32 good and healthy Habits to start in your 20s

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habits to start in your 20s

Our 20s are one of the most crucial periods of our life, we lead towards adulthood with almost no knowledge about adulting, we feel lost, and pressured and sometimes just have fun with it. Some Habits to start in your 20s are important so, we can be prepared for what will come next and deal with it effectively

As I am in my 20s, there were many challenges I faced, now looking back I have learned some important lessons I wish someone had told me. Hence, I wanted to use this platform to help other women who are or will be entering their 20s soon

I have curated 32 excellent and healthy habits to start in your 20s which includes habits, lesson, and even traits we should develop!

What should I do in my 20s to be healthy?

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habits to develop in your 20s
habits to develop in your 20s

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Why are 20s important and What Habits to start in your 20s?

Our 20s are an extremely sensitive and important period of our life because we had just gotten out of the protected world we were living in, everything went through rules, schools, and exams

Once they are over all the beliefs, we were taught in school become opposed! In school, we are told to fit in, whereas when we go out in the real world- everybody wants us to be unique and extraordinary

There are so many more things and expectations we get bombarded with, that it gets overwhelming! We are always told to know what we should do in life, and what we want before we hit our 20s but on the contrary, our 20s are the time when we get to REALLY explore ourselves and discover our passions!

Knowing that it is okay to feel lost and be patient on the journey to find yourself is key to having your 20s successful

Here I have 32 Habits to start in your 20s that will help you learn and use your 20s effectively!

1. Discover yourself

As I mentioned above, our 20s are a great time to find ourselves and know who we truly are! I know as per society, they want you to know we are by 20,

The earlier you start to discover yourself the better your life will be, and once we enter our 20s, we go out to meet many people, and opportunities and can experience the freedom that adulthood gives

Our 20s is also the age where we feel lost and don’t know who we are because everything we had learned or people, we had been surrounded with changed, which makes us question our true self

As they say, you have to lose yourself first, to find you who truly are

Using our 20s to explore as much as you can help you get to know yourself better, which eventually helps you make better decisions in life! You will know what you genuinely like and what don’t, people you like!

Spend as much time as you can with yourself and do various activities Practice Journal Prompts which will make you look and think about your life intentionally

2. Take small risks

We have stayed in our sheltered and comfort zone for years and felt afraid to take risks because of our superiors,

But taking risks is important, if you don’t go out and try things you have been meaning to, you wouldn’t if it is for your or not

You will end up spending your life thinking I wish I had tried, I wish…

There is nothing wrong with taking risks, let’s start with that! We make it such a big deal as if the world will come to an end if we did this or that

The worst that can happen is you will fail at times and that is exactly what will help you learn from mistakes and make better choices!

When talking about risks, some tend to take the risk, big risks, irrationally!

When I say it is good to take risks, it is also important to be mindful of that! My advice would be to always take small risks, so even if you fail at it, in the end, the consequences of it will be small too!

3. Explore


Similar to the above points, exploring is extremely important! Our 20s is the time when we are physically fit, we have fewer responsibilities as compared to other people

It is indeed the best time to explore life as much as you can, whether it traveling learning new hobbies, meeting new people, and switching to different professions

4. Wear sunscreen

Giving life lessons a little break, let’s talk about skincare! Thanks to my sister who always forced me to wear sunscreen when I was in school! One good habit I learned from her

Start wearing sunscreen as early as you can, the effect of what UV rays does to our skin does not show immediately when we enter our 30s that’s when our skin starts to get brown spots wrinkles, and so on!

In general, prioritizing skin care is important, invest in good quality products for your skin, and be mindful

5. Exercise

There are so many youngsters who devote their 20s in hustling hard for that dream job or life, that they completely neglect their body

On the contrary, many youngsters spend time in bed procrastinating scrolling through one app to another  

Being physically active and exercising regularly is a must for a being! No matter what circumstances come whether stress of the job, study, etc

Physical exercise should not be pushed behind in any case!

There are amazing benefits of exercising from physical to mental as well as emotional!

6. Reading

habits to start in your 20s!
Habits to start in your 20s!

I am glad I started reading early, honestly, whether it is fiction or non-fiction books, reading can give us so many benefits we can never imagine!

Starting the habit of reading can bring you so much knowledge about life, it is a great way to sometimes close our eyes to our reality and enter into another world!

Self-help books can bring you various knowledge teaching about life and how to do certain things, novels/fiction can also have hidden lessons in them,

There are very few novels that must be written without any message in them! It is a great way to experience a story as you are living it and learn from it! Not only that you can learn about so many places and cultures and improve your vocabulary!

7. Create a side hustle

I know it may sound crazy as creating a career in the 20s is hard on its own and I am talking about creating a side hustle?!

