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Ultimate 21 day glow up challenge 2024 to become your best self

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Are you planning to take up a challenge to glow up this month or year? Then take this 21-day glow challenge that will not only help you but also become your best self ever!

Ultimate 21 day glow up challenge 2023 to become your best self

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Taking a few days of challenge is super awesome to start something new in your life, especially if it is to better an aspect of your life!

Some take fitness challenges, language learning challenges, and so on!

there can be a challenge for anything you want to achieve

Similarly, a 21-day glow challenge is awesome for anyone who wants to glow up and become a better version of themselves!

Of course, if you ever feel any challenge is impacting your life negatively, then by all means, leave it!

What is the 21-day glow-up challenge?

Now let’s get into this challenge and understand what is the 21-day glow challenge anyway!

We all can have a different definition of glow-up in our eyes, but in short, glow-up is more about becoming a better version of you

It can be a bold version of yourself, more skilled, more optimistic, happy, or looking confident.

All of this comes under glow-up, right?

This 21-day glow challenge is aimed at becoming a better version of yourself by the end of 21 days!

Usually, even in a glow challenge, one can aim for one particular thing for 21 days, for example, 21 days of fitness glow-up.

But since this is a general challenge, we will not be focusing, on only one thing but overall glow-up involving quite a few activities.

Doing this 21-day glow challenge will for sure leave you

  • feeling better about yourself
  •  You will witness growth in you
  •  You will be able to form new healthy habits

Is it possible to glow up in a month?

If you are thinking if it is truly possible to glow up just in a month, then here is the truth

It depends on your goals and results expectations

For example: if you aimed to lose 10kg in a month, then the answer would be no because each body is different, and losing this much weight just in less than 30 days is not healthy or realistic.

However, losing about 4-5 kgs in a month is still realistic to achieve but not 100% because we all have different bodies, and one may be able to achieve this number while others just a little close.

So when it comes to a glow-up, you need to check with yourself, what are you expecting to see after 21 days, is it realistic?

You may not achieve, the exact desired goal in a month, but you will for sure reach closer to it than you are now!

So without wasting any time, let’s start the 21-day glow-up challenge!

Ultimate 21 day glow up challenge 2023 to become your best self

21 day glow up challenge 2024

Day 1: Make a Vision Board

Starting your glow-up challenge by setting a vision for yourself is the perfect way, in my opinion.

Not only, it is a fun activity, but also, will help you set a vision of how to see yourself by the end of the challenge for simply this year of glow-up!

Imagine the small thing you wish to feel, or achieve in your glow journey, download pictures of them, and paste them into a vision board.

In case you don’t know how to make a vision board that manifests, here are a few posts that will help you

Day 2: Start doing a fun workout to do every day

Our physical movements play a huge role in our glow up

Not only because it helps us stay fit and offer endless physical benefits, which are-

  • Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
  •  boosts energy
  •  promotes better sleep
  •  weight management

But physical activity helps us feel more confident and build mental strength that helps us in achieving so many things in life.

It boosts our mood and naturally makes us more energetic and optimistic throughout the day!

So why not choose a fun way to do the daily physical movement? there are so many options

  • home workouts ( cardio and toning)
  •  Going to a gym
  •  Playing a sport
  •  Dance and aerobics
  •  Running, hiking, or jogging
  •  Dance

All you have to do is find one activity you can do daily to incorporate daily body movements,

I am sure by the end of the challenge itself, you will feel and look so much better.

It can be a 10-minute or 40-minute activity! The choice is yours, just focus on doing it every day starting today.

Day 3: Choose a self-care activity to do daily

It is an ideal or best way to incorporate and consume a balanced meal

I know for most of us, the carbs are the most consumed, and rest way less when it should be the other way around!

If you are thinking about your junk food and times we might go out to eat, Following an 80/20 rule is ideal!

Focus on consuming an 80% healthy diet and only 20% of the food of your liking!

Day 5: Read or listen to a self-help book of your choice

Glowing up that helps you become a better version of yourself also happens through education.

Learning about life, thankfully, we have plenty of resources at this age, which gives us insight into finding a solution to any given problem we have, and a guide to improving our life.

The more time you will spend learning from those good resources, the more changes you will experience in your life

  • Whether it is reading a self-help book or a blog
  • Listening to podcasts or audiobooks
  • getting a 1:1 life coaching mentor

Today, spend your time learning and understanding about a way to improve your life.

Look at a particular issue you want to learn about in your life, look for credible resources and start gaining more knowledge on that topic.

Spend a few minutes every day in this form of learning!

