List of 19 Good Habits to adopt before the new year

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As 2023 ends soon, we are at the last quarter of the year- here are a few habits to adopt before the new year that can help you start your 2024 successfully!

Habits to adopt before new year

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We often wait till the new year to do something new or start a new habit, don’t we? Only 3 months left till 2024 begins, so why start anything now?

It feels like we have less time, and when the new year starts, we can plan new goals and have a fresh start.

But why waste the last 3-4 beautiful months we have? There is still so much one can achieve in just 1-2 or even last 3 months.

If there is any habit you have been thinking of implementing in your life, you can start now, and by the start of the new year, you will already have it!

However, In today’s post, I want to share, specifically, some habits, that you adopt before the new year.

You will be able to have a successful start to the new year!

Habits to adopt before new year

Habits to adopt before the New Year 2024

These habits are essential parts of all of our lives, if we manage to implement them, we will be able to focus beyond these everyday things and make more dreams come true!

1. Making an everyday goal list

So, let’s explore the 19 Habits to adopt before the new year

Making a goal list at the start of the new year, feels exciting, however, the motivation or excitement dies down as we proceed with each month.

Whereas, if you form a habit of making an everyday goal list for yourself, you will be able to accomplish your micro goals that will eventually fulfill your major goals.

You only have to choose 1-2 goals for every day to accomplish, that’s it.

Here is a complete guide on how to make an everyday goal list that works!

2. Waking up a little early

For the past month, I have managed to implement this one habit of waking up early in my life I never thought I would say this but it changed my life.

Now I wonder, why I started it sooner Getting up early has so many benefits.

it felt like I could do more things in a day because I was waking up early

I was able to specifically do those things in the morning that I would, normally not get time for

For example: Doing yoga, sunbathing, learning how to drive, and so on

With all of this, I would have not been able to fit into my daily schedule with old times,

regardless of this, I feel the energy when you wake up early is quite different

you are surrounded by fresh air, more peace, and less traffic, it feels peaceful

If you have been thinking of implementing the habit of waking up early, I highly recommend trying and seeing for yourself

you can also read this post, where I share tips on how to become a morning person with ease

3. Exercising

Before the new year begins, forming the habit of exercising only three times a week is realistic.

A simple habit like that will help you maintain good physical health, which is necessary for all humans on earth!

Find any activity, from yoga, pilates, cardio, or walking, and stick to it 3 times a week.

You will feel good as you begin your new year and will see, tons of changes in your life from just one simple exercise!

4. Eating Nourishing diet

Food is the Natural medicine we need. Most of us are going through all sorts of health issues.

It can be as small as low energy to some chronic conditions, and food is the solution to 90% of all the issues you face

Make a habit of eating a nourishing diet every day and less amount of junk food!

  • Eat rainbow platter
  •  Eat more home-cooked food and less packaged
  •  Include more greens in your diet
  •  Chew your food slowly and
  •  Drink lots of water

5. Implementing Self-care everyday

Taking care of yourself is the top responsibility of every individual, which many of us are not aware of or completely neglect.

We need to prioritize our well-being first, only then we can take off our work, family, relationships, and other things.

Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself!

For a habit of doing simple self-care activities for yourself every day to keep you happy and connected to your inner self!

Read, this post where I share, 11 simple daily self-care activities one can do

6. Sleeping on time

Over the last few years, I have learned and read so much about sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in our life which many of us completely neglect

Sleep is important and more important than how you sleep!

As the sunsets, Our body naturally starts producing the Melatonin hormone that helps us sleep better,

That is the reason why we must sleep at night and get complete 7 hours of deep sleep.

The better the quality of our sleep is, the better our body will heal and help us fight against anything going wrong inside!

If you tend to sleep late or neglect your sleep often, Start forming this habit now!

7. Practicing Positive affirmations

One of the Habits to adopt before the new year is practicing positive affirmation

I know all of us deep down are struggling with something, a toxic environment, self-doubt, self-love, confidence, or courage

whatever it is you are struggling, or feeling hurt with, can be healed with the power manifestations

This is why I believe that all of us should practice affirmation every day even if it’s for 5 minutes only!

Practice affirmations repeatedly on the topics or areas you tend to struggle with a lot.

Over, it will start to heal, believe me.

You can start practicing affirmations by getting my affirmation cards here

8. Creating a productive routine

If you struggle with productivity, no need to tell yourself that you will be productive next year

Start now, it’s possible and easy to be productive!

If you wait till New Year’s to be productive, there is a high chance you will fail even then.

Whereas if you start making efforts and building a productive routine now, there is a high chance

with the start of the new year, you will be already productive every day!

9. Trusting yourself

One of the things almost everyone once or many times in our life struggles with constantly is trusting ourselves

Trusting ourselves and believing in ourselves with work, career, passion, responsibility, friendships, or anything

We struggle to trust ourselves that we can do it, we are capable of doing it!

