How to Create the Best Slow Summer moments in 2024

How to Practice slow living this summer? Here are a few slow summer moments you can create and practice slow living!

How to Create the Best Slow Summer moment

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As I am entering this new Summer season, My goal is to continue to practice slow living

We live in such a fast-paced world, and no matter how much work we do, there is always Some sort of anxiety going in our head

that we are wasting our time or that we should be doing more or that we are not productive enough!

Plenty of times, I find myself rushing through a workout or not feeling content with just doing something fun for long hours

Because I feel like I am wasting my time

I should be finishing it faster so I can be productive

This has truly led us to not live and enjoy our life with a pure heart

If I look back, I find that there are fewer moments that I have lived enjoying the present moments and more worrying about the future or past or rushing because I feel

I am running out of time…

I am not an expert myself but a beginner at creating a slow-paced life

Where I want to live without rushing all the time and feeling guilty about doing things that make me happy

Since last year, I have adopted a few slow, and simple living habits into my life

And with the start of this new season, I Plan to witness more slow summer moments

Hence, In this Post, I will share a few moments I am looking forward to and tips to go slow this season!

Slow Summer moments

How to Create Slow Summer Moments

Before I hop on to share with you slow summer moments, Let’s get some basics down!

It is essential to remember a few things, so you can practice slowly living wholeheartedly!

1. Remind Yourself again and again

When trying to adopt this new slow-living lifestyle, there will be many instances where you will feel like you are wasting time or want to rush.

It is easy to lose it all in the feeling but you need to remind yourself again and again.

That, Its okay to go slow, you don’t need to rush.

Remind yourself why you wanted to adopt slow living in the first place

It will help you push through and enjoy being in the present and slowly let your anxiety go away

I remember last Sunday, when I was out with my friends, My mom called me to come home early because I have been out for too long (LOL)

However, I felt the pressure too and was instantly going to end the day and go home but

I reminded myself, Why am I rushing? It is Sunday!

I am going out after a week, so I should enjoy myself and let myself be in the moment.

I have time

And It all worked out

Just like this, there are many instances where I tend to rush or feel this way

reminding myself has been the best way I was able to go slow and savor the moments

2. Be Flexible

When you have decided to do something, and there may be a spontaneous plan that comes in front of you, It is easy to say no and keep working

While Working is great and by no means I am telling you to be unproductive

It is important to be flexible and reflect

Spontaneous plans don’t happen that often, do they?

Saying yes can create more memories and give your more moments of joy

This also came to me from an incident that happened recently

I was working and definitely had a lot to do or let me rephrase

The work never truly ends because there is always more to do

I was working, and my sister and our common friend came for a spontaneous, small plan to go to a cafe and taste our favorite dish

At first, I struggled and tried to say no because I felt I needed to work

But then I ended up saying because it would only take a few hours and I can continue my work, once I come back or do it tomorrow

So I went ahead, and it was worth it!

When you are aiming to create slow moments this summer, You have to make sure to be flexible to change plans or things that may require you to stay for longer.

3. Focus on Being in the moment

We are constantly doing and writing our to-do. Our whole life revolves around doing this and that.

Take a step from doing or thinking about what you need to do next and give your attention to being

Being in the moment and letting yourself be happy, relaxed, and idle, perhaps?

Doing less is not a waste of time, It will only add more value to your life instead!

4. Be Selective

One thing that can help you go slow, is being selective about where you put your energy and what you need to not.

Setting your priorities right from the beginning will help you say yes to some things and no to other.

For example:

At times I find myself rushing through my workout because I feel I don’t have much time, and I leave my workout at the 10-15-minute mark and start my day.

One of my goals this year is to workout more and move my body

I needed to remind myself and prioritize that I can go longer and continue my workouts, and instead

Cut down on a different task that Is not much important to me now

Being selective about the right thing can help you create an enriched slow living lifestyle

Slow Summer Moments to Create This Season

Slow Summer moments

1. Reading a book for hours without worrying about time and tasks

2. Walking slowly in nature and soaking in all that I see

3. Spending time with friends or alone in a park, reading eating fruits without worrying about anything

4. Take an extra minute dressing up in summer in an outfit that makes you feel good

5. Siting by the balcony alone with myself

6. Putting on a face mask and listening to music as I lie down in my bed

7. Doing each task slowly without rushing for anything

8. Doing a 30-minute workout or yoga that helps me relax my mind body and soul

9. Starting my morning slow

10. Unplugging from all social media and just being in the present without

11. Enjoying my iced coffee

12. Walking around the city

13. The smell of fresh flowers

14 Going outside to witness Colorful flowers

15. The Smell of summer rain

16. Doing less and living more

18. Cancel Plans and be at home

19. Eating fresh fruits without any rush

20. Being Outdoors – meeting friends, grabbing coffee

21. Spending time in a bookstore or library

22. Making Smoothies and chia Pudding

23. Making homemade bread and pizza

24 Saying yes to spontaneous plans

25. Letting myself feel what I am feeling in the moment


When you create more slow moments in life, you will remember them forever. Those are the moments where truly lived and let yourself be

Instead of rushing from one task to another

Of course, through this post, I am not trying to push you to not work or do nothing

But being okay with doing less and living more!

I hope you got my point!

So what all Slow Summer moments are you waiting for?

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Slow Summer moments

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