5 Steps- How to make a Powerful vision board without magazines

Are you looking for ways to create your dream life? New year and new goals? Making Vision Board is an amazing way to put all your goals in one visual place! If you are wondering how to make a vision board that is detailed and not random cut-out pieces from the magazine, then- In this post, I will share 5 steps How to make a vision board without magazines

How to make a vision board without magazines

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Who doesn’t want to manifest their dream life?

All of us have dreams and aspirations we want to achieve or experiences, whether it is getting a dream job traveling, moving abroad, or buying your dream house!

As much important our actions and steps are to achieve our dream life, Our mindset plays an equal or say more role!

There are various activities of manifestation that helps us be in the right mindset and energy to help us achieve our dream life!

One such way is making VISION BOARDS!

If you have never heard what a vision board is, It is just like its name, A visual board in which we put all our dreams in a picture format to help us achieve our dream life!

What do vision boards have?

A vision Board Contains pictures of all the things we want to achieve in our life!

  • Health Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Travel Goals

And so on! In a vision board, you can paste quotes and photos of your role models too!

How to make a vision board without magazines

My Experience with Vision Boards

I first heard about vision boards through a book called “the secret” and a YouTuber called Mimi ikon! She shared her experience on how making a vision board helped her achieve her dream life!

I got pretty excited and took out some random printouts of what I wanted my dream life to look like and pasted them! Ever since then vision board has become an annual thing that I do!

TRUE STORY- In my first vision board, I had put a photo of blogging back in 2017-18! Which I only got to know a few weeks back (2022) when I was cleaning my house for moving! It’s crazy to see how magical it is! I got goosebumps when I saw it!

How does a vision board work?

In the beginning, I told you that a vision board is a mindset manifestation exercise! And that’s exactly what it does! You have to be CLEAR about what you want and paste those visuals on a  board as if you are turning it from your head to a physical format!

When we are thinking about our dream life, which is most of the time in our head, sometimes it can get really cluttered and even contradicting! Thoughts are powerful and a human being is said to have 6200 thoughts in a day!

A lot of times when we think about our dream job, instantly all the obstacles, and limitation pops into our head which suppresses our positive thoughts and limits our thinking!

With a vision board, you can put what you desire, and with a true mindset that all of it will come true, you paste it into a board and bring it into a physical form!

Here the keyword is believing! If you are making a vision board with the intention that it is rubbish then, you are limiting your mindset!

vision board

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How to make a vision board without magazines

1. Create Goals

The first and most important step is to take time and create goals for the future

I like to make an yearly basis vision board rather than a 3 or 5-year one which a lot of people like to make!


I believe that our dreams and goals can change with time and as per circumstances, especially if you are at a place where you are not 100% sure where you want to be in the next 3-5 years, its better to make one-year vision board!


What I like to do, is write down on a piece of paper what is it I am hoping to get or achieve by next year! Any thought that pops up in my head I just write it down!

Once I am done writing my visions and goals, I like to sort out each of them and ask myself-

Is it true what I want? And why? That helps me give clarity whether it’s just a random thought or truly something I aspire!

2. Find Pictures

This where you get pictures of the goals you sorted.

For long time people would cut pictures from magazine to make vision board but you don’t have to! If you do not have magazines collected at home or want to eliminate the hassle of looking for pictures from one magazine to another.

There are many AMAZING alternatives that I love!

Once you know about your goals, it’s time to find pictures of them! For that, the best source is PINTEREST!

Pinterest has beautiful pictures of literally everything! So go to Pinterest and download all the pictures that feel closest to your dream life!

For example: if you want to travel, download pictures of countries you wish to visit next year!

You can look for Vision Board Inspiration on Pinterest! Here are some from Pinterest!

Vision Board Examples

3. Photoshop the Pictures to make it REAL

This may feel odd but trust me, this is THE MAIN STEP! Through my experience over the five years of making vision boards, I have made lots of mistakes! One of them being, putting random pictures of other people in my board, although it is great but..

When we are talking about truly manifesting our desires, it should look and feel as realistic as possible! I have seen many celebrities like LILY SINGH talking about how important it is to make it unique to your own!

Hence photoshop comes into the picture!
For example, if your goal is to travel to France, so after downloading the picture of France your next step is to edit it and photoshop yourself into the picture!

I know it may sound weird but I promise it will make your manifestation so much powerful!

Every time,  you would open your vision board, you would see yourself in France instead of some random person!

I have started doing this only in the last two years and it is crazy how much change it has made not only in my mindset but also in helping it turn into reality!

4. Print them out

The next step is to take those pictures and paste them into a board (cardboard or chart paper) if you are making a traditional board! You can either put it in a place where only you can see it every day! Or hide it somewhere and check on it once in a while! This is How to make a vision board without magazines by finding pictures and getting them printed or

If you want to make a digital board, you can just go to canvas and make the collage there! You can use that collage image as your home screen on all your devices so you can see it every time!

5. Take Action

take action

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP IN ANY MANIFESTATION! A lot of people believe that all they have to do is think about it and things will come true on their own, which I believe is not entirely true! Yes, by thinking you will be able to create opportunities for yourself to some extent but without ACTION it won’t turn into reality!


For example: if your goal was to travel to France then, start researching on it, the places you want to visit, the budget you need and how you can start saving from now on, which month would be best for you to travel, clothes you will wear there (and go all out and by all those items already!), when will the flights be available and hotels you would like to stay in…etc

Step by step with no time you will find yourself near to the goal!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does a vision board have to have pictures?

No, there is no such rule but Pictures make things look real! By all means, you can paste quotes or write your goals in it but A picture make it easy to visualize and real…

It’s better to paste pictures

How do I make a free vision board?

If you want to make a free vision Board, then you can refer to my other post where I share how to make a digital vision board in Canva free

Final Thoughts.

Honestly, there are so many ways to make a vision board without magazines from using craft stuff, and writing affirmations and quotes to paste your pictures! Making A vision is such a fun activity to put intention and more life into the dreams you have been thinking about in your head for so long!

This Post Was all about How to make a vision board without magazines

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How to make a vision board without magazines

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