11 Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

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This Post is for people like me who are not a minimalist but want to adopt some simple minimalist habits that will help them save money and own less in general!

Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

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In this consumer-based world, we constantly feel the urge to shop more and more …

The whole Social media influencer culture has definitely put pressure on us to constantly get the most trendy and viral product out there.

We all, somewhere deep down, know we don’t end up using them, and not like so many.

As I am growing older, I have realized how important it is to practice living with less.


Because we are constantly bombarded with products where we go

The world is going more and more toward consumer culture, and we need to balance our life by practicing these minimalist habits that will help us save money and own less

I personally felt the need to own less because I came from a household where my mom kept a huge, chunk of items all the time

Things we never used but for the sake of not throwing away and wasting money, things would just pile up, and the house would be MESSY

Living constantly with so much stuff around made me feel a little messy too

However, I have to say, by nature, I am a person who does not feel the need to shop a lot

It comes naturally to me, so some of these habits come from my own lifestyle that I follow, and some I am trying to add to my life

All these habits, in the long run, when I look back, have helped me save money and feel lighter when it comes to things

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Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

11 Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

1. Set a Monthly spending budget

If you really want to use your money wisely through minimalism, Then setting a monthly budget is a must.

Set out a budget every month for personal needs, investments, and so on

Your main goal is to use that limited money mindfully so you don’t overspend on things

I have started setting a very low budget for my personal needs like – makeup, skincare, and clothes

Within that amount, I search and take my time to see what are the things I need the most so I don’t fall into the trends and end up buying anything just like that

Honestly, this has helped me use my money wisely and also not feel anxious about buying and wasting my money

Because this way, I end up buying what I needed and use properly

2. Use your makeup products thoroughly before buying new

With the rise of influencer culture, many feel the constant urge to splurge on makeup.

One thing that I have noticed around among my friends, is that they buy lots of makeup.

and 90% of the makeup isn’t even used, and they end up buying more brands and colors when the sale comes up

Very soon, the old one either gets expired or is not used properly

I find this to be a huge waste of money and resources

This is why making it a habit to use the make-up you already have thoroughly until you buy a new one is key here

I personally don’t buy new makeup unless my old gets finished

I once even ended up completely finishing up a mini lipstick over the spend 1-2 years because I used to wear it every day to college or other places

Now this may seem extreme, but you don’t have to go this harsh, just make sure that the product is getting used

for example – if you buy a few shades of lip gloss or lipstick

Make it a note to use them thoroughly before getting a new shade

This goes for other products too

3. Invest in quality products that last longer

An Important minimalist habit that will help you save money and own less is buying quality products for everyday needs

For example – Basic must have clothes, That we tend to wear every day

Investing money in good quality jeans, a jacket, and pants is important because they will last longer and you can wear them often

With fast fashion, we tend to buy cheap and trendy clothes which last only to 3-4 wears

This is the long term is a huge waste of money and your wardrobe is filled with such clothes

There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating clothes and wearing them often!

4. Decide your priorities

Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

What I mean by deciding your priorities is deciding on the area you want to currently spend more money in

We all have different lives and are living in a totally subjective phase of life where your education is more important.

Whereas for one of you, eating high-quality food is important

Or investing in tools or devices is important as a part of your career

Whatever it is decide and get your priorities straight

This will help you save and invest your money there and not get distracted by buying other areas that may not be much important!

5. Don’t shop impulsively – Spend Mindfully

Many have a habit of shopping without thinking once

They like something, and they naturally just buy it at that moment without giving it a thought

Although there is nothing wrong with it if you have the money and you want to treat yourself, at times, this is a good thing

However, if you are curious and have been trying to make better use of money and want to adopt minimalism to keep your life simpler

Spending mindfully is a must

Even if you are not mindful of it, you will continue to spend your hard-earned money on things that you may not even end up ever using again (there is a high chance)

On top of that, you will have so much clutter in your home and eventually, this cycle will one day make you feel a little overwhelmed.

6. Carry your own water bottle everywhere

This is a small habit I have built up for about more than a year now

I used to struggle with drinking water and would end up feeling thirsty

Especially when I would be out, I would end up buying a plastic water bottle or in the name of drinking something

I would drink dehydrating drinks like Coke and soda

In any way, I was dehydrating myself more

But for the past 1 year or so, I have carried my water bottle everywhere I go

The water bottle is easy to carry and is insulated, so if in winters I put hot water in, it stays hot for 24 hours, and vice versa in summer

it’s such a simple habit that can make a huge difference if you used to end up buying water on the go

7. Shift your focus on timeless products from trendy

To not get caught up in the fast fashion and consumer culture, you have to shift your focus.

Instead of going for trends all the time, think about how you can carry more timeless fashion every day.

At times you can go and try different trends, but for the most part, keeping products and wearing clothes that stay relevant all throughout the year is honestly a game changer.

Below are some useful posts about building a timeless fashion wardrobe and lifestyle to help you practice minimalism.

8. Do not buy single-use – disposable items

Stop buying disposal items in your home and opt for reusable items instead

Small things like – disposable utensils, plastic straws, plastic shopping bags, plastic take-out containers, coffee cups, etc.

Not only does plastic take years to get disposed of which, harms our environment, but it also harms our bodies.

There are many microplastics that get transferred into our bodies through the plastic items we use to consume food and water.

It may seem like you are spending very little money on these disposable items, but in the long run, it is a waste and not worth spending our money on one!

Switch to reusable products instead!

9. Opt for digital alternatives

Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

Many things like books, albums, and paper documents can accumulate and take up most of the space in our room.

Finding digital alternatives can be a huge saver.

I used to have so much paper and books in my drawer, and when I had to move home, it was so difficult because I had years of stuff piled up.

That time I had to let go of certain items because it was just not possible to fit them in my new room.

For many things, I just click pictures and saved them on my storage data

If you find an area in your home that is a bit cluttered and there is a digital alternative out there

Opt for it because it will help you simplify your life

10. Seek more experiences than things

The whole idea of Minimalism for me comes from shifting the focus from finding happiness and joy in material things to experiences that stay deeper and longer with you.

Investing your money and energy in building beautiful experiences is going to make your life feel more meaningful!

11. Declutter constantly

Lastly, one minimalist habit I have built over the years is to constantly declutter my stuff.

Look around every now and then and sort out things you need to keep and the thing you must eliminate because you don’t use them anymore, and is not filling any purpose.

So these were my 11 Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less!

Let me know below, what are some ways you want to use minimalism to add more meaning to your life!

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Minimalist habits that will help you save money and own less

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