Day 6: Practice positive affirmations

On the day of the 21-day glow-up challenge, we will do one of my favorite and best activities to glow up!

Practicing Affirmations are a magical way to glow up your life! Trust me!

Over the years, we have built up so much negativity toward ourselves and life.

The way we talk to ourselves, and how we experience mindset blocks, fear, and low self-esteem every other day is the result.

Of years of negative talks we have heard from others and eventually ourselves.

Our minds and thoughts need reprogramming! From a place of fear to a place of boldness

From a place of insecurity to a place of self-fulfillment

We need to reach there!

And the only and best way to reprogram our thoughts is to reverse them with positive!

Practicing positive self-talk and talking to ourselves with love and compassion will help us change the deep-rooted years of conditioning!

Of course, it won’t happen in a day because we are carrying years of negativity in our heads, so it will take time and consistent effort, but it will be possible.

So for today, I request you to spend 15 minutes practicing positive affirmations and not just today but every day from now on!

Here are 170 Life-changing Affirmations for the glow up

Day 7: Get lots of sunlight every day

Getting sunlight is very important because nowadays we tend to stay at home or simply indoors more, We hardly spent much time in the ark or like we used to as a kid.

Deficiency in Vitamin D is very much common among youngsters now,

UV exposure is the primary method of boosting serum vitamin D levels,

Here are some benefits getting daily sunlight offers

  • Sunlight strengthens bones.
  •  Sunlight kills bacteria.
  •  Sunlight boosts mood.
  •  Being exposed to sunlight enables your body to make vitamin D from cholesterol in your skin cells.
  •  Sunlight may reduce high blood pressure. …
  •  Sunlight can improve sleep quality.

If you live in a place where you do get sunlight exposure, then please get 8-12 minutes of daily sunlight in the morning!

Day 8: Dress up well every day

Our 21-day glow-up challenge is incomplete without changing our dressing habits!

Changing how we dress can lead a to huge glow-up, from the outside because it changes up your whole look!

In fact, for people, it is only making a few changes in the way, they dress creates a more put-together look!

Putting a little bit of effort into dressing can help you!

Here are something you can do

  • Wear color and clothe that flatters your body type
  •  Always complete your look with accessories
  •  Experiment with different style
  •  A hairstyle can be a massive change
  •  Minimal make up

Tryst me, if form today you will start making even 10% effort in dressing up there will be a huge by the end of the challenge!

Day 9: Make a skincare routine to follow every day

While we are talking about fashion, skincare is again, very important to get that juicy glowing skin!

While we have to keep in mind, food and genetics play most of the role in our skin health if we want to see a major difference in our skin.

Food is key!

But skincare does contribute to some of the amount! So what can we do is, create a skincare routine according to our skin type and needs!

Day 10: Take 6000-10000 steps in a day

Most of us have a desk job, and we end up sitting, in one position for hours! This can so a much deeper effect on our health that we don’t realize in the short term.

Keeping our body active is very important, and one such way is to walk!

Walking is the easiest, lightest, and best way to maintain a healthy body!

Ideally, we all should aim for at least 6000 steps a day!

These are just some benefits of walking daily!

  • Lifts your spirits
  •  Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  •  Improves heart health
  •  Strengthens your immune system
  •  Protects your bones
  •  Relieves joint pain
  •  Aids digestion

Make it a goal to reach 6000 steps at least in a day, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs.

If it’s only a few minutes away and you can reach it by walking, then why not?

Day 11: Journal

The way to better and glow up your life lies in knowing yourself, the better you know and understand yourself, the better you can follow the right path.

Our intuition, our heart is always right, the only thing we need to do is to dig deeper into ourselves and build a connection with our inner voice so we can hear it and follow it.

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to know yourself better and connect with your intuition

just like you have people in your life, whom you claim to know well, know better than anyone because you have spent enough quality time to understand who they are

Similarly, you need to spend time with yourself, communicate with yourself, and build that connection

You can simply pick up a notebook and a pen and start journaling and being honest about your thoughts, feelings every day

This is one way to do it, or you can also practice journal prompts on different topics that can help you understand yourself about those things

I have posted journal prompts for all kinds of topics, you can start with anything a beginner as well

I recommend you to choose one topic from below and practice those journal prompts today

Day 12: Have a phone detox no touch day

We want to be more focused and present in our life through this glow-up challenge to become successful.

We don want to distract ourselves with any negativity, and that’s why maintaining a healthy relationship with social media is so important!

So for today’s glow the challenge, we will be going a tiny bit extra and having a phone detox day where we will not touch our phone for most of the day,

Of course, you may have essential calls, which you attend, but rest, we won’t be using any social media apps for just today.

This is extremely important to disconnect ourselves from social media and be present in our reality and the moment.

I think you can do this for yourself just for a day!

At the end of the day, I want you to look back and see, how did your day go. Was it difficult? If that’s the case, then you have to also observe, how much dependent you are on your one device

And if it did go well, how about creating more such days occasionally?

Day 13: Go to park

Let’s have a relaxing day in the park

Being surrounded by nature, and fresh air that calms you from the inside, you could spend the time observing around, walking, reading a book, or playing with someone.

That’s up to you, just focus on spending, some time around nature!

Day 14: Drink more water to stay hydrated

One thing I see many struggles with is drinking water

Now it can be frustrating to always have people say drink more water for healthy skin, drink more water if you want to lose weight

Because of course, it is not the only contributor to clear skin or losing weight!

However, many changes happen when we are dehydrated which are not necessarily good.

Being dehydrated can affect blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. Severe dehydration can also cause weakness or confusion. 

And of course, our skin looks dull, we get small bumps due to this.

So just make sure you are having enough water everyday single day!

Day 15: Do one thing this month out of your comfort zone

When I look back on my life, I feel all the moments that gave me growth and helped me feel like I had a glow-up were things that I did I thought I could never do.

We all have a comfort zone we struggle to go out of, we want to do things, but we are afraid to do them.

Challenging yourself every month by doing just one thing out of your comfort zone is the best way to experience real growth.

Every month you will feel better and that you have gotten one step ahead in life all because you are challenging yourself.

So for this month, think about one thing, it can be a very small thing too, which you always feel anxious or hesitant to do, and just do it!

Day 16: Get undisturbed sleep

Nowadays people have this assumption that sleep is a waste of time and we don’t need that much sleep

Which is of course far from the truth

Sleep is a key element in our life that supports all functions in our life, when we sleep actually when our body is doing all the recovery our body.

During the day our body is busy digesting, our mind is busy working, and so on.

Bu,t at night, when we are resting, our body undergoes recovery to heal cells and areas that need recovery.

We need to sleep for 7-8 hours and have a deep sleep, which is undisturbed so that recovery can happen.

But if we tend to wake up in the middle of the night, the recovery process is also disturbed.

Put your phone on airplane mode, pitch dark your room, and sleep!

Day 17: Do an act of kindness with yourself and for someone else

On day 17, let’s be a little kind to ourselves and others too

We may not realize it, but we are usually pretty harsh on ourselves for the smallest things

But instead, today, try to be more compassionate and kind,

take rest if you need to, do whatever you feel like without guilt, say lovely words and treat yourself

Do the same with someone whether it is giving a compliment, or hugging them or doing any help

Just do it!

Day 18: Wake up early and sleep early

Day 18 will be one of the productive days because we will be waking up earlier than we usually do and starting our day early

Using the day for anything like getting a bit of me-time, cooking, or sitting in silence

But no phone!

We will also end the day early and sleep on time.

This will help you in experiencing what it looks like when you wake up early and sleep early too.

Are you able to have more time for yourself now? Are you able to get things done faster?

It could become a daily routine and help you fix your sleep habits!

Day 19: Make a list of things you are grateful for

Be reminded of all the beautiful things you have in life is so important

We tend to easily forget the goodness and start complaining about things we want

This can often lead to a negative, and scarce mindset where you always feel negative and in trouble

However, if you shoot and remind yourself of the beautiful thing you have experienced over the years and feel grateful for

Your mindset immediately changes

We should never take life for granted and should value the small thing we have

For example: when you have a cold and cannot drink anything out, you remember the time when you could easily sip a drink when you were healthy.

This is such a small yet valuable thing in our life!

And so take this day and write down as many things you feel grateful about in life

Day 20: Go out for a fun day

Go out and enjoy today as much as you wish to, explore your city, and have a fun day outside.

Alone or with friends, simply take this moment to step out of the house not for work but to ease your mind!

It is so important to go out of the house, even if it is for an hour, it affects your mental health and boosts your mood.

Day 21: Journal again

Whew! We have already reached the last day of the 21 days glow-up challenge!

And for the last day, we will be only doing one thing, and that is journaling

It is important to observe and look at this 21-day challenge and observe small things

how did the challenge go?

Did you feel or see any difference in yourself?

How did the challenge make you feel

From day 1, do you feel you have grown in some way as you completed 21 days?

Reflect today, it is your last task!


So this was the 21-day glow-up challenge to better yourself! I hope you enjoyed the challenge it made you feel better than when you started.

Do share your experience with me in the comments!

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Ultimate 21 day glow up challenge

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