List Of 19 Insanely Fun bucket list ideas for fall

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bucket list ideas for fall

The fall season is around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to try out new things and make life exciting! Although I love the summer season there are some things about fall that gives the perfect slow and cozy vibes with beautiful colors! Today, I will share with you Fun bucket list of Ideas for fall that you are guaranteed to love!

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What are popular things to do in fall?

Honestly, The new season brings an exciting fresh feeling and a great way to escape from everyday boring routine! Like any festive season, there are so many activities that one can do in the fall! I will share the top 19 things you can do this year!

What are some fall themes?

The fall theme consists of pumpkins and orange, red, yellow, and brown colors! Halloween and thanksgiving are the most popular occasions to celebrate and have fun

Fall bucket list bullet journal

Since the new season is here, it calls for resetting your life and starting a new beginning! One of the beautiful ways to enjoy this season is to go slow and soak every minute!

Bullet Journal is one essential you need in the fall! You can write your bucket lists for fall and plan your day and festivities while enjoying the process slow and relaxed yet productive!

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19 Popular Bucket list ideas for fall

1. Go to Pumpkin Patch!

Going to the pumpkin patch is a #1 on the list for fall! Make sure to get a good amount of pumpkin to enjoy fall decorating and making tasty recipes!

2. Wear Fall Themed Outfits

Our outfits can make us feel the different seasons more intimately. Dressing up in beautiful fall-colored outfits is cherishing! Some of the cozy and fall-inspired outfits you can go for-

3. Choose/ Make Halloween costume

Halloween is around the corner! Last year I had a great Halloween with my best friend! We did not spend much effort on our costumes and look but This year I am looking forward to being more Creative!

4. Make Pumpkin Spiced Latte

A hot spiced drink is all you need this fall! Make sure to make one at home or get the famous one for Starbucks!

5. Attend Fall Festivals with Friends

6. Shop for fall candles

Since the vibrant summer season has ended and it’s time for a cozy and warm season! Refreshing your room with amazing scented candles will set you in a good mood!

Fall Candle Favorites

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7. Go to Park and enjoy Rake Leaves

Fall is incomplete without enjoying the rake leaves all over the park! It’s so beautiful

8. Make Fall Drinks

9. Cozy Fall Room

Redecorate your space by making small changes in the house and making it cozy fall inspired. Adding colors and textures and small decorative pieces is a really easy and fun way to enjoy fall at home

10. Plan Autumn Picnic with friends

Personally, a picnic in the autumn season is more fun than in summer! you are not sweating with heat and can enjoy it slow and beautiful!

11. Spend time in fireplace

Spend more time at the fireplace with your hot latte reading books or watching a show!

12. Watch Holiday movie

There are so many good holiday movies! Here is a list of all the top Holiday movies for you to enjoy this fall!

13. Make fall Craft

Get creative and so some DY fall craft to add to your home!

14. Make Pumpkin Recipes

15. Visit Haunted House

I love everything haunted and it is super fun to go to these haunted houses with friends!

16. Make Apple Pie

17. Invest in Cozy Clothes/ sweater

Apart from dressing up cute, Investing in a cute cozy sweater is a, must this season!

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18. Go on A Hike

19. Make a Gratitude list

Apart from being grateful on thanksgiving, make a gratitude list to embrace your life and all the little moments in life! Here are 100 Things To Be Humble and Grateful For


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These were the 17 fall bucket lists!

Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite activities for fall!

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