59 Fulfilling healthy yogurt bowls to start your morning right

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Are you looking for a healthy and nourishing breakfast that fills you up but also maintain a healthy body ( weight loss, energy, healing) then healthy yogurt bowls are the best way to start you morning!

healthy yogurt bowls

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Over the years of learning about health, and nutrition from experience and courses, I have learned how important breakfast is

All 3 meals are essential, but breakfast is a little more. It is ideally the first meal of the day, and what you put inside right before starting your day has a profound effect.

The type of food you consume right in the morning will affect your energy, digestion, and everything else connected to it. Keeping aside the long-term effects of food

I have written a whole separate post on why breakfast is an important meal of the day (read here)

You must have a nourishing breakfast so you can get lots of energy throughout the day and make up for all the nutrients lost at night.

Yogurt bowls have been my favorite breakfasts for years now!

I love how easy and quick they are to make and get lots of nutrients at the same time!

Yogurt is really healthy for our gut as it acts as a probiotic. Fruits are filled with antioxidants as well.

You can make yourself a Balanced yogurt bowl that consists of protein, fiber, carbs, and fats to get all nutrients!

6 Tips for Making Delicious Yogurt Bowls

While making your yogurt bowls, here are a few suggestions you can take to ensure your bio-individual health approach!

Foods to Use

  1. Make a rainbow bowl that includes a variety of fruits and retain their benefits like Kiwi (green), Berries ( blue, black, red,) apple, and banana ( in moderation)
  2.  Use vegan yogurt if you don’t consume dairy.
  3.  Add a little of all – Healthy Carbs ( fruits), protein (plant-based protein powder), Fats ( seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut cream,
  4.  For sweeteners, opt for natural sources like honey, maple syrup, and dates ( note fruits already have sweetness)

Foods to Avoid

  1. Avoid dairy, if sensitive to it, and opt for a substitute
  2.  Try to avoid packaged foods and incorporate whole foods that are fresh and in their whole form
  3.  Avoid banana, dates, and honey, if trying to lose weight
  4.  Avoid Dried berries as they mostly have sugar added

Can we meal prep them? How Long Will They Last?

Yogurt bowls can last you up to 3 days, you can meal prep them for that time.

 Toppings you can add.

You can play around a lot with toppings by adding seeds, nut butter for flavors, cinnamon, berries, dark chocolate and so on

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healthy yogurt bowls

9 High Protein Yogurt bowls

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16 Low Calorie Yogurt Bowls

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  4. Low Calorie High Protein Yogurt Bowls – Lose weight by eating
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  10.  Savoury Yogurt Bowls with Cinnamon Roasted Veggies – Flora & Vino
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  15. Banana Yogurt Breakfast Bowls – Super Healthy Kids
  16.  Acai greek Yogurt Oatmeal Bowl – Foodaciously

13 Greek Yogurt Bowls

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12 Granola Yogurt Bowls

  1. Greek Yogurt Parfait – fool proof living
  2.  Savoury Yogurt Bowl with Crispy Quinoa Granola | Scaling Back
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11 Low Carb Yogurt Bowls

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  2.  Low Carb Chia Berry Yogurt Parfaits – Keto Diet App
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healthy yogurt bowls to start your morning right

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