11 Insanely easy ways to enjoy your life you’ll wish you knew sooner

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There is not much that you need to enjoy your life. We often keep waiting for great things to make us enjoy our lives, but that’s not true! Here are 11 easy ways to enjoy your life

ways to enjoy life

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Do you feel that life has gotten, boring and stressful for you nowadays?
You keep waiting for good days to come, thinking you will finally enjoy your life one day.

Once you have enough time, money, and other resources to truly live life. Waiting for everything to be perfect so you can finally have fun

I used to be like that too, and I know many adults who live like this.

Through this experience, I have come to realize that life is not enjoyed when everything is in place,

because nothing in life is always in place or even for a longer period

Things are always changing, and our definition of perfect never ends.

When you make enough money, it is still not enough, and you keep longing for that day to come, but due to never-ending desire, it never happens.

I have realized, that the only way to enjoy life is to make efforts to enjoy today,
through small gestures, you can make each day enjoyable, instead of waiting for something grand

Ever since I mindfully started to make an effort to enjoy my life more in the ways I can right now,

My life started getting more interesting and happy

I truly could tell myself ” I love my life right now!” Now, my enjoyment or happiness did not depend on anything big to make me happy!

In this post, I will share with you all, the simple 11 ways to enjoy life without guilt or expecting major changes!

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ways to enjoy life

11 ways to enjoy your life you’ll wish you knew sooner

1. Live in the Moment

Most of us spend our lives waiting and imagining our future, waiting for things to happen in the future, and dreaming about it.

Even though it is amazing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, there needs to be a limitation to how much you spend your life in the future.

If most of your day (in short life ) is filled with thinking, worrying, and planning for the future, and you depend on all your happiness and joy for the future

You will never be able to enjoy life, you may think that you will once you get what you want, but

  • The thing you want, may or may not happen, but your present will not come again.
  •  If you get what you want, out of habit, you will still be worrying about the future and wanting more because you never learned to be in the moment.
  •  The future is unpredictable, but the moment now is in your control, and you can feel it.
  •  The unpredictability of the future can lead to an overthinking cycle leading to poor mental health and wasting your present.

Once I shifted myself to the present moment instead of imagining the future and worrying about it, My life started getting better!

I started making more efforts to enjoy the present moment and the blessing I have now, and life was good again!

Bring yourself back to the present, and you will start to enjoy life more!

2. Romanticize small things

ways to enjoy life

All our lives we are taught that happiness, success, and true enjoyment lie in big achievements

Big, house, wealth, big car, fame, and the list goes on

With this ideology, we diminish all the other joys in our life, the bare minimum, the little moments of happiness

We neglect them all because we do not have any of those ideologies, don’t we?

Only when what we call these bare minimum blessings are taken away, do we start to value them

We start to value having a small but peaceful home only it is taken away and the same goes for everything

We start valuing our good health, only when we get sick

But why wait? Why wait for the little blessing to be taken away to make you realize this? Why not romanticize and enjoy the goodness we already have

Romanticize good health and make use of this good health in doing things we can

Why not romanticize-
  • the morning tea/ coffee
  •  sunlight that makes us happy
  •  the yummy food we get to eat
  •  Quality time with friends
  •  spending time with family
  •  exploring your city
  •  solo dates

and the list goes, there are 1000s of little things in your daily life that are so beautiful and once you let yourself enjoy those moments, you will truly enjoy life!

I remember watching vlogs of YouTubers who just document their normal life, cooking food, watching TV, painting, going to the office, and getting their coffee

I remember feeling how enjoyable it was because the vlog was filmed in a way that romanticized these small things

and I thought to myself that these things even I do in my daily, why do I not feel the same way?

Then I started to romanticize all the moments of my life, and now I can feel happy and fulfilled in my life more!

3. Create a relaxing routine

ways to enjoy life

To enjoy your life, you have to make time for it apart from work. If you keep spending all your days just working

When will you even enjoy life? Even if it is taking out 1 hour for yourself to relax and have fun, you must

There are 24 hours in a day, and you can easily take out, 1-2 hours for yourself, for your happiness, and for your enjoyment.

There is absolutely no excuse needed!

Take that time out and create a relaxing. g routine – doing things that make you feel relaxed and have fun.

Many people go for workshops and hobby classes after work, many like to read books before bed and truly enjoy them, and many like to have nightouts.

From, the list of all the things you enjoy, you can pick one you can do in this routine!

For me – sometimes I like to bake myself something, I go to dance classes that I absolutely love, I sign up for workshops on weekends, and new on my list is reading fiction books before bed!

It helps me get out of the work stress, find time to try new things, be in the moment, enjoy doing things I love, and work on these crafts!

4. Travel to new places

Traveling is one of the amazing ways to enjoy life, I have not traveled much in my life, but each travel was full of experiences, some bad and many great!

It helps you enjoy life more, and I know when I talk about traveling, there might be some obstacles.

I cannot financially travel to a new country, sure, maybe you can travel to a different city in your country, or even make time to go 2-3 hrs away from where you live and explore that place?

Even in our own city, there are so many places we have never visited, or it’s been a long time.

Till then, you can go and enjoy your time there until you have saved up enough to travel a little farther!

Go to at least 1 place in a year and have fun!

5. Indulge in hobbies (as much as you can)

Hobbies for women in their 20s

This is honestly the best and my favorite way to enjoy life currently, I feel that hobbies are the only ones that are everlasting and do not require us to depend on many things to enjoy it.

We can enjoy ourselves alone, do not require a huge amount of money, it is already something we love to do

You can have more than one hobby, and you learn and improve your skills

If you sign up for hobbies in social workshops or gatherings, you even get to socialize with people and get out of your comfort zone,

you get to be a part of a community that loves doing what you do, and it becomes your happy place!

Here are 67 hobbies for adults to enjoy

6. Say yes to new plans

The reason, you never get to enjoy your life fully could also be because you keep saying no to every plan or opportunity you get!

If a friend asks you to go somewhere, you say no because of XYZ reasons

  • I don’t have time
  •  work is more important
  •  it might be a little expensive
  •  what if I don’t enjoy doing it?
  •  I don’t know anyone else, I am scared
  •  Social anxiety
  •  Feeling guilty of wasting time

The list goes on! All these excuses may seem genuine to you but, over you will look back and regret it, I wish I had gone, I might have enjoyed or made new memories.

And that is true, now I look back at times I said no and missed out on simple yet fun plans!

Now I don’t! I do not let any fear or excuses take over me, and I let myself go out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Say yes to new plans, if they come your way, or else be the one who makes new plans!!!

In the beginning, you may be the one making plans to do something new, but over time you will get to meet people and friends who also make new plans – say yes to them!

7. Spend me-time

To enjoy life, one must connect with your inner self. To know who you are, what you like, and what truly brings you joy

Only then, you can do these you like, without knowing yourself you cannot create what you love.

And that is only possible by spending time with yourself alone, connecting with your soul, and learning everything about yourself.

You get to enjoy your own company and do not have to depend on others to make you feel good,

You can make plans for things you love because you know, exactly, the kind of things you like

And You get to recharge your energy by spending my time!

Here are 23 simple me-time ideas to enjoy your own company

8. Sign up for exciting events

There are so many events nowadays happening in every part of the world, you can see online on social media, pages in your country or city that plan these events like workshops, food, musical events, or concerts.

Sign up for these events on weekends or even weekdays if you can, Go and have fun!

Go alone or with someone, regardless of it, you will have fun!

9. Count your blessings

In today’s time, where we can see a glimpse of everyone’s life ( that only includes highlights), we tend to compare our lives with theirs.

We feel FOMO and think we are behind or our life is not as fun or exciting as others.

We start to diminish and feel ungrateful for the good things in our life

This can hinder the good experiences and blessings we get and, often, in this negative mental space

When we get something good but it is not the same as what we see online or in other people’s life

You start putting that down too, and belittle it. I have done that too, and It changed nothing except making me feel more miserable

Once I stopped comparing and started to count my blessings and the things the universe/god is providing me, even if they are not the same as other people on the internet or people I know

It is still a blessing! It is beautiful, and I will make the most out of it! And that itself helps me enjoy my life and feel immense happiness!

Every time, I start to compare or feel ungrateful, I immediately, start listing down small good things that have happened recently ( in week, month, or year)

and I am happy again! It is all about perspective

10. Focus on Small wins and celebrate them

Shift your focus from big wins and stressing over-achieving big things and give importance to small wins as well.

Big wins happen, once in a while, they take lots of small wins to accumulate and get one big win, and then it takes another month or years to get another BIG WIN.

How about we focus on and celebrate the small wins because they happen often, they matter too, and these small wins are proof of growth that eventually leads to BIG WINS!

Be happy about your small wins and enjoy them equally! You will have more moments of joy and celebration then!

11. Build stress-free Habits

Lastly, Build stress-free habits so, you can decrease your stress and have more fun!

I feel often, stress becomes a habit itself, doing things that add to your stress! Instead, you build habits that help you be stress-free in life, and enjoy the moment!

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ways to enjoy life

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