List of 53 Most Effective Body Positivity Journal Prompts

Body Positivity Journal Prompts

You are going through a tough time with your body. Your relationship with yourself has been struggling, trying to love and accept yourself and stop comparing to others seems difficult. What if there was a way you could overcome and feel confident? wouldn’t that be great? That’s exactly what these Body Positivity Journal Prompts will do!

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What does Body Positivity Means?

Body Positivity means loving and accepting your body as it is. To feel confident and not value our self-worth based on our sizes and shapes.

Being body positivity is not just for plus-size people but for each one of us! Society has put so many unrealistic standards as to how we women should look like.

Over time we get clouded with negative thoughts and image of our appearance that leads to major insecurity Under confidence and so on!

Body Positivity Journal Prompts

My Journey With Body Positivity

Before I Go on talking about body positivity journal prompts, I want to share about my journey

This topic is very close to my heart, I have dealt with body image and insecurity for years ( all my childhood)

If I Would have ever gone to a therapist at that time, I would have been probably diagnosed with body dysmorphia

I Live in an Asian household and society where comments on other’s appearance is natural, Hence, I always dealt with various remarks on body – shape, height, features and so on

Whether it is at home, school, or any other social gathering, I have always been pointed out for a certain body part ever since i was 9-10 years old

Overtime, without realizing it started affecting my relationship with myself and others. I felt disconnected, insecure, underconfident and lonely. It kept increasing and affecting my mental health more and more with time

I felt ugly and hated everything about me..

If I could go back and change anything, I genuinely wish I had someone who would be there with me and tell me that I am perfect the way I am….but there was none

Overtime I started learning about personal development and started practicing everything one by one

It took me years but I finally reached a place where I finally loved and accepted myself without changing anything about me

Here is How To Start A Wellness Journey: 10 EASY TIPS

all bodies are beautiful

Here are things that helped me overcome


It may sound weird, but when I started working out every day because it would be made me feel great! I had a goal to get fit and when I spent every day working for it With time, I could feel my body appreciating and loving me back for working for it. I could truly feel it!


I use to journal a lot and almost every day talking about my feeling, writing a letter to myself, and most importantly Practicing Journal prompts!

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I started Practicing affirmation almost every day- I love to write, listen and even say to myself in front of a mirror sometimes.

This is something that takes time, you have to keep doing it everyday for over a period of time. Here are 65+ Daily Affirmations For Women You Need To Practice Now!

Social Media Detox

I realized a part of it was also due to looking at other people on social media, I unfollowed everyone who made me feel insecure and would even take full day social media detox

Cutting of from people

The school had played a major role in my body image issues, when my school ended, naturally I got distanced from those people.

Practicing Self-care

I learned the importance of self-care and started to practice them every day in different forms. I have a bunch of posts sharing self-care guides for everyone

Changing Patterns

Once you become aware that you are insecure, you can start noticing there are some patterns or habits we all have that trap us back into an insecure hole. becoming aware of those habits and changing them will help greatly!

How can Journaling Help you?

As I mentioned above, Body positivity journal prompts helped me a lot! Answering questions had me self-reflect on my past and let it go. I learned about my patterns and started to look at things in different ways!

I know how much helpful these and that why I am here to share with you!

How do you write body positivity journal?

You can get a guided journal prompts notebook or Get an empty notebook and start writing these prompts one by one

You can take 1- 5 questions in a day, take time and think then write the answers in your journal! That’s what I would do!

Journaling for Body Image is one of the best ways to overcome insecurities and Love Yourself!

body positive confident women

12 Body Positivity Reflection

  1. Since Kid, what thoughts have you had regarding your body?
  2. What are the comments or remarks you remember getting about your body?
  3. At what age did you start experiencing body image issues?
  4. How much did you spend in the past looking in the mirror or looking after your flaws?
  5. Do you compare yourself to other people’s look – friends, celebrities or influencer?
  6. Has social media affected your body image?
  7. When was the first time you experience pressure from society to look a certain way?
  8. Do you remember people who often commented on your looks? How did you feel?
  9. Dos other people’s comments make you change yourself?
  10. Keeping aside their opinion, what do you really think of your appearance?
  11. Why do you think you focus on your appearance so much?
  12. If you could go back and tell you tiny self-dealing with body issues, what would you say?

13 Body Positivity Journal Prompts

  1. What does beauty truly means to me?
  2. What does my body do for you?
  3. What can I do for my body to make it feel loved?
  4. List 10 things that are great about your body
  5. How much time do you spend taking of your body?
  6. How much do you spend comparing yourself to others?
  7. What movements do you do for your body throughout the day?
  8. How much time do you spend trying to remove your flaws?
  9. What part of your body do you like? List at least 2
  10. List as many parts of your body as you can
  11. Write about a time your body protected you? and how?
  12. How do you talk to yourself throughout the day?
  13. When you go shopping do you constantly ask others what looks good on you or make a judgment on your own?

14 Body Positive Writing Prompts

  1. How does my body feel right now? What can I do to make it feel better?
  2. Imagine your bestie struggling with insecurity, what would you tell her?
  3. When was the time you looked in the mirror and felt pretty?
  4. Do you have any physical activity to make your body feel alive?
  5. What can you to make your body stronger?
  6. Look in the mirror and say you are beautiful
  7. Do you make time to dress up every day? if yes, is it for you or others?
  8. What are a few self-care activities you do for your body?
  9. How much do you spend doing self-care?
  10. How can you minimize your time on social media and use it mindfully?
  11. Are you taking your body for granted? what can you do to value it more?
  12. If you had a chance to say something to your bully? what would you say?
  13. Do you spend time editing or altering your photos for social media?
  14. Post a Filter free photo on social media to honor your body

14 Body Image Journal Prompts

  1. What all thoughts do you have in a day regarding body image?
  2. What can you do to treat your body the best way?
  3. Who can you share your body image thoughts to? share with them
  4. What is your relationship with food like?
  5. Are you giving your body what it truly needs?
  6. Name someone you avoid meeting because they trigger your body image issues?
  7. Is your self-worth tied to your appearance? Do you see others’ worth the same way?
  8. Do you feel the need to change your body?
  9. Write a letter to your body that you are grateful for how amazing your body is in detail
  10. What is keeping you from loving and appreciating your body?
  11. How do your practice wellness in your life?
  12. If you could look a certain way, would your body image change?
  13. When you eat food, does it make you feel guilty or you enjoy it?
  14. Talk to someone who feels the same way as you do about body

Final Thoughts

Your body is the most of yourself, it is your home that you live in! We cannot let society make us feel insecure and disconnected from our bodies!

Let me know in the comments How is your relationship with your body?

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Body Positivity Journal Prompts


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