How to become that girl in 2024 + (free checklist)

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After strolling through so many “that girl” videos and posts, are you wondering “how to become that girl?” In this post, I will share with you exactly how to be that girl with 20 simple steps!

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That girl has been on trend everywhere these days. I am sure while scrolling through instagram or tiktok, you must have come across those 30-second videos

Where a girl wakes up in the morning, workout, makes her bed, has her heathy meal, journal and live a healthy life!

It s a new trend and way to spread healthy lifestyle that people can get inspired from!

I love the meaning, and approach behind it, and want to share with you, that it is possible

While watching the videos or posts, it may seem like being that girl is hard to achieve, I want to share a realistic approach

As for me, I have always been interested in getting healthy and prioritizing my mental health and I love that girl approach!

It is for sure highly motivating and I have to say, even though i am not an expert. I have tried all the things that A THAT GIRL does

This is why I want to share with you my best tips!

But first, Let’s understand

What does being that girl mean?

That girl is a girl who is constantly pursuing self-improvement.

One that is disciplined and motivated towards becoming the best version of herself. She prioritizes her mental, physical, and spiritual; well-being and still focuses on work.

To be that girl means, letting go of a negative and stagnant mindset and prioritizing self-care!

She knows her self-worth and working her way to creating happiness and abundance in her life by letting go of all bad habits and mindset!

She is taking care of her health and living a healthy lifestyle. IN short of words she is a PINTEREST REALI LIFE GIRL

Just like the pic below

Pin it or save it to your wallpaper!

How to become that girl in 2023 10 Best hacks

If you look at these pictures, You can understand what it means, I am sure we all have saved these pictures like this in our pins atleast!

In fact I have even put them on my vision board!

One thing I want to make sure of through this post is to show requiring a certain amount of discipline, which once you start doing, but in the beginning, it can seem challenging

What do you need to become THAT GIRL?

If you are wondering what all things I need to become that girl from physical items to mentality and habits

I have all that covered for you in this post!

Here is How to become that girl in 2024

STEP 1: Ask yourself can you maintain THAT GIRL Lifestyle?

Even though the aesthetic and romanticized videos on tik tok and Instagram are beautiful, they somehow give an idea that being that girl is a piece of cake and nothing too difficult

It can definitely push you to start doing but once you start building “that girl” habits, you realize that it is in fact a bit challenging and your motivation goes away

This is why it is important to know and understand first, Being THAT GIRL requires you to put effort and truly take care of yourself

It is not making your life look aesthetic but truly making effort for nourishing and becoming the best version of yourself

Leaving old toxic habits, building new habits, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

SO if you are interested to figure our or curious to know about THAT GIRL LIFESTYLE

I highly encourage you to start and those who have been thinking about getting healthy and becoming a better version of themselves, go ahead!


If you are a beginner when it comes to doing activities that THAT GIRL does, ( working out, journaling, self-care, or organizing)

Start slow and take one step at a time. if you rush to make all the changes in one go. You will get discouraged easily and give up

Start with one habit at a time and give yourself time to truly embody that lifestyle!

STEP 2: Start with what you have

Before you rush into getting your that girl aesthetic and making plans and shopping. take a moment to see where you are right now

I am sure you are not starting with 0, you have a life and routine. what are some things you are doing and are a part of your routine

On top of that YOU DONT NEED to shop for the aesthetics to be THAT GIRL

Don’t spend your money on aesthetic items and clothe, you don’t need to. I know aesthetic has been prompted quite highly in the videos

But being THAT GIRL is beyond that, it is more about becoming healthy. so if you already have a set of workout clothes, You don’t need to shop for more to look Aesthetic

I am not forcing you, it is a personal choice. I am suggesting to take time and start with what you already have and once you have build up your daily habits

You can one by one add and get things you want!

Be grateful for where you are right now and start finding more abundance in your life.

STEP 3: Brainstorm on your plan

Now that you have decided to be THAT GIRL and start from where you are right now.

You can start brainstorming and make a schedule. Including things that are already a part of your routine.

