21 Clear Signs you need to reset your life now!

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Signs you need to reset your life

You don’t know what it is

But you are looking for a change

Your days keep passing, and you feel like you need to take a moment to check up on yourself.

Sort out all your priorities goals, and meaning in life

Maybe you are tired of your everyday routine

Work after work, and you are unable to take a moment to yourself and understand what you need to do

You want to take control of your life and want to live the life you always wanted

But you seem far from it.

Maybe you have been thinking about resetting your life, but you are confused as you don’t know if that’s what you need.

Whatever it is

If you are confused, in this post, I will share some signs to help you know if you need to reset your life.

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What does it mean to reset your life? 

To reset your life means to change the course of your life in an upward direction,

It means making changes and improvements in your life that, not only strives for growth but also helps you stay connected to your purpose and peace of mind.

Living in this fast-paced world, all of us tend to live like a sheep

following what everyone is doing

However, we all are so unique and have dreams and goals that bring us purpose and satisfaction in life

Even though, we all know this,

we still get caught up in life and need to press the reset button

To help us not only remind ourselves what we need to do in life but how to

Resetting your life consist of many things, from changing your daily routine habits, sorting your priorities, and re-evaluating your goals toward life

It is simply pressing a reset button to your life and starting afresh and new just like our devices

When we press reset on our phone, it becomes new like, when we bought it for the first time, and we can start afresh!

It is sort of similar to that

Let’s know what are some Sign you need to reset your life

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Sign you need to reset your life

How do you know when you need a reset? 21 clear signs you need to reset your life

1. You want to make changes in your life

The first and easiest sign is that you are aware and want to make changes in your life

Whatever your life has been lately, You feel like you want some change

All of us in many instances in our life experience this

Maybe we feel we have outgrown the life we are living and we need to make a change

But sometimes we feel our current life is a mess

Its been months or years of you living a certain that you don’t enjoy

It can be small things like, your house is always messy, and you struggle to get your chores

It’s clear to you that you want to make this change in your life and had enough

The bottom line is that if somewhere your body or soul is craving for a change whether it is small or big

It means you need to reset your life!

2. You are burned out

Sign you need to reset your life

Feeling burned out is one of the common signs you need to reset your life

Burnout happens when we end up working too much than our physical or mental health can handle

We reach a point where we overwork ourselves that we suddenly feel a huge drop in our mental or physical health

Suddenly you feel like doing nothing, you lose interest in everything

Your body feels tired, and you stop working and can’t seem to get back to working anymore

You stay in bed now and don’t know why you can’t work like you used to

All of this indicates that you are burned out

When you are burned out, that means you need to learn from this mistake and not let yourself go through this again.

You need to change your perspective, a routine so you don’t fall into this trap again and come out of it as well

For this, you need to reset your life

3. You have lost passion for your goals

We all have goals and passion for something, and we start to follow it as a career path when we are in our 20s

by choosing that major in college or you are already in that field and working for a while then,

Suddenly you realize that you are not passionate about it anymore

you feel like you have lost passion for it, and somewhere you are scared of whether you should continue or stop it

It can be pretty scary, you may feel its too late and whether you have made the wrong choice, and so on

in short, you feel confused now

First of all, if this you

I want to tell you that it’s completely normal to go through this

I have gone through this, and I know many people who go through this feeling

We hear stories of many successful people who share they took a major in college which is completely different from what they do now

It is very common and a part of life

So don’t feel stressed, fearful, or guilty!

You are not alone, and everything is going to be fine

This is a sign that you need to take a moment and spend more time with yourself to sort out your priorities

You need to understand why you have lost passion for something and what you can do

In short, you need to reset your life now

4. You feel stuck

Whenever you reach a place where you feel stuck, resetting your life is the first thing you need to do

Feeling stuck is just like what it says, you feel you are stuck in your life

You are not going backward or forward

You don’t know what to do, but you feel stuck

It’s been a long time, and you feel like nothing is changing in your life

and everything has gotten stagnant

This is a clear sign you need to reset your life and do everything else to get out of feeling stuck.

If you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do, I have a completely free eBook where I share everything to help you get unstuck.

This eBook is written from my personal experience when I went through the same situation myself.