The thing is, over the last 5 years, opportunities for youngsters have boomed, you will find so many people you are studying for their dream job and at the same time running a small business

And that has only happened because of the opportunities that digital platforms have brought us!

You can do your main job and give online teaching lessons, you can be a YouTuber showing your daily life, and so on

By building a side hustle? Income will help you in the long run, sometimes we devote so much time to working towards a profession, only to realize when we achieved it, that this is not what we truly want!

Hence, so many people still go on working towards that job even if they don’t like it because so much time and money has been spent and you now need to pay the bills

At times like this having a side hustle can bring financial backup and even help you pay student debts or loans!

8. Have fun

While hustling and focusing on your career is important, having fun is equally too!

Remember. It’s not the outcome that needs to make you happy but rather the journey towards your dream! So don’t forget to enjoy life

I have had many people in life who would constantly say,just work hard now and enjoy later, don’t waste time going out and doing other things, once your career is established then you can have all the fun you want


The truth is, this is all a scam

There is always something that will come up and people will tell you to prioritize that instead of enjoying- focus on your career, marriage, kids, and so on

9. Leave toxic relationships

I cannot stress this enough, but toxic relationships can ruin our lives! It only takes one bad relationship to affect other areas of life

Now I am not a relationship expert but this is one thing that I want to give you advice on is to become aware of the people around you, it is hard to spot toxic relationship when you are emotionally dependant

But by starting to educate yourself early on can help see the kind of relationships you have around you

Staying with toxic people will only add more stress, drama and bills for therapy! Let’s be honest!

Our 20s are very sensitive, we don’t want to add more trauma than we already have!

10. Build healthy relationships

As we are leaving a toxic relationship, taking time to build healthy ones in the future is needed!

It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to maintain a relationship, whether it is friendship, family, or partner!

If we are going to put so much of ourselves into a relationship, we need to be intentional about what kind of relationship is this? Is this toxic, meaningless, or healthy?

11. Make sure to take rest

Burnout is real and it happens to so many people! The only reason for that is they do not take time to rest!

Working, working, and working to a point where your mind-body, and soul gets exhausted is not the right approach!

To avoid dealing with stress, burnout, and other issues- make sure to take time to rest as much as your body needs!

12. Its okay to feel lost

habits to start in your 20s!

Everyone’s life and its journey are different. Although I have talked about finding passion and creating a side hustle, it should be noted that it is okay if you haven’t reached there yet

Feeling lost and confused, not knowing what you are meant to do is completely normal at this stage

I am in my early 20s and struggling with this a lot, I still feel lost and don’t know what I should be doing with my life

 And it gets tough because you feel this pressure from family and disappointment. I am at a stage where I am constantly juggling with this

I have this blog right now, yet sometimes I feel clueless about the future, not knowing what is meant for me

A year ago I studied interior design thinking that is all I am going to do but the pandemic and God had different plans!

13. Don’t rush too much

Society has made life by our age numbers, by 20 you should have a career, by 25 you should be married and have a house, by 30 you should have kids and retire!

All these theories really mess with our mental health and life in general! Let’s be realistic, it doesn’t work like that and especially for everybody

Don’t let these rules dictate your life, instead be patient and focus on your journey, everything happens at the right time

14. Implement self-care

Starting implementing self-care early on will benefit you in many ways- better mental health, increased self-love and confidence

If you want to learn about self-care and what activities you can do, I have many blog posts on that! You can read them and find what works for you Check below

15. Eliminate negative self-talk

Eliminating this has totally changed my life, for so many years I was dealing with insecurities and negative headspace which was affecting my life

In 2020. When I hit the realization of how much negative self-talk I was doing, it opened my eyes

Ever since then, I had become aware of the words I use for myself and it is one of the things that helped me love myself again

Eliminate negative self-talk and implement positive!

16. Learn to cook so you can eat at home!

habits to start in your 20s!
Habits to start in your 20s!

You know eating healthy is important and if you live alone and on top of that don’t know how to cook, you will eat out

And even if you don’t live alone, and eat all those junk food, by knowing how to cook you can literally make the same thing which will be healthy and eat it!

Outside food tends to be unhealthy because there are so many bad ingredients and quantities that are mindlessly put

 But when you cook at home, you can choose what to add and how much to the same exact dish!

It will save your money and make you healthy

17. Invest in crypto/ Stocks

If you have already started earning money where you can start saving and investing, then you should start investing or learning at least about crypto and stocks!

The world is changing and getting more digital and pretty soon crypto will be the ones everyone would do transactions with

We have to make sure that we do not get behind it, your 20s are a great time to start learning and investing in it

18. Love yourself

No one should be as important to you as yourself, so if you do not love yourself then who will?!

