33 Deep Self Forgiveness Journal Prompts to set you free

Do you need to forgive yourself? You probably have hurt yourself in the past or said harsh words to yourself, or gotten angry at yourself for making mistakes… Over time it becomes an immense baggage, and we feel guilty for treating ourselves this way! To help you forgive yourself and set yourself free from this burden, Here are 33 Deep Self Forgiveness Journal Prompts.

self forgiveness journal prompts

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How can I encourage myself to forgive?

We all make mistakes and often it can make us feel guilty. Some feel anxious about those experiences for a long time and even hurt.

The best way to let go of this and move on and start a new chapter in your life is to forgive yourself for hurting yourself and others.

It will help you move on and feel free.

Think how long have you been hurting yourself for the past experiences. Where has that gotten you? It is going to affect your mental health.

Starting with Journal prompts is the easiest way to encourage yourself into the forgiveness journey. Just Journaling out will help you be honest and let go of the negative emotions attached to it.

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self forgiveness journal prompts

How do you write a journal for forgiveness?

To start a Journal for Forgiveness,

Step 1: Get Your Stationery

All you need to get started on a forgiveness journal is a notebook and pen! Getting a fresh notebook to start your journey!

These are some of the journals I love!

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Step 2: Find a Quiet Place

It is essential, that you sit alone in a quiet place to have a deep journaling session and make the most out of it.

Step 3: Be honest

Do not hesitate and express yourself with all sincerity!

Journal prompts for forgiveness

  1. What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  2.  What are you ready to forgive yourself for right now?
  3.  What is your biggest regret? Why?
  4.  How has that affected you physically and mentally?
  5.  Write down about a time you were too hard on yourself
  6.  What does Forgiveness mean to you?
  7.  How can you let go of the mistakes you have made and stop hurting yourself over them?
  8.  Is there something you feel ashamed of? Write it.
  9.  What changes can you make to not repeat the same mistakes again?
  10.  What is something that went wrong in your life? What did you learn from it?
  11.  Do you think self-forgiveness is necessary to heal?

Self forgiveness journal prompts

  1. Write down all the things you need to forgive yourself for?
  2.  What are some ways you can be more gentle or kind to yourself?
  3.  How can you separate your mistakes from your identity?
  4.  What is most challenging about self-forgiveness?
  5.  How have you changed from your past mistakes?
  6.  Do you find yourself accountable for that action?
  7.  Is it easy for you to forgive, or do you find it challenging?
  8.  Do you find it hard to let go of the grudges of people hurting you?
  9.  Write a long journal about your regrets, mistakes, and things you feel guilty about, and forgive yourself by writing it all.
  10.  Write 5 ways you will improve your life.
  11.  How has forgiving yourself helped you?

Forgiveness journal prompts- forgiving others

  1. Who are you ready to forgive and for?
  2.  What do you need to forgive them for?
  3.  How has the pain of holding in for so long hurt you?
  4.  Do you feel lighter after letting them go and not carry any resentment?
  5.  How did they hurt you? What can you do next time to not let people hurt you like that?
  6.  Do you want to forgive them alone on your own or want to communicate a message through a note and let them know?
  7.  Are there any people you want to get forgiven by?
  8.  What are some people you can reach out to and ask for them for forgiveness?
  9.  Do you think it is harder to forgive others or yourself? why?
  10.  Is there someone who can never fully forgive? Who and why?
  11.  What does forgiving others consist of?

What is the key to self-forgiveness?

Self-forgiveness can be hard a lot of us, Taking accountability of your actions first and letting yourself know that you are a human and it is okay to make mistakes, It is okay to not be aware of things.

Now that you are aware, take it as a learning lesson and Forgive yourself.

This Post was all about self forgiveness journal prompts

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forgiveness journal prompts
 forgiveness journal prompts

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