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How to Practice Self-Care for Good Health

We give self-care a lot of importance for mental health, but it is also important to know How to Practice Self-Care for Good Health as well! Let’s find out!

how to practice self-care for good health

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Health is the only part of life that should be a top priority in everyone’s life. Yet most people take it for granted.

Good health is something most of us are always blessed with, it is only when we go through something unfortunate, that we regret not taking care of ourselves when we are in good condition.

In this post, I want to share how we can practice self-care for good health.

Self-care is an essential part of our lives, and while it’s good that we try to practice it for good mental health, let’s also incorporate it for both physical and mental well-being!

What is Self-care and why is it important?

Self-care refers to a set of practices and activities that individuals engage in to promote their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

It involves taking deliberate and conscious actions to prioritize one’s health and happiness.

Ever since the hustle culture has peaked in the world where everyone is working hard to be successful or getting trapped in responsibilities that comes with every age and expectation

Our well-being is something, that is often sacrificed as no one pays attention to their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

It leads to poor health that affects our lives, and it is only then we understand the importance of health we take for granted.

Moreover, by neglecting our health, we can make our health worse.

Hence, the concept of self-care started to help people prioritize their overall well-being in their busy lives!

how to practice self-care for good health

How to Practice Self-Care for Good Health

In this post, we will be exploring, how to practice self-care only for GOOD HEALTH.

There are only a few things to keep in mind for practicing self-care for health and seeing good results

1. Health comes first

To practice self-care for good health, first, you must realize that health is important and it comes before anything else in life.

Only by truly realizing it, you will be able to prioritize health in your life and focus on self-care activities for it.

I don’t think there is any other way to realize why health comes first than the fact that if you do all the good things in the world.

Money, fame, relationships, or anything else, but not good health. You will struggle to enjoy any of the blessings you have.

However, with good health, you will able to not only enjoy things but nurture them more.

2. Staying consistent and making these activities non-negotiable

Whatever self-care activities you choose to practice for good health, staying consistent in it is the main key!

Only then you will be able to improve your health. Make the activities you choose, a non-negotiable in your life!

No matter how busy your life gets, you are going to spend those minutes doing your well-being self-care activities!

3. listening to your body

Self-care for good health is all about listening to your body and its needs. Give it what it needs at that time.

For example: If your body is tired of work, it needs to rest

If your eyes are itching because of so much screen time, put away your devices and give them a break

Listen to your body and give it what it needs in the moment, and slowly you will naturally be practicing good health in your life

4. It’s a lifetime commitment

Self-care for health is not one weak challenge or something you will focus on for a few months and leave.

It’s a lifelong commitment, you have to keep working every day to maintain good health.

That’s why incorporating a few self-care practices for good health is the best way to easily prioritize health in your life every day!

5. Health is Bio-individual

Below, I will share a few healthy self-care practices to add to your day, however, these activities alone do not guarantee good health,

because health is bio-individual. What your body needs right now will be different from other person

You may need to work and focus on a part of your health that is subjective to you.

Self-care activities for good health you can do 🙂

At least 15 minutes of Physical Movement every day like:

  1. 15 Minute Stretching everyday
  2.  Walking 30 minutes a day
  3.  10,000 steps a day
  4.  cardio for 25-45 minutes
  5.  Yoga for 30 minutes
  6.  Join a dance class
  7.  Join a sports club
  8.  Walking for a few minutes after eating a meal


  1. Having a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach
  2.  Eating rainbow meals
  3.  Adding greens to your diet
  4.  Eating homecooked food
  5.  Adding protein to each meal
  6.  Following a balanced diet plate
  7.  Take benefits of all healthy foods out there by adding them to your meals
  8.  Eating as per your body’s needs
  9.  Removing foods that do not suit your body
  10.  Adding green tea or chamomile tea to your day
  11.  Having all fruits and veggies
  12.  Taking healthy supplements as per your needs
  13.  Reaching out to a health coach for personalized health and wellbeing
  14.  Adding healthy alternatives to your junk food

Self-care lifestyle activities for good health

  1. Regular health checkups
  2.  Sleeping on time and getting 7 hours of undisturbed sleep
  3.  Getting sunlight daily for Vitamin D
  4.  Take nap
  5.  Rest your eyes by limiting screen time
  6.  Meditate for 10 minutes
  7.  Taking time off to enjoy hobbies
  8.  Expressing yourself

Choose 1-3 Activities and start adding them to your daily life!

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how to practice self-care for good health

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