10 days to create a simpler life at home in 2024

If you have been waiting to live a simpler life and don’t know where to begin, in this post, I will share a simple challenge/guide of 10 days to create a simpler life at home.

10 days to create a simpler life at home

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What is a simple life anyway?

The first thing is to understand what is a simple life

A simple life is about creating simplicity in daily life, your soul feels at peace through doing simple and constant tasks.

No matter where things go in life, you will come back to yourself and your peaceful routine through these practices that eliminate any baggage or unnecessary clutter.

It adds more simplicity yet meaning to your life. It allows you to breathe and stay true to yourself.

In this post, I will share a beginner’s guide – 10 days to creating a simpler life-at-home guide. It is great to implement, small attributes of simple living in your life

10 days are easy to manage and figure out how you feel about a simple lifestyle. If it makes you feel at peace and connected to yourself

You can continue to add these activities to your daily life!

Let’s begin! But first!

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10 days to create a simpler life at home

10 days to create a simpler life at home

Day 1 : Simplify your space

Start your first day by simplifying your environment, your physical space.

This is honestly, the easiest way to simplify your life, eliminating unnecessary things around you and creating a peaceful home environment.

Whether it is your home or your work office, look around the things you own. Look around and remove the things that you don’t use and are, just taking more space.

It may seem a huge task at first, but once you simplify and declutter things around you.

You will be so much lighter and calmer in your home. The space will feel breathable and pleasant to live in.

Try to keep the vibe of your home simple and minimal, so you can come back home to release all your stress.

Otherwise, if your home contains more clutter itself, you will come home and add more baggage to your life.

Make your home a safe and relaxing space that you can always come back home, when you are going through something!

Day 2: Schedule me-time

10 days to create a simpler life at home

For day 2 on 10 days to create a simpler life at home, Schedule alone me-time for yourself.

Spare your day for spending quality by yourself. Honestly, living a simple life is about staying close to yourself and enjoying your company.

It is essential to have good company in your life, for sure, but it is even more important to stay close to yourself.

When your heart, soul, and mind are aligned, you feel at peace, but when all three are running in the opposite direction.

You feel unease and disturbed.

The only way to keep them aligned and true to yourself is by spending quality time with yourself

get to know yourself, from the inside, get to know your heart, get to know your soul on a deeper level, and clear your mind

The more and consistently you do that, you will be less confused, and more calm.

There are many ways to spend me- time, and you can include tons of activities for Day 2!

Make sure to get at least 1-2 hours for yourself, if not a full day! Use this time to journal, reflect, and be in a quiet space to look within.

Day 3 : Indulge in slow living hobbies

A simple life consists of being present in the moment and enjoying life, it is not about attaining great achievements but enjoying your life doing simpler things that feel close to you.

The happiness of achieving something lasts a few seconds, while we work years to reach there.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with attaining success, you must do that if you want

But do not keep yourself dependent on it for constant joy, as it is not constant.

The constant joy comes from doing daily activities you have fun at.

It could be spending hours dancing, singing, and painting after work that brings you joy.

Having a community of people to share these joys with, is what brings daily/ constant joy in life.

So, for your Day 3, indulge in slow-living hobbies, ask yourself what you like to do for fun by yourself?

Spend as much time as you can do just that, and at the end, observe how it felt. What if you could do it every day? How joyful that would be?

Day 4: Slow and simple mornings

10 days to create a simpler life at home

Over the years, one thing that has made me better and has brought meaning to my life is my morning!

Even though I used to deny this so much to myself in the past that your mornings reflect your whole day

I cannot help but agree more, how I spend my morning truly affects my entire day and mood!

Whenever my morning routine starts with a lazy habit, my day goes exactly like that, and it affects my mood.

I find myself procrastinating, not doing anything but overthinking

However, every time, I start my day with nourishing activities that fuel my soul, my day feels and looks much better.

I want you to check this yourself!

So, for Day 4, I want you to have a simple yet wholesome start to your day and DO this

  • Wake up 1-2 hours earlier than you usually
  •  Do not touch your phone till breakfast
  •  Spend 40 minutes in moving your body and focusing on your breathing
  •  Soak up some sunlight
  •  Go and take a shower and get ready
  •  Have a nourishing breakfast like a smoothie and finish it slowly in 60 minutes

Then start your day with whatever work you have! At the end of the day, ask yourself.

