Are These Bad Morning Habits Ruining Your life?

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I always heard how we start our day has a massive impact on our life and productivity! Whether it is our inner thoughts or working efficiently, There are so many healthy morning habits that we try to add to our routine, but what about lousy morning habits?

No matter how many good habits we build, one bad morning habit can affect our vast day!

As it said – negativity spreads faster than positivity…

Today, I will share with you 10 simple bad morning habits you should avoid.

toxic morning habits

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What are the 10 good habits in the morning?

Before I share bad morning habits with you, Adding good morning habits is also essential, as it will help us move forward and grow.

I have a post sharing, not 10 but 11 Healthy Morning Habits You Need To Start Now

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Bad morning habits

What are the top 10 bad habits?

1. Drinking Coffee/ dehydrated drinks

I have seen many people who start their day with coffee or an espresso shot! The intention is to help your body wake quickly, but it is incredibly unhealthy.

At night our body experiences high water loss, which is why we feel thirsty in the morning or during sleep.

And instead of waking up and hydrating yourself, you are giving your body caffeine, which will dehydrate it further.

This is one of many reasons to not consume coffee first thing in the morning. Click here to read Why You Should Never Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach.

I love drinking coffee, and I consume it in the morning, but after 9 pm, usually around 10-11, before that, I already have had plenty of water, nuts, or fruits in my stomach!

Hence, do not consume coffee or other dehydrating drinks first thing in the morning!

2. Scrolling Social Media

I am highly guilty of this habit in the past! I would spend a lot of time scrolling through social media apps as soon as I woke up. This is extremely bad for your brain.

I heard this from famous life coach- Jay Shetty in his podcast- he said when we wake up in our bed, would we prefer or welcome over 10-20 people inside our room? Obviously no! Then why do we receive so much news and information in the morning?

This habit has been the most difficult to get rid of for me, too. As my work is online, it makes me want to check for updates as soon as I wake up, but I have been able to limit and stop this by –

  • I deleted most of the social media apps from my phone that would make me scroll meaninglessly
  •  Occasional social media detox- that is, deleting all the apps not related to work for a while
  •  Keeping my phone away or indulging in my healthy morning routine

3. Reading Newspaper or watching news

reading newspaper

Similar to scrolling through social media and taking in dozens of information, there is one more reason to not read newspapers or watch the news in the morning.

I know it may be shocking or sound odd to many, as newspapers are delivered in the morning, and many people start their day with them.

However, it is not healthy; why?

About 99.9% of the information or headlines that you read in those few pages are negative information primarily written in a way to alert our brain to dangers

although you may not realize it subconsciously, it has a more significant and adverse effect on your mindset and day

we should start our morning with a positive attitude and not fear or anxiety, well, consciously, you do not feel anxious after reading one piece of bad news, but your subconscious self does! It takes in all the bad news

This is why, Using a Journal like The Five Minute Journal, which helps you focus on gratitude, and affirmations right when you wake up, is absolutely the best way to start your morning

Hence, it is a must to avoid reading and watching the news in the morning to not have a bad day


4. Not Sitting In silence

I am someone who needs to be with me when I wake up, and it takes time to process things.

However, Over the years, I have learned the importance of silence and its power. Sitting in silence with yourself is accessible in the morning as it is a quiet and great way to start your day!

When you spend time with yourself, you can build inner connections. This helps you stay in tune with your mind, body, and soul!

5. Not Making time for Self-care

The only idea of “waking up early or waking up at 5 am” is to have plenty of me-time in the morning. You need to spend at least 1 hour to yourself doing things for your body, mental health, and more!

6. Waking up at inconsistent Hours

I have talked about how our body functions its best in routine which means consistency; doing a task at a particular time every day gives better results.

Our body gets used to it and already knows what to do! Whatever time you wake up, make sure to wake up every day at that time!

If you wake up at irregular hours, you will find it challenging to build a routine and push yourself to do the tasks you need. Every time you will have to try hard to do productive activities in the morning

7. Not following an effective morning routine

Another bad morning habit is not having a routine or productive morning routine that will help you kickstart your day!

It will keep you clueless, and you will be bound to do things you should not, like – scrolling on social media. Laying on the bed and wasting time

The morning routine is essential as it helps us build the habit and productivity for the rest of the day.

Here is my guide to the productive morning routine

8. Not Planning your day

toxic morning habits

Similar to not having a routine s, not having a daily Plan!

Not planning your day by making to-do lists and goals you need to achieve will make your day highly unproductive; you may end up wasting and not really doing anything you should

Creating a daily routine that sticks is the best way to plan your day and grow.

9. Not Hydrating yourself

As I shared in the first point, we go through water loss at night; hence not drinking water and hydrating yourself is not good!

We all know how vital water is to our bodies; hence, ensure you drink enough water to keep you hydrated! I usually have 1-2 glasses of warm water as soon as I wake up!

10. Negative thoughts or Complaining

If you ever notice, when you wake to bad news or are upset about something, it is hard to function! Our brain constantly keeps thinking about those negative thoughts, which affects our mood and everything else.

This is why I say not to read a newspaper or watch the news in the morning to avoid negative thoughts as much as possible.

Some other ways to stop negative thoughts are practicing affirmation and gratitude in the morning or reading positive quotes1

This is why I love the Five-minute Journal! It has everything from daily positive quotes and affirmations to gratitude! Click here to check and get 10%off with Code – HARSHITA10

So These were The 10 Bad morning Habits To Avoid!

Tell me in the comments what bad habits have affected your life.

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Bad morning habits


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