Exactly How to

40. Implement Slow living

One of the Ideas to Change your life in 2024, can be implementing slow living for you.

You may have spent your life living in a rush from one thing to another, and somewhere you have missed the joy of living those moments.

Implementing slowly is all about living in the present and feeling it. You are not rushing for anything.

P.S : The Beauty of living a slow and simple life – 17 ways to slow down

41. Find a spiritual/ philosophical connection

Changing our life requires more than improving habits or routines.

Spiritual connection or philosophy, that we believe in is what keeps us going through tough movements And is exactly, what inspires us too!

As for me, Spirituality and philosophy are what helped me get into the self-growth journey and learn about life.

42. Take down time from Social Media

It has gotten so easy to forget about time and get consumed by distraction because of social media,

While I love social media, I have to say that it is important to limit its consumption.

You don’t realize how many hours went by and you did not move your eyes even for a second.

Something that has helped me, is deleting all my apps for at least a day every now and then when I find myself using them too much.

I know many people who take 1 week off every month from social media and love it. many who have scheduled Monday or Tuesday as no social media day every week

These are simple and great ways to take down time.

43. Be Mindful of your Self-talk

Have you spent most of your life feeling sad and low about yourself? You may likely need to check your self-talk.

We may start feeling low self-esteem due to other people’s opinions in the beginning but over time.

It is our own self-talk that keeps the cycle going, you need to start talking positively to yourself and be mindful of your words.

Trust me, What you say to yourself makes all the change in the world!

44. Manage your time well

A simple change in managing time can also have a profound effect on changing your life.

You will be able to add things into your time, you always wanted to do, you will be able to make time to rest and self-care!

If you need to manage your time better, read 13 Best Time Management Tips for Women to do Everything without Stress

45. Go out to explore

This is more of a reminder to myself, and homebodies like me, who do not get out of their homes much

Over the last year, I have been waiting to go out and explore more because it makes me feel good.

Being indoors too much can get depressing after a while so, it is always good to explore new cafes or places where you live.

46. Set Monthly Goals

We all set goals for the new year, but hardly everyone follows through, honestly, it is not their fault, It is just a goal for the years that seems huge.

Whereas, setting monthly goals can help achieve them by the end of the year. It is easy to follow through and does not cause much confusion!

47. Set Weekly Goals

Similarly, Setting weekly goals can be even better to follow through and reflect in case we make any mistakes.

48. Create a journal

Create a journal where you can write your feeling, dreams, and thoughts that occasionally pops up.

You can write affirmations and practice journal prompts as well. Journaling is a great practice for self-care and better mental health.

Moreover, a journal is a record that can always look back to reminisce about your old times!

49. Strive for 6+ hours of deep Sleep

As I have been learning more about health, Sleep is something that has come out to be an important factor

Not just how many hours you sleep but how many hours of deep sleep you get.

Many things that sleeping is a waste of think but sleep is the most important factor in our body. When we are sleeping, our body is going through a healing process.

Strive for at least 6 hours of sleep and make effort to achieve deep sleep.

50. Do Digital Declutter

We all have emails, that are filled with a useless newsletter that keeps popping up, and we never read them, Apps we don’t use, and just take space in our phones.

While decluttering your space and physical belonging is important, digital decluttering is equally essential.

Especially, if your work is online-based! Take a day to declutter everything and simplify your digital space.

51. Tidy your room

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

A messy room can lower your energy, whereas coming home to a clean, and tidy room can wash away all your stress.

Make a little effort to tidy your room every day!

52. Help Others

Helping others, is what will help you change your life, As the famous saying goes” the more you give, the more you get!

Abundance truly begins when you start helping those in needs

53. Dance it out

You may not have to be a dancer to dance, Simple listening to your body and following the rhythm of music is all you need to get started

Dancing is a beautiful form of art, and I love it.

54. Start Praying

I always thought praying was selfish as It means that I am always asking for something

Only in recent times, I have realized, Praying is actually good.
In the law of attraction, the first thing we do is ask the universe to receive it.

Similarly, if you believe in god or higher power, Praying is all you need to start getting abundant!

55. Keep getting Back on Tracks

I have shared plenty of Ideas to Change your life in 2024, but one thing that you need to remember is

Whatever new thing you start to implement, there will be days you will miss it.

For example, if you decided, to build a habit of reading every day, you may miss a few days of your journey.

Instead of giving up, focus on getting back on track every time you miss.

56. Believe in your Self

Nobody knows you better than you do, what you like and what you love

Often the people around us don’t know us well and are judged from their lens.

Instead of getting discouraged, shift your focus to believing in yourself and go for it!

57. Love yourself more

Stop waiting for validation and love from others and give yourself what you deserve.

Do not depend on others, instead, love yourself more and build a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself.

Automatically your relationship with others will improve too.

58. Don’t Complain

Have your ever noticed, the moment you start complaining about the little things, you already start to feel down

And in no time, it becomes a Bad day!

Take a challenge to not complain for a day and see for yourself, how much better your day gets!

59. Become a Learner of life

The people who can never grow or change are the ones, who think they know everything

Whereas someone who becomes a learner of life is always growing and getting more knowledge

To change and grow, learning is essential

60. Practice Gratitude

Ideas to Change your life in 2023

Lastly, Practicing gratitude is one thing you can start adding to your life to be more optimistic, and happier and make life more meaningful!

Gratitude is proven to improve mental health, and if it is something you have been wishing to add, then.

Take up the Best 21 Day Journaling Challenge to start journaling

Final thoughts on Ideas to Change your life in 2024

So, these were 60 Ideas to Change your life in 2024! I hope you found some ideas to change your life in 2024 and grow

It is easy to mess up our life, but it takes a deliberate effort to change your life positively, so do not hesitate and start working!

Good Luck! 🙂

This Post was all about Ideas to Change your life in 2024

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Ideas to Change your life in 2023

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