How did you feel the entire day? Which part of the day did you like the most?

Day 5 : Being more connected to nature

There is nothing in this world, that can make you feel peaceful and simpler than nature itself.

If you ever feel you have a lot of thoughts on your mind, simply, connect to nature.

For Day 5, in your city, look for a place, surrounded by nature only. Gardens, parks, lakes, sea, mountains

Anywhere you can go, where you can be surrounded by nature.

Spend your day there or a few hours, do not spend time on your phone. Instead, observe what is around you.

At the end, observe how you feel compared to when you came!

Day 6: Create a relaxing home environment

On Day 1, we focused on decluttering and simplifying the space only.

But today, on day 6, we will focus on making our space more relaxing and peaceful for yourself

We will focus on making our space more homely and a favorite corner of yours.

How can you do that?

  • Keep your home minimally clean
  •  Leave empty spaces in the house, do not fill them up with anything just because they feel empty
  •  Have warm lights or candles around the house
  •  Keep essential oil diffuser
  •  make the color palette of your home light and simple
  •  Create a corner in your home where you can spend a lot of time and feel at peace

Here are 11 Tips for Creating a Peaceful and relaxing home environment

Day 7: Eat holistic meals all-day

The essence of a simple life is a healthy happy life! When you are not healthy, life for sure, feels complicated and full of hardships.

Eating a nourishing meal affects, not only our overall health but also our mood and energy!

That’s why whenever I have a nourishing breakfast like a smoothie in the morning, I feel more positive and energetic throughout the day.

Whereas when I have junk food, I feel low and uneasy.

For Day 7, Have tasty yet nourishing meals the whole day!

Food that tastes good but is also good for your health, here is something you can make


  • Smoothie with lots of berries (+ protein)
  •  Healthy pancakes (+ protein)
  •  Juices
  •  lots of veggies (+ protein)


  • Have rainbow salad (+ protein)
  •  Vegetable pancake (+ protein)
  •  Wrap/ Sandwich with lots of veggies in it (+ protein)


  • Keep dinner light with light homemade pasta or any other dish of your choice

Day 8: Join a community

All the activities from Day 1-7 consisted of things you can do, by yourself.

You will find that by day 7, you are so much more connected to yourself and enjoy your own company!

However, life is not lived alone, at the end of the day, it is the people who get to connect and share this joy with!

Joining a community of people who always have the same interest as you do, or are similarly interested in this lifestyle will help you connect and share your progress with them.

On Day 8: Join a community that aligns with your interest, it could be hobby-related or people pursuing a similar lifestyle and have a nice chat and indulge in doing these activities together!

Day 9 : Step away from internet and connect in real life

On Day 9 of 10 days to create a simpler life at home, step away from the internet for a day.

Simple and slow living starts when you step away from the virtual world.

Remember? as kids, when we did not have the internet or smartphones, life felt so simple and slow?

We did not know what other people were doing, and we did not compare our lives to them.

We should spend time, being in the present and doing what is in front of us!

So, for one day, test yourself. Step away from the internet and see for yourself at the end of the day.

Day 10: Change your priorities

Lastly, on Day 10 to create a simpler life at home, you need to sit and rearrange your priorities!

After 10 days of doing this challenge, reflect and ask yourself, what are the things that matter to you?

Have they changed? The thing you used to give the most importance before 10 days, do you still want to give them, your most importance?

I am sure the answers may have changed a bit.

If you still want to create a simple life for yourself, change your priorities to what aligns with simple living!

End of 10-day simple living plan

Now, that we have come to the end, of this 10-day simple living plan, I hope you got a taste of what simple life feels like.

If you notice the 10-day plan, you will see all activities included in this plan are a constant part of life.

No matter what happens in your life, these things will remain constant in your life and they are so simple, that you can do them without any hassle.

Now Imagine doing these things every day, how would it feel?

That is all! Have a peaceful day ahead!

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10 days to create a simpler life at home

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