7 Simple Daily Habits That Improved My Life

Want Simple daily habits that can help you improve your life positively?


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What habit will improve your life?

If you wish to improve your life, you have to change and implement certain daily habits!

Today, I will share with you 7 simple daily habits that improved my life!

It is only after so many years, that now I have realized these simple changes, I made have helped me in improving my life!

Some of these are daily habits of successful people which they swear by!

If you want to be a girl boss, have a better future and overall better well-being then these habits are all you need!

Simple daily habits

1. The Daily habit of practicing gratitude!

I learned this in 10th grade maybe, by a YouTuber – Mimi ikon about the power of gratitude,

She has her company that sells the popular Five Minute Journal! She has been my role model ever since then! The law of attraction follows a set of the same rule which is simply-

To be thankful/ grateful for things you already have!

By practicing gratitude consistently in my life –

  1. I was able to feel and appreciate the things and people I have in my life already!
  2. I was able to attract more good things in life
  3. During times, when things weren’t working out in my favor and started affecting my mental health, especially in those moments by being grateful, I was able to stay optimistic and peaceful for the things I already have

The best ways to practice gratitude-

One way to practice gratitude which I like doing it consistently daily is that-

As soon as I wake up I like to start my day with gratitude! I like to keep a notebook where, I write down 10 gratitude affirmations!

  • The first 5 affirmations I write, are things I already have in my life and I am truly thankful for them!
  • The other 5 are the things, I aspire to have! I automatically write in the present form

For example: if your goal is to get a fit body then start writing-

I am grateful for my fit and healthy body

I am grateful for my strong and lean body

You can also go ahead in detail about body parts like-

I am grateful for my strong arms

I am grateful for my abs

The thing with a gratitude journal is that you have to do it with consistency for at least 30 days(as said it takes 30 days to build a habit and see its results)

Consistency is key!

The second way to start practicing gratitude is at night! What I like to do is something, I learned and started practicing with this journal called The Five Minute Journal for both morning and night

Every night you have to fill out this question

What are the 3 amazing things that happened today?

This way, even if you had a hard or tiring day at night before going to bed, you will be able to find or create something amazing and meaningful!

Even if it is a cup of coffee or meeting a close friend!

The amazing part of practicing gratitude is to appreciate small things in your life!

We associate happiness with big achievements but in reality, it is a combination of various small moments in life!

If you are a beginner, I suggest you check out this journal. It is a simple tool that will help you Bring optimism to your life!

The Five- Minute Journal

2. The daily habits of working out!

This particular habits drastically improved my life! Not only I was able to lose 7kgs but also feel strong and confident in myself!

Physical exercise has many effects on your body apart from just being “physically” fit!

It has a more psychological effect on me personally than physical!

When I consistently started working out in 2020 I was able to have a huge amount of love and respect for my body!

As someone who struggled with self-love, Working out every day made me not only fit but also appreciate the body I have and the work I do for it

And in return, I felt my body delivering me the same love and gratitude for taking care of it!

I also felt comfortable and confident in my skin

It helps to be present at the moment so, whenever I am feeling down, by doing some workout at my home I instantly feel a lot better!

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3. The habit of taking social media detox!

daily habits

I started social media or screen time detox in 2019 for the first time

Back then I would take one day without any smartphone or any other digital device!

Yes, for real

I would switch off my phone for 24 hours

It would be difficult to practice for you if you live away from family and constantly have to attend to phone calls!

Back then I had just gotten out of school, so I knew nobody would call me ( I told my friends about it beforehand of course )

And it was so fruitful!

I found my day to be super productive and was present in real moments with people around me!

Now that times have changed, I cannot switch off my phone for 24 hours and so instead

I take social media detox now and then!

Anytime I find myself mindlessly scrolling through social media and procrastinating my work

I delete the app


I know people find it difficult to do but with time you get used to it! So do not worry!

What I learned-

After taking this social media detox, I Stopped comparing myself to other people!

Before, I would get into this negative mindset of comparison

As by stalking people so much, it naturally makes us compare to them! It is a human thing!

After taking these detox, With time I found myself being more in tune with life!

And less negative about missing out on things that other people have experienced!

I love being inspired by people but it is important to limit yourself to how much of someone’s life you are consuming!

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4. The habit of eating mindfully!

simple daily habits

Remember I told you above I lost 7kgs and got fit? It was during that time I started to change my lifestyle when it comes to food!

I started to eat healthy food and mindfully without compromising tasty food!

Honestly, It isn’t as hard as we think it is!

Eating mindfully helped me get fit and be guilt-free!

5. The habit of consuming mindful/educational content!

I started this in school because I loved it!

But now when I look back, it was only because I constantly consumed and educated myself about various topics of self-development, I was able to practice these things and change my life!

It can be reading blogs or books on topics you wish to improve or listening to podcasts and interview’s can help you be better in that area!

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6. The habit of practicing self-care!

daily habits

How often do you actively take time to take care of yourself?

I use to never do this as a kid but now only in the last 4-5 years, that I started to actively take time for and focus on myself! I feel more at peace and comfortable with me

There is no need to feel guilty about taking time off and giving yourself love and care!

It will only help you be better for yourself and others as well!


7. The habit of standing up for myself!

I only realized and started to practice this recently! And quite honestly I still struggle with it at times!

I was always someone who did as told and obeyed others by sacrificing my dreams

It was only recently when I realized how empty my life had gotten because I never stood up for my dreams and the life I want!

Now constantly pushing boundaries and doing what I love even if people feel disappointed in me has  helped me be happy and live a meaningful life

It is still hard at times but I am sure I will get there!

So these were my 7 Simple daily habits that changed my life!

It is a bit of work at the start, but one by one changing small things in life, you will see how far you have come!

Remember to take it to step by step instead of doing all things at once! Otherwise, You will end up feeling confused and defeated!

So take it slow and constantly grow in life!

Hope you found these helpful!

Good luck!

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Simple daily habits


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