50 Powerful journal prompts to face and conquer your Fears

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Do you feel fear is ruling over your life, one after the other you try to do something in your life and various kinds of fear come your way? It happens to everyone. Fear of failure, fear of losing someone, fear of rejection…In this post, I will share 50 Powerful fear Journal prompts to help you face and conquer them.

fear journal prompts

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We all have fears of different kinds and some are even common as humans. The biggest fear we experience is the fear of Uncertainty…

Not knowing what will happen once you take a step forward, Fear of not getting good grades, fear of not falling in love, and fear of falling in love as well. Fear of not getting a dream job, fear of what people will think, and so on.

Imagine there was no such thing as fear in life and we all were ready to after everything we desired! We weren’t afraid of taking risks and failing how great would that be?

How Can You Control Fear?

Although, over years, now we have accustomed to these fear and are constantly battled by them.

We can at least learn to overcome and control them over time.

So how do you control your fears?

Once we realize a few things that are a nature of life, we can accept and move on quickly

fear journal prompts

Failure is inevitable

No person in this world hasn’t failed in their life at least once, In fact, we all have failed multiple times since we were born

Not knowing how to walk and failing hundreds of times until we started to walk properly

The earlier we accept that we will fail and make mistakes every time we try something new, the earlier the fears will wash away

Life is Uncertain

No matter how much you plan or many astrologers you go to, What will happen is uncertain regardless…

This Fear of known eats us up but it is also the reality of life that we cannot escape from.

So the best we can do is to accept that and not let our minds take over this, As someone who struggles with the fear of the unknown my self and gets trapped in overthinking

This Book Don’t Believe everything you think helped me a lot. Check out the book here if you want to stop overthinking

What are the 5 steps to conquer fear?

Step 1: Name your fears

The first thing first is to write down what you are afraid of, Be detailed about these fears to help you know where they are truly coming from.

Step 2: Think what the worst that could happen

After knowing your fears, Think about what is the worst could happen? A lot of times what we fear is not that intense,

For example, I was always scared of speaking in public and thinking of making a mistake. Now When I look back I feel Nothing as dramatic happened when I made those mistakes

People don’t even remember it

Step 3: What is the probability of it Happening

Write down what are the chances of it happening! Many people are afraid of something that has a very low chance of happening, Probably 1-2%

Step 4: What if you never tried?

Write down if you let this fear rule and never try what you wanted to do, How would that feel? Is it not even worth trying?

Are you okay living with regret all your life because you missed this chance?

Step 5: There is always a way

Now that you know what you want and the fears that are coming with it, Lookout what are the different ways you can do what you want with the least amount of risk?

There are many solutions, some require more effort ad some patience but eventually if you try you can get there!

Does journaling help with fear?

Journaling can help you in dealing with fear in a better way. The journal prompts will help you think about your fears and how it is just your mind is merely thinking too much. It will help you

  • Clear you thoughts
  •  Find the true cause of fear
  •  Help you ease your mind

50 Fear Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts for Fear

  1. What is your worst fear?
  2.  Where did it come from?
  3.  How does fear make you feel?
  4.  How has fear held you back in life?
  5.  If there was nothing to be afraid of, What would you do first?
  6.  What is causing you this fear? is it from past experience or just in your head?
  7.  Are there any steps you can take to face this year?
  8.  What if you never try because of this fear? years down the line, how will you feel?
  9.  Does the fear come from what people Think?
  10.  What will happen if you went after what you wanted? How would that make you feel?
  11.  What is that you are afraid of truly?
  12.  When you grow old, would you be okay with regretting not taking the risk and following your dreams?
  13.  What can you do to make yourself feel safer?
  14.  What tiny steps can you take toward your dream to minimize the chance of failure?
  15.  Who can you share your fears openly?
  16.  Can you find ways to face your fears instead of avoiding them?
  17.  What is the worst that could happen? Is it truly as bad as I am Imagining?
  18.  What is the best that could happen?
  19.  How is this fear limiting my life?
  20.  How will being afraid will help you in growing? Will it?
  21.  As a kid did you fear trying new things or just went with it?
  22.  Is the fear you are experiencing even real? Or imagination?
  23.  Does your fear come from being Impatience? What if you could get what you want not now but in a few months or years?
  24.  Many people are afraid of change and starting something new, How can you overcome these fears?
  25.  Is the outcome in your hands? How will being fearful of change anything?

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Journal prompts for fear of failure

  1. What scares you about failing?
  2.  If there was no such thing as failure, what is the first thing you would do?
  3.  Is it truly a failure? or a learning experience to help you get better?
  4.  Do you know any successful person who said they never failed?
  5.  How about you practice what you are afraid of multiple times in small ways and see how it feels?
  6.  What are the chances of your failing?
  7.  Do you think failing is a waste of time or do you end up gaining experience and learning?
  8.  Write 10 affirmations to feel confident
  9.  does your identity tie with being successful?
  10.  Whom can you feel inspired from to help you overcome your fear of failure?

Writing Prompts about Fear

  1. What is this fear revealing about me?
  2.  Write down Positive things that can happen when doing what you are afraid of
  3.  Do you believe in destiny? If you were destined to do that would you be afraid anymore?
  4.  What kind of support do you need from others? How will that help you? Can you give that support to yourself?
  5.  Are there any benefits of fear?
  6.  How does your body feel when experiencing fear?
  7.  What triggers your fear?
  8.  Are you truly afraid or are people projecting their fears on you?
  9.  What small risks can you take to help you overcome fear?
  10.  What are some healthy ways you can cope with fear?
  11.  Is there anything I am hiding from others that are bringing me this fear?
  12.  Is your fear coming because you did something wrong? what if you could take responsibility and not be afraid anymore?
  13.  is there a relationship in my life that is causing this fear? Who?
  14.  What if this fear is the chance for you to become courageous and grow?
  15.  Is the fear rational?

End Note:

So these were the 50 Journal prompts to help you overcome your fears! There is always a way out and you can achieve whatever you want, sooner or later you will get there!

This Post was all about fear journal prompts

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fear journal prompts

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