There are so many habits and activities a THAT GIRL can do, you don’t have to do all of that now.

Start with what you have and add things slowly to your life. One habit at a time. Make a plan for what that habit will be and when you will be doing it

STEP 4: Be Realistic

Living a THAT GIRL lifestyle is changing your whole life around. The worst thing you can do is make all your changes in one go and set unrealistic goals and expectations

You are changing your habits and trying to leave old toxic habits. It won’t happen in a day. it takes time

This is why it is important to set realistic goals that are achievable for you. Start with a small goal of maybe exercising for 10 minutes.

Focusing on making your body used to this new activity and forming it into a habit. Then you can push yourself slowly to more minutes if you feel like it and do more intermediate workouts

But starting with something that is intermediate when you are a beginner will be too much for your body and you will most likely struggle to be consistent

And even if you do get consistent, you will being too hard on your body

Which A THAT GIRL is not at all about! You need to understand your body and do things accordingly

STEP 5: Spend Mindful me-time

Now that we are over with all the planning things, let’s go deep into the activities which THAT GIRL does.

In all the “THAT GIRL” videos you see, there is one thing that is common and that is everything that they do is basically spending me-time alone

Me-time is one of the sacred ingredients for self-improvement. Spending time with yourself builds inner connection and raises your awareness about your body, mind, and soul

By doing workouts, journaling, or practicing affirmation and self-care activities, they are indulging in me-time.

An hour of me-time is a good amount to be THAT GIRL, who nourishes her mind, body and soul

Its not about doing something that is hard and you dread it, but doing activities that not only nourished but you also ENJOY!

You get clarity, and peace and can hold a deeper connection. This me-time is what helps you in unlearning negative beliefs and learn things that help you grow

There are many me-time activities you can do in 1 hour from journaling, exercising, learning a new skill, dancing, and so on.

PS READ :23 Mindful Me Time Activities you will absolutely love

STEP 6: Build a Morning routine

When you look at the reels or Youtube videos, you will find them showing their morning routine or starting their day with healthy habits!

The morning routine is an essential part of that girl’s lifestyle!

Mornings are a great way to begin your day with productivity and motivation. How you spend your morning shows how productive or lazy your day will be

It is all about setting an intention for the day, and that girl always follows her morning routine!

How to be That Girl Morning Routine

To get a deeper insight into a THAT GIRL morning routine, there are a few of the many things that are common and what they do

1. Wake up early: You see they wake up early to start their day, whether it is 5 am, 6 am or 7 am…

It’s all about waking up a little early to spend time working and nourishing yourself! By getting up early you are able to make so much more for yourself and not do everything in a hurry

It’s more of a balanced that-girl lifestyle!

2. Drinking their water: You will see most of that girls, drink water when they wake up in the morning and it is a part of their morning routine!

They hydrate themselves as soon as they wake up. When we sleep at night, our body goes through a lot of water loss

Which is why it is extremely important to drink water in the morning instead of something dehydrating like coffee!

3 They Workout: Working is a huge part of the lifestyle routine of THAT GIRL which I share in depth in the 3 points below.

But you will always see them hitting the gym or doing their workout in the morning!

4 They shower and take care of their skin!: As much importance and love as the give to their health and mental health. they are also making time for nourishing their skin

So that was some of the small things that were part of their morning routine! There are many more activities that they include in their morning routine as well as a daily routine!

Let’s explore that!

STEP 7: Move your Body

That girl is always committed to her well-being, which means nourishing her body with what it needs.

Moving your body whether, through walking or workout. To keep it active and fit.

Taking supplements if needed, Following good posture, and getting tools and products that truly nourish her body!

You do not have to spend money necessarily, rather become aware of your body. You see those girls stretching, doing yoga, or hitting the gym.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it is not. Trust me, I have done it

The idea is to move your body. If you like walking, then walk, If you like at-home workouts, then do that

If you like dancing, then just put up a dancer workout on youtube, There are so many great dancercise videos that you can enjoy while focusing on your health!