There is something you always, wanted to do or need to do, yet you have not taken any action on it

Because you don’t trust yourself somewhere


I want you to take action by putting your trust in yourself, and do it! Don’t tell yourself what you will do next year.

Don’t wait till then

Believe in yourself, now is the best time to do it! Do it.

10. Using less Screen time

A habit I am trying to implement myself because my screen time has gotten really up due to work and social media

My eyes have started to hurt as well, and we must spend less than 4 hours a day on the screen.

I checked my screen time, last week, and it should – be 6 hours which is A LOT.

Seeing that, I deleted all my social media apps and went on a detox

If you have a screen time of more than 4 hours a day as well, I highly request you to start forming the habit of spending less time on screen too!

11. Spending more time outside the home

One of the things, I have started to implement from now to reduce my screen time, is spending more time outside the home

before, I used to spend most of my time indoors, due to which I kept using a screen

Whereas, if I go out and I tend to check my phone hard,

Another reason to spend more time outside the home is that it will boost your mental health!

If you spend time at home a lot and also feel low, then you need to step out of the house.

Even if it is, to run errands or go to the park nearby, you must step out!

12. Making time for hobbies and leisure

Making time for hobbies in your daily life is very essential. Hobbies are important to unlocking our creativity.

It helps us feel alive and have more fun in life if you only spend time working every day then,

of course, life will feel boring, and meaningless, you are not meant to only work, you need to enjoy and enjoy yourself.

Start now, choose a hobby you can indulge in every or 3 times a week, and start forming the

13. Taking Action

Throughout the post, you must have noticed me mentioning to start doing now constantly

That is because taking action is the only thing most people fail to do

They will dream and think about what they want, they will research a lot, plan a lot

But take action on it

Stop thinking and start doing

Stop thinking to do when the time will be perfect or when the new year will begin.

Take action now

14. Few minutes of Spiritual time for yourself

The topic is close to my heart, yet I am struggling to put it in words for someone who has no clue about it.

I feel we all are spiritual, some are aware, and some are yet to be.

There is a higher power that can help us connect to our purpose, and our inner self, and give us more clarity in life.

You could say it is god, its universe, or some other sources.

I believe that spending a few minutes learning and exploring your own views about spirituality and questioning it will help you a lot in life.

So start spending a few minutes alone in silence and seek answers

15. Following a bedtime routine

A good bedtime routine is essential for a productive morning and waking up on time, as I mentioned in the first point,

your bedtime, ideally, should consist of relaxing and preparing for better sleep, so once you sleep on time, get full, undisturbed, deep sleep.

Not only will it ensure that your body is getting healthy, but also you will wake up on time and do many things.

Nowadays, everyone sleeps late, this is why I wanted to include it as one of the Habits to adopt before the new year

16. Getting out of Comfort zone

New Year and New You is all about getting out of your comfort zone, isn’t it?

You will do things you never tried before, in short getting out of your comfort zone.

The only way to grow and become better in life is, by getting out of the shell.

Take small risks now and think of a small thing you feel scared of or a mindset block in doing, and do just that.

It will increase your confidence and trust in taking risks, and when the new year starts, you will be able to take bigger risks and step out of your comfort easily!

17. Resting when needed

While most of the habits and goals in life are about doing and working nonstop. It has definitely built up a toxic hustle culture.

I do want to include this because resting is extremely, essential for our body to function, and in general, work better.

Do overwork yourself, step away from work, and truly rest

Relax both your body and mind!

18. Practicing Mindfulness

A simple habit of practicing mindfulness can change your life forever

Most of our life we spend doing things for the sake of doing

It’s meaningless, does not add any value to your life, or keeps you feeling stuck

Whereas if you switch to being more mindful of everything you do,

You will do more meaningful things that bring value to your life and keep you present in the moment

You will able to take the path of personal growth naturally

19. Forming consistency

lastly, on the list of Habits to adopt before the new year, I want to share the obvious,

That is forming consistency!

I know we all make goals and promise ourselves, to form a habit, but we fail at it, due to inconsistency.

Only we were consistent in exercising, self-care, waking up on time, and doing our work.

The results would be there by now, right?

The goal you had, you could not achieve was probably because of this,

So make sure that out of the habits you form, you learn to be consistent in it

Final thoughts on Habits to adopt before the New Year

So these were the list of 19 Habits to adopt before the new year!

The whole aim of this post for me was to help you realize that while it is good to form new habits and goals for the new year

It’s just another day…

You don’t have to waste the time you have now! You can even form a habit from this moment and change your life as the new year begins.

The 19 habits I shared are the most common habits that everyone should have, if you manage to follow these, in your life, the others will feel easier.

Good Luck

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Habits to adopt before new year

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