5. You know what you want to do but don’t know how

We all naturally have goals in life

Things we dream about we want to do

It’s a human thing

However, at times we don’t know how to achieve it

there is something you constantly dream about consciously or subconsciously that you will achieve and experience one day

Now years have passed, but that dream still has not become a reality

and the reason is that you don’t know how to achieve it

This means you need to take time with yourself and make a plan

Look at your life right now and list out all things you need to do to reach where you want to be

Which may require many things like changing your habit, routine, mindset, investing, and so on

You need a reset routine to help you get in the action mode so you are now working towards those goals instead of simply dreaming

6. You want to take control of your life

Sign you need to reset your life

You feel that everything in life has been going out of your control for a while

It could be that you let your life go on without taking charge of changing things you wanted to do

and now you feel that its time I take control of my life and do things my way

or you feel, there has been always, someone – like family, or society taking control of your life

and you want to stop that

Taking control of your life is an important thing

Yes, some things are out of our control but we still have the opportunity to make change by taking action!

This massive shift in your life will require you to completely reset your life so you can do things the way you want

This can include changes in your career, changing your mindset, and overcoming limiting beliefs…

7. You have been neglecting other areas of your life.

Another sign you need to reset your life is that you have been focusing too much on one goal or part of your life that other areas are now struggling.

For example, you have been giving too much attention to your work that now you have neglected your health and relationships.

You have realized that other areas now need your attention because they are equally important.

You need to balance your life – personal and professional life

For that, you need to reset your routine

Reset your priorities to focus on all areas of your life

8. You feel you are living far from your purpose

All of us have a purpose in life that satisfies us, our journey in life is to figure out what that purpose is and stay true to it

However, it is also something we end up forgetting about because we get caught up in living as per society and making money

Doing what others are doing or saying

We forget what our inner self truly wanted

Once we realize that this is not how we want to live

A lot of worries seem to take over, and we think that we wasted our life or now there is no going back

However, that is far from the truth

No matter what age or phase of your life you are in right now

You could be married or a mother, in your 20s, 30s or 40s

It does not matter you can always start over once you realize what your purpose it

Reset your life and start over!

9. Your Mental health is struggling.

Sign you need to reset your life

Our mental health is one of the most important aspects of life yet often neglected the most!

We tend to give too much importance to our work, finances, and relationships than we do, to our mental health.

If you are feeling that it has been too long and your mental health has been struggling or getting worse

It is high time that you check up on yourself and everything in your life

You need to do all that it takes to focus on your mental health and get better

It can mean seeking professional help, resetting your work life and re-evaluating your relationships and changing your habits,

10. You feel unmotivated

Another common sign you need to reset your life is feeling unmotivated for a long time

We tend to be unmotivated for a day or two in a month which is normal

However, if this demotivation is going on for a long time and every day feels difficult

It means you need to reset your life

What does that mean?

It means that first, you need to figure out, why suddenly you feel this way

Going deep down to figure out the reason and finding a solution is very important

Some common reasons, for feeling unmotivated are depression, burnout, not practicing self-care, not doing what you are passionate about, and losing interest in something you enjoy before

All of this means that you need to have a one-one chat with yourself

give yourself a day at least to truly get in touch with this feeling and find something to help you get back!

11. You have not started working on your goal yet

You had a goal when you were young, and you imagine yourself doing it, but it is still a goal

You have not taken any action yet to accomplish that goal yet

I remember, in school, my goal was to be a digital creator once I leave school

I did leave school and constantly thought about creating content one day but in reality

5 years passed, and I still did not become a digital creator

I always thought, I would start creating content once I get into college, once I but this, once this gets over

But that day never came

I remember I had wasted so much time in planning in those 5 years and never took action

This is very common among us

we all have that one goal we thought we would do but never took action

Finally, after 5 years, one day it hit me, I needed to reset my life and do what I always wanted

So I started taking consistent efforts, and it’s been 2 years, and now I can call myself a digital creator!

If you are going through the same thing, I highly suggest you reset your priorities and start taking action!

12. You have more negative thoughts throughout the day.

Throughout the day, if you notice yourself being more negative, angry, or being the victim for a long period

It is a sign you need to reset not just your life but also majorly your mindset.

Whether we believe it or not, everything in our life is 90% our mindset and the rest effort.

What keeps us from achieving and experiencing all the things we want in life is our own mindset at the end of the day.

The reason we all struggle with it is that it is easy for us to be negative and a victim than to own up and be courageous.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of mental work to push ourself

I remember being in this place, always being a victim and being angry, finding fault in outer circumstances for not being able to do things

The truth is that, yes, we do face problems that come from the environment around us

Things, that are out of our control, and we end up getting caught in the negativity because we are hurt and angry

However, we can choose and do things that are in our control

If you are feeling negative most of the time,

I am sorry, that you feel this way because you must have gone through something that, has made you feel this way.

