79 Amazing Self care weekend ideas To Try Right Now

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Want to make time for self-care on weekends? Here are 79 self care weekend ideas

self care saturday ideas

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Monday to Friday is spent working non stop! How much time does one get for yourself? Even if you do, you don’t have much energy to do things and have enough time for self-care!

That’s why Today, I will be sharing with you this popular self-care weekend ideas!

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Why is Self-Care Weekend Important?

Self-care is one of the most important part of our life, why? Think about your loved ones, because your love them there are so many things you do that is termed as “care”

for example- making sure they are healthy, giving them love by complimenting and gifting them, Doing things that makes them happy!

Likewise, our self is equally or more important, we need to give this love and care to ourselves to live a pleasant life.

I am sure life must be really busy for you, hustling nonstop and finding time to give yourself the care it needs is getting more difficult

Hence self-care weekend is a fun activity to help you incorporate self-care on the weekend and give yourself all that you need!

we cannot practice good amount of self-care when we are rushing, I have shared few 5-minute selfcare activities for weekdays, but Saturday is the ideal day to practice things that you cannot on working days!

Why choose a Self-Care Weekend?

Self-care on any day is great but self-care weekend is popular for few reasons!

  • Anxiety on Sunday: Just after Sunday, comes our first working day, which brings a little bit of anxiety to get things ready for tomorrow! but on a Saturday, you can spend the day doing many activities worry-free!
  • Sunday is good for reset and organization: Sunday is an ideal time to reset and get your life on track! You can do night routine to stay organized for the next day as well! Read about both below

Want to make self-care a part of your daily life without any hassle?

If you find it difficult to prioritize self-care in your daily. You’ve got to check out my Daily self-care planner journal

it’s jam-packed with 75 pages of self-care daily to-do, tracker, affirmations, and prompts for understanding your self-care need to help you have daily, weekly check-in! A must-have for helping yourself in taking extra care of yourself

How do you Plan a self-care weekend?

If you are going to be trying self-care on a weekend for the first time, it is great that you plan out a day in advance!

  • Pick 2-3 activities in the beginning that you will be doing on weekend
  • Make sure to buy things you need
  • Make sure to set a reminder and cancel any other plan that does not involve self-care
  • If you mess up, don’t feel sad! It completely okay to mess up in the beginning
  • Remember your intention throughout your activities
  • Stay in the moment and enjoy
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What should I do on Sunday on my own?

When it comes to self-care there are no rules! This post is about self-care weekend but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it any other day! If Sunday’s are free for you, then go ahead and turn it into self-care Sunday!

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Myths About Self-Care

Self-care is often misunderstood by people, hence I want to let you clear some misconceptions related to self-care

  • Self-care is selfish: I see so many people saying you are being selfish when you try to do something for yourself, They want you to make yourself the main priority always!
  • Self-care is expensive: Below I share many self-care activities that are free to do! Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive at all!
  • Self-care is only skincare and me-time: self-care comes in many forms, There is no way to do self-care, little things like standing up for yourself is also a dorm of self-care
  • Self-care is earned: Mostly people say that to do self-care or love activities you must do something productive to have fun, But no self-is not earned and it shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about!
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13 Social Self-care Weekend Ideas

  1. Joining a Hobby Club
  2. Call up your friends
  3. Go on a walk with someone
  4. have a friend’s night in
  5. Meet up with your family
  6. Have deep conversation
  7. Facetime someone from far away
  8. Have a picnic with your friends
  9. Explore a New Cafe
  10. Make fun Content
  11. Go shopping
  12. self-care weekend getaway
  13. Have fun night out

38 Alone Self-care Weekend Ideas

  1. Rearrange your space
  2. Listening to podcasts
  3. Plan a relaxing spa time
  4. Journaling
  5. Make A vision Board
  6. Read a good book
  7. Pamper your skin
  8. Netflix and Chill
  9. Take nap
  10. Make time for hobby
  11. make a manifestation list
  12. Turn off your phone ( or social media at least)
  13. Journal Prompts
  14. Practice affirmations
  15. Cook something Tasty
  16. Make lists
  17. Do some DIY Crafts
  18. Invest in an Online Learning Class
  19. Online Shopping?
  20. Go on a solo date
  21. Read your favorite blogs!
  22. write a love letter to yourself
  23. Meditate
  24. Buy yourself something you have been meaning to
  25. look for an area you want to give more love towards
  26. list three things you like about yourself
  27. Focus on the present
  28. Try different workouts
  29. Make your favorite Drink
  30. Listen to songs
  31. Tidy up your space
  32. Create a daily schedule that sticks
  33. Read motivational/inspirational quotes and words
  34. Solo picnic time
  35. Watch Youtube Videos
  36. Make a bucket list
  37. Visualize your dream life
  38. Buy gifts

12 Mental Wellbeing Self-care Weekend Ideas

  1. Take online Therapy
  2. Make time for in-person therapy
  3. Meditate
  4. Vent to someone
  5. Give yourself rest
  6. Journal or speak out your thoughts
  7. Cry
  8. Watch something uplifting
  9. Take deep Breath
  10. Spend some alone time in quiet place
  11. Spend time in Nature
  12. Hug yourself

9 Health Self care Weekend ideas

  1. Have Nutritious homemade Food
  2. Stretch your body
  3. Do a good 20-minute workout
  4. Get a health check-up
  5. Drink enough water
  6. Keep your eyes off the screen
  7. Put on Hair/ body mask
  8. Learn about skincare and invest in the right products
  9. Start your wellness journey
self care saturday ideas

7 Other Self-care Weekend ideas

  1. On weekends Focus on your passion
  2. Make time for side income (if needed)
  3. Watch a funny movie or show
  4. Try something new
  5. Pray
  6. Change your sheets
  7. Rest without Guilt

What are 5 self-care activities you must do?

Be it any day or any activity for yourself, These 5 self-care form activity you must try to include

  1. Physical self-care
  2. Self-care for mental wellbeing
  3. Emotional self-care
  4. Social self-care
  5. Spiritual self-care

Self-care is an Essential and Productive Activity

Self-care is productive rather than wasting time, It is easy to think that we are wasting time by doing, we could have done something productive work

Imagine constantly working, now work comes with stress, so what will you do when you have stress and problems? You need to do these activities to relax and recharge to work better again!

If you keep working even after that, what will happen? You will be burned out – you will reach an extension of exhaustion and frustration which make you not work at all!

To prevent this and enjoy life we need to balance by filling ourselves from inside and giving it what it needs!

Go ahead and start you self-care routine Now!


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