45 Food Journal Prompts to Create Mindful & Healthy Eating Habits

Are you Struggling with food? Trying to Eat healthily and mindfully but failing to keep track? Not sure what to eat and what is best for my body? Or feeling guilty When eating junk food? All in all, \if your relationship with food is struggling right now, these food journal prompts will help you exactly tackle that!

 Food Journal Prompts to Create Mindful & Healthy Eating Habits

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A Food Journal is a great way to begin your wellness journey and start mindful eating habits. Whether you want to have a balanced diet or gain weight, lose weight or Improve your relationship with food if you feel guilty every time you eat. Food Journal prompts can help you do that.

What should I write in a food journal?

In this post, I share Food Journal Prompts to help you understand what you should be eating and make better choices when it comes to beginning mindful eating habits.

But in a food journal, apart from practicing these journal Prompts, you can also add recipes, plan your meals and keep track of what you have been eating in the past week or month.

You can look and check your progress and make changes to your diet!

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What are the benefits of keeping a food journal?

  • Encourage Healthy eating habits
  •  Helps in improving your weight gain/weight loss journey
  •  Eliminate Mindless Eating
  •  Plan your meals in advance
  •  Identify Triggers and cravings
  •  Improves one’s relationship with food

Mindful Eating Journal Prompts

  1. What does your everyday meal look like?
  2.  On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your diet?
  3.  Do you pay attention to ingredients when Buying processed food?
  4.  What eating habits do you want to start cultivating? Name three
  5.  What eating habits do you want to change or eliminate?
  6.  Does your Fitness routine affect your food choices?
  7.  What is your goal towards food?
  8.  What is your why for starting a food journal?
  9.  Who is your role model when it comes to Mindful eating?
  10.  What steps can you take to be more mindful of what you eat?

Food Writing Prompts

  1. What is keeping you from changing your food choices? Name 3 barriers.
  2.  Do you feel you lack food knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating? What are they?
  3.  What is some food I love but are not healthy?
  4.  What is some food I love that are also healthy or can be modified?
  5.  What are some foods my body needs but I do not like? How can I make it tasty?
  6.  Write 5 gratitude food affirmations to be thankful for food
  7.  What are some ways you can make your favorite food healthier?
  8.  Is there anything that triggers eating?
  9.  What do I want food to do for me?
  10.  How often do you indulge in Junk food? Is it every day or a few times a week?
  11.  Do you like cooking? How does cooking feel to you?
  12.  How does your Culture Influence your Eating Choices?
  13.  Do you tend to eat the same food again and again? Why?
  14.  What Inspires you to be healthy?
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Intuitive Eating Journal Prompts

  1. Take note of your mood when you eat food that you love and food you don’t like much.
  2.  What do you feel your body needs the most right now? More protein or hydration or..? Name the nutrients you need.
  3.  Do you eat with a distraction such as a tv or mobile around you?
  4.  How can you be more attentive to eating when consuming your meals?
  5.  Take note of what you ate today? Write down in your journal every day
  6.  How does the food make you feel physical? Do certain food makes you sleepy or drained?
  7.  What does your body want now? Pay attention to your body, not Cravings.
  8.  Do you feel food after eating or end up taking more or less?
  9.  Do you skip breakfast? If yes, why?
  10.  What time is your last meal of the day usually?
  11.  Do you find yourself eating again at midnight? How often?

Emotional Eating Journal Prompts

  1. What did your relationship with food looked as a kid?
  2.  How is your relationship with food now?
  3.  How do you feel when eating your favorite but unhealthy snack?
  4.  If you feel sad, do you indulge in overeating or not eating at all?
  5.  How does food make you feel?
  6.  What emotions do you feel when you think about food?
  7.  What is my immediate response when I eat something unhealthy?
  8.  How often do you think about food? Do you feel you overthink when it comes to eating?
  9.  Do you eat what because they give your comfort? What is some food that gives you?
  10.  How food shopping makes you feel? Do you think you splurge or are mindful of what you are purchasing?

Food Journal Ideas

End Note

I hope this food Journal Prompts help you start your mindful eating journey! While you are becoming mindful of your food choices, Do not feel guilty when eating your favorite dishes!

Putting yourself away from them will make you feel negative about food. Mindfulness and Acceptance go hand in hand!

Give yourself a little treat now and then!

Happy Eating!

Good Luck!

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