We all do

However, it is a sign that you recognize this and reset your life

Change your mindset and change your life

13. You are too much in your comfort zone

Being in our comfort zone is also one of the signs that you need to shift things in your life.

Your comfort zone is not letting you improve and better yourself

You have been in your comfort for too long, which has kept you stuck from taking up challenges that are going to move your life upwards

Your life is stagnant, and if you want to make some progress, you must challenge yourself and go through those feelings of discomfort

14, You are fed up with your everyday life routine

I went through this phase very recently,

Having the same routine for too long that you have outgrown can make you feel discomfort and lose interest in everything.

Following the same pattern every day for months or years can make life dull.

Because being challenged and trying new thing makes life interesting and help you grow.

I was fed up with my everyday routine and really wanted to change my lifestyle.

I needed to have a reset routine and look at where my life is going

What steps can I take to grow in other areas of my life? What is the thing I am not enjoying now, and why?

How can I make changes?

Asking myself these questions has helped me opt for change, even if it is small.

If you are also fed up with your everyday routine, then it’s a sign you need to reset your life too!

15. You are constantly comparing your life to others.

Sign you need to reset your life

Constantly comparing your life to others can make you feel like your life is meaningless.

Looking at others on social media or comparing where someone you meet in person is going to always make you feel low

With time you will feel unhappy and angry thinking, why can’t I do this?

Why am I living like this?

I get caught up in this too, whenever I spend too much time on social media and look at what others are doing

If you have been going through the same thing, it’s a sign you need to reset your life and thought process and spend less time comparing your life with other

And spend more time living your life

unplug from social media, focus on being present in the moment, and focus on your own happiness

16. You are constantly putting others’ needs before yours

If you clicked on this post, I am sure somewhere you were already thinking that you need to reset your life

Whatever reason brought you here.

take a moment and think, have you always put others’ needs before yours?

Do you constantly focus on your loved ones’ needs and happiness and put yours last?

If yes, then you do need to reset your life completely!

And you know the reason too that brought you here.

Feeling empty, discomfort, or exhausted now because you never put your needs first

all of this is because you have neglected your own needs for so long

17. You have entered a new part of life and need to adjust

Sign you need to reset your life

One of the Signs you need to reset your life could be that you entered a new era of your life.

Moved to a different country, new job environment, maybe got into a relationship or got married or gave birth.

A new environment of life where you need to leave the old way of living and adapt to these new changes

All of this requires major shifts, so you need to reset some areas of life to welcome this era

18. You feel unhappy

It is very obvious that if you feeling unhappy and you know that you are feeling this way.

You need to reset your life and shift this feeling

Understanding why you think you feel unhappy is a most important thing

understanding yourself and making all the changes to help you navigate this feeling are some of the things you need to do as a part of resetting your life!

19. You want to upgrade your life

Maybe your life has been going fine lately, however, you feel that you are slowly outgrowing where you are

You want to upgrade and better yourself more

You are at a normal place and want to upgrade yourself to a better life

Then you may need a small reset routine to help you make that shift

It can include small changes and even big at times, regardless resetting your life in this case is a positive thing!

20. You feel like your life is falling apart

It’s heartbreaking and sad and I am really for you if you are feeling this

we all go through this phase in our life unfortunately where we feel like our life is falling apart

nothing is going our way

Maybe things were fine before, and suddenly everything changed, and you don’t know what to do.

Honestly, such an experience can leave you feeling overly hurt

It takes time to process these emotions, and lots of worry and fears take over

After a certain time when you are emotionally feeling a little better, You must take charge of your life by doing whatever it takes

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

You may think everything is falling apart, but all of this leads to the reformation of your life

its a sign you need to reset your life

21. You want to let go, heal, and start afresh

The last sign that you need to reset your life could be that maybe in the past, there was something you went through, and now you wish to start over with new beginnings, and new experiences.

It can be heartbreak, depression, the grief of losing someone…

You have reached a place where you are genuinely craving good things

You are ready to experience happiness again, let go of your past, heal from with, and start from a fresh clean state!

pretty much like starting a new chapter of your life!

How do I completely reset my life?

So these were 21 Signs that I personally feel indicate that you need to reset your life

Now you know the signs, and maybe you relate to one of them and realize you do need to reset

But how do you reset your life?

There are many small and big steps you can take!

I have a detailed post where I share the whole guide and a list of 21 ways to reset your life – click here to read!

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Sign you need to reset your life

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