As for me, I love Lucy’s 7-minute workouts. They are so effective that whenever I find it hard to work out or feel demotivated, I just do her simple 7-minute workouts, and they make me sweat!

It’s just 7 minutes!

It is a great way to build a habit of exercising in the comfort of your home and add it to your lifestyle.

You can them always move to go to a gym or pilates but this is almost free and easy!

STEP 8: Prioritize your Mental health

One thing That makes “that girl” different is, she prioritizes her mental health while focusing on productivity and success.

We learned and see people who work hard and are trying to attain success but at the cost of poor mental health. It eventually burns them down, and they have to restart again.

If you want to be “that girl” You have to prioritize your mental health at most.

and it is not just to be THAT GIRL, but regardless, mental wellbeing is one of the most important things in life

You need happy, positive emotions to even be able to do all other things and live a life you truly love!

We all have baggage and trauma that are a part of our life and is hurting us everyday. isn’t?

Focusing on your mental wellbeing is going to help you become a better version of yourself and heal

Ways you can prioritize your mental health

1) Get therapy : Therapy is one of the best ways to improve your mental health and heal all your trauma. We are not expert ourselves when it comes to what we are dealing with

That’s when a therapist can help you know the root cause and suggest ways to heal. Of course, it costs $$ but it’s worth the shot!

 2) Journal : For me journaling is one beautiful way to focus on my mental health. You don’t always have someone with you, with whom you can share your feelings

Journaling is a powerful way to connect with yourself and check in on how you are doing and what you are dealing with!

3) Spend time in nature: Nature is healing and when you go out and spend time being in nature. you can feel calm and less anxious.

4) Being kind to yourself : So many times, it is us who are being harsh and rude to ourselves. It worsens our mental health

Becoming a little cautious of that and being kinder can help you magically! Don’t say harsh words to yourself, and don’t do things you don want.

STEP 9: Practice Positive Self-talk

The reason You find These “that girl” so motivated and disciplined is because the inner voice inside them is constantly pushing to improve

What is your inner voice like?

Are you constantly putting yourself down? with words like-

“I am ugly”

“My life is a mess

“I cannot achieve this”

Then you will most likely fail to stay motivated and achieve your goals. Shift your inner voice to Positive words and phrases

Every time you say it is hard or I cannot do this, Shift it with words like

“I can learn this with my focus and work!

Leave the limiting beliefs, that are holding you back behind and let go of the victim mindset.

Even for “that girl’s” it took time, the confidence, discipline, and motivation that you see in them started to build slowly as they started to practice positive self-talk.

STEP 10: Surround yourself with motivation

Another thing That keeps “that girl” motivated is that they surround themselves with motivated things

From books to tools, that are always reminding them to move forward and upgrade their life! They always keep themselves equipped with one of those things.

It is through this motivation they can push through when things get tough and continue to slay!

Here are some ways to surround yourself with motivation

1) Reading self-help books and blogs: Self help books are one my favourite ways to stay motivated and educate myself!

Blogs come next which are equally powerful and filled with knowledge and you get that for free!

 2) Listening to podcasts : in that girl videos you must have seen them going for a hot girl walk while listening to podcasts! They are a new thing right now

You can listen to podcasts while walking or doing your chores and stay motivated throughout the day!

 3) Listening to upbeat music: Listening to upbeat music can really help your energy and keep your motivated throughout the day

 4) Around positive people: When you have someone around you is always negative or discouraging you can feel demotivated easily.

Whereas surrounding your self with a High vibe, and positive people can push you to be better too!

STEP 12: Start Eating Healthy

Change your diet and start adding healthy eating habits to your life. The food we eat has so much effect on our health and mood as well as productivity levels.

You always see THAT GIRL making smoothies having gut-friendly meals and protein!

You do not have to have any restrictive diets or force yourself to eat something you don’t like.

Just focus on eating more homecooked and be mindful of the ingredients in it.

There are so many recipes for making healthy food that is also tasty. Do your research and started implements those habits!

One of the ways I have been trying to build healthy habits for years, is

1) Limiting my sugar intake: I have always had a sweet tooth and used to eat too many sweats which really affected my teeth too!