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one as that determines everything else in your life, f you struggle with loving yourself then you will always feel incomplete in some way

Loving yourself requires, discovering who you are, spending time with yourself, taking care of yourself, and everything you would do for someone you love

So do it!

19. Invest in yourself

in order to grow in life, we have to invest in ourselves, whether it is time, effort, or money, and its benefits we will only enjoy!

Investing in yourself is the only place which can never go to waste, if you have many then invest in places which can help you become better, give your more skills and knowledge! Use that money to be healthy and wise

20. Being single is okay

I think it was important to mention, that at this age, we defiantly feel the pressure to meet the one and just be in a relationship

Seeing other people in a relationship can make you feel lonely or that you are lacking behind but truthfully, it doesn’t really matter. It is okay if you haven’t found the one or haven’t gone on a date,

21. Go to therapy

We all have traumas that we built growing up, even though everyone’s story is different but we all are dealing with some things

 The earlier to take therapy and face those issues to deal with to eventually heal, the earlier you will be able to change things in your life for the better!

22. Its okay to disappoint others

I told you above, how I felt lost and sad for disappoint people around me because I did know what I want to do, or I chose to do things differently from them

That really affected my mental health and I was miserable for months! Eventually, I realized that even when I did things as they wanted they always found things to be disappointed in me for!

It is an endless cycle that I decided to end once I realized it, now the only thing that matters to me was how I feel and what I think is right for me

Just changing this mindset has helped me push and do things I wanted!

When it comes to your family, they will feel disappointed but eventually, when you are doing great In your life they will come around

23. Learn new things

Habits to start in your 20s is all about learning new things to help you grow, so taking to just learn as much as you can is all you ever need

I always heard this from my mom- learning never gets wasted

Whatever you learn, eventually helps you in future

24. Create a routine

healthy routine
Habits to start in your 20s!

There is so much importance in building a routine to be successful! Do you know why?

Because our body loves routine and it functions the best in it

When we do the same things at the same time every day, our body gets used to it and automatically starts working on it, which helps us be more focused and grow in that sphere!

Your routine doesn’t have to be complex, just make a simple everyday routine for things you want to focus on and be consistent on it! With time, you will find yourself getting better at it

25. Limit social media

Since the rise of so many social media platforms, it’s easy to just be on it 24×7! They all are designed for us to stay active and increase our dopamine

But eventually, we will suffer by not doing the things we do, hence limiting the number of social media platforms you are on and how much you spend time on is extremely important

You don’t wanna waste your 20s scrolling through other people’s life and reading memes, do you?

26. Travel as much as possible

There is no limit to how much travel can change you as a person for the better, meeting new people, and places and seeing other’s cultures of life can really change our perspective about life

When we go out, then only we can see there is so much more in the world than we had thought of. In our 20s we have a fit body, and fewer responsibilities for other people, using this time to travel is just perfect.

27. Be wise with money

Starting earlier on being mindful of where we put in the money we have, is extremely important! Although it comes with time and experience after making mistakes!

28. Prioritize health

More than our career or a relationship, our health is important! Start prioritizing your health in your 20s itself so you don’t have to face its consequences when you hit 30s

And just in general being healthy is essential for everyday life!

29. Don’t wait too much

So many people, wait for the perfect time or opportunity to work towards their dream but the truth is, there is no such thing as the perfect time

If you keep waiting too long and just thinking in your had planning you will do this one day, once you have this or achieved, then you will keep waiting forever

Let me get finished with this then I will start doing it, once it finishes something else pops up and you push your goals back again

Stop waiting and start now! Take action! Even if it is small, it doesn’t matter

30. Take advice from right people

When we are young and confused, everyone starts giving advice do this do that, if you want to be rich then do this not only it can get overwhelming but also, we can end up taking advice from the wrong people!

By taking the wrong advice, we can end up making mistakes that can affect our growth, which is why it is important to take advice from the right people

I know at times when we want to vent or feel confused, we talk to friends and family and they give us various advice on life, relationship, and career

But notice that they might be the right people to learn from, for that you need to look at their own life

Someone who is giving you financial advice are they struggling with money or are good?

Similar to a relationship, we may end up taking advice from someone whose relationship is messed up too

31. Plenty of sunlight

Getting plenty of sunlight is important for our body and since pandemic, most of us enjoy being at home and not go out much, but don’t forget get your daily dose of vitamin D! and putting sunscreen!

32. Learn to make mistakes

In school, whenever we made mistakes, we were made to feel bad and fearful that we shouldn’t have gotten the wrong answer and so on But making mistakes is the only way to learn!

You try, fail at it and learn and then you grow


These were the 32 Habits to start in your 20s to grow, I hope you found them informative and helpful

Remember you don’t have to start with all of them in one go as it can get overwhelming

These habits you need to built slowly throughout your 20s

This Post was all about Habits to start in your 20s

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