However, for the past 2 years now, I have slowly cut down on my sugar by adding less amount of sugar, and to now I don’t even add sugar to my coffee or tea

I have limited the amount of cakes and sweets i have too!

2) Focusing on my gut: Over the past few months, I have learned how our gut affects almost everything from acne to feeling low and hormones

I have been trying to eliminate foods that are not good for my gut and adding more friendly foods, especially in the morning!

3) Switching to match from coffee: I am a coffee girl and absolutely cannot live without. But for my health over the past 2 months now, i cut down on my coffee intake to only 2 days in a week

For rest 5 days, I consume matcha with almond milk and it has been a healthy transition.

You see these changes are small and as per my own body. I did not go for a restrictive diet or changed all my meals

I simply have added few things as per my need.

Similarly, your healthy diet will be different and unique as per your need.

PS: Read How To Start Eating Healthy For Beginners (10 Tips!)

Step 13: Start Journaling

Whether it is a guided journal or a personal diary journal. Get yourself one!

Journaling has many benefits, and it will help you stay on track with your goals and keep improving!

You see in most of those “that girl” videos, girls carrying this journal, if you ever wondered what this journal is,


This is an everyday journal, backed-up up by science, simple every prompt to help you add gratitude to your life and strive for growth.

Journaling has been one of the important and magical parts of my routine. And one that you see in all THAT GIRL videos is there journal!

You can start building a habit of journaling slowly and make it a part of your lifestyle,

If you are confused or thinking what to do if you find journaling boring, then here is a post where I share 7 reasons you find Journaling boring + How to fix

If you are already in to journaling then you just to focus on being consistent with it everyday

STEP 14: Practice Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to implement positive self-talk in your life, The affirmation helps you shift the inner voice to a positive one and helps you push forward.

That girl never adds negative affirmation to their life. They never say things like

  • I can’t do this
  •  I am broke
  •  My life is miserable
  •  I am not good at anything
  •  Money is scarce and I can never be rich

Instead, their life revolves around adding positive affirmation and practicing it in their daily life. These are some affirmations they say to themselves

  • I can do this
  •  I am abundant in everything
  •  My life is full of growth and joy 
  •  If I put my mind to it, I can achieve anything
  •  Money is abundant and it comes to me naturally

The words of affirmations that are negative, you are sending your brain and body a message that you are truly like this, then you will be stuck with that reality and never be able to change your life!

Whereas by using words of affirmations that positive and encouraging, you are shifting your mindset, making yourself believe that you are worthy and deserve everything

This mindset will actually lead you to become THAT PERSON or THAT GIRL who can achieve anything in her life

STEP 15: Start Dressing up

The reason you find that girls’ aesthetics attractive is that they put a bit of effort into dressing up

However, they might be dressing up for shooting, but It can be added as a habit too.

Dressing up nicely and putting a little extra effort into it makes you feel good and motivated.

I recently bought myself 2 workout sets, and I am in love. I wear them every day while working out and feel great!

Dress up for yourself and feel great!

Find clothes that make you feel confident and are comfortable too. it will magically improve your mood and confidence

It will push you to main your THAT GIRL lifestyle!

Here is a guide on How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish – Your 5-Step Checklist

STEP 16: Dive into self-improvement

Whether it is reading a book or listening to a podcast. Do it.

The more you dive into resources that are educating you on becoming a better person, the more you will grow

If you are struggling with something, then read a book on it. Take personal coaching.

There is information about almost everything.

THAT GIRLS are constantly educating themselves on life and mental health, learning skills.

Self improvement is all about becoming improving yourself everyday.

Ask yourself “how can I be better?”

What area can I focus on more to grow?

STEP 17: Get your life Organized

Getting your life organized means being able to manage over health. From having your work to also making to for personal well-being without compromising your mental health.

If you feel your life is messed up, You are not able to focus on anything. Your work is pending, your home is cluttered, and so is your mind.

You need to get your life organized

It seems like “that girl” have their life organized, and if you have been wanting to have yours too. You can read this post on How to Organize Your Life in One Week – 10 tips

STEP 18: Start Investing in Learning

Lastly, The person who never grows is someone who thinks, he knows everything and there is nothing more to learn

The reality is, there is always something to learn, and there is always room for growth

Invest your time, energy, or money in things that help you grow

Learning a new skill, about life or finance. Become learner of life

This is what makes That girl Unique from others

get yourself a course if needed and truly invest in learning and growing your skills!

STEP 19: Change Your Mindset

THAT GIRLS are all about mindset. they are constantly pushing themselves and becoming a better version

With a negative mindset do you think they must be motivated and optimistic like that? NO!

When you start with something new, their will be many limiting beliefs coming as an obstacle

Your mind will try to trick you to give up or not do something.

Our mindset affects the quality of our life, we can be sad in a happy situation just because our mind thinks it is not worthy.

For that changing your mindset plays a huge role!

How do you change your mindset?

1) Embrace Change : When you are in a situation where everything is changing or you are starting something new, different or unfamiliar.

It is easy to feel negative or scared. This is then moment with you need to challenge your mindset and embrace the change you are going through

2) Talk to your mind: Your mind keep telling you a story that you cannot do something, or it is unachievable or undeserving.

However you need to talk to your mind tell it a different or opposite story. Tell you mind that you can do it and achieve it

You deserve it!

3) Feed your Mind good Stuff: Show your mind stories that are inspiring by reading books, watching Youtube videos and so on!

STEP 20: Prioritize Self-care

Prioritizing Self-care is the top most activity of THAT GIRL.

Taking down time to take your well-being. Whether it is through resting or taking a long shower. watching a movie, resting, or pampering yourself

I have been prototyping self-care every day into my life through small things like reading a book and having alone time with myself, journaling in my notes app

Some ways You can make Self-care a Priority is-

  • Resting when tired
  • Going to bed early
  • reading
  • Putting face masks
  • Watching a movie you love
  • Bring with friends
  • Playing game
  • Listening to music
  • Yoga

PS: 19 Absolute Self Care Ideas At Home You Need To Try

FAQ ( Frequently asked Questions)

Here are some of the popular and frequently asked questions I come across about THAT GIRL

Q: How to get the That Girl aesthetic?

I Know the THAT girl aesthetic is really beautiful and trendy. In their aesthetic you can find use of colors that are either – (white, black, nudes, pastels)

Soft and calming colors with a white background! They are using products that are also trendy like you see :

  • Can shaped glass
  • Five Minute Journal
  • Workout sets
  • Yoga mat

Q: Is the THAT GIRL trend toxic?

Honestly, It can be. Depending on how people perceive this trend, it can in fact get toxic

If you are focusing on the aesthetic more or just doing it to be trendy and pushing yourself hard when you don’t want to

This trend can get toxic! Life is not as perfect and aesthetic as it seems on social media, especially with this trend on!

Q: What does That girl eat?

You can see THAT GIRL usually eats healthy, smoothies and fruits in the morning and salads but but but,

It does not have to like that! You can eat whatever you want. whatever healthy is to you!

You can still be THAT GIRL!

How to become that girl checklist

Here is the How to become that girl checklist for you to save for later! You can always go through this!

Final Thoughts…Remember

So these were my 20 steps guide on how to become that girl! I hope you found it helpful!

Now, Before you begin your journey to be that girl, There are few things I want you to Remember –

1) Be kind to yourself : Throughout this trend, the main aim is to take care of yourself. Don’t try to blend and catch up to the trend and push yourself too much

You need to be kind to yourself in every steps of the way!

2). Done is better than perfect: Don’t aim for perfection, rather focusing on showing up. even if you get it done. It counts!

3) Its not about the feed: Focus on feeling your best and doing from heart and not on how your feed looks!

4). Do not give up midway: In the beginning it may be challenging but once you get into it. It will be easy! Do do not give up midway!

5). It’s not about the aesthetic but the meaning behind it: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you are looking like THAT GIRL. the intention is to grow

Have a great day!

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How